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November 9, 2023


A brisk walk, a quiet evening, or just a piping hot cup of tea is truly all it takes for me to want to plop down into the me-shaped spot on the couch where I can read my latest book until my eyelids get heavy. Or until one of the kids wakes up, at which point I will likely be switching from my grown-up book to one about a curious little bug or a sentient star looking for it’s galaxy. (*quickly mental noting that idea as a great children’s book story line*)

Any time of year has me absolutely hungry for reading or pressing play on an audiobook, but there’s something that draws in me and comforts me even more deeply when I pull out a new book in the autumn. I think it’s a mix of wanting to slow down from the height of summer, the shorter days and longer nights, and the desire to start filling up more and pouring out a bit less. 

As the author of “How Are You, Really?” I LOVE reading other books. The mix of books on my nightstand is often split between a fair amount of fun and business, so I thought I’d share with you the books I’ve finished lately! Need a fresh read, some ideas for your new year book club, or a gift for the holidays? I think you’ll find something that sparks your curiosity in this list!

Favorite Business Development Books this Fall

1. SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence by Cindy Wigglesworth

I am always craving what deeper and more authentic layers of peace can look like in a human life, so I was immediately drawn to Cindy’s book that takes the practice of developing emotional intelligence a step and a half further. This was one of those books that seems like it’s going to be a big challenge, but feels more like an easy, refreshing drink of water. There’s a surprisingly practical, guided voice through the book leading overall from asking what it is to be a wise, compassionate, and peaceful leader — to actually giving you many real ways to start practicing and living that out.

2. Buy Back Your Time: by Dan Martell

In true “buying back my time” fashion, I listened to this audiobook while multitasking over a few days of getting some life admin tasks checked off my list… and what a beautiful combo it was. My ADHD brain was able to juggle a bit of work while soaking in Dan Martell’s brilliant guidance on why working harder or working more hours isn’t the move for real success. I’m a major advocate for investing your one, non-renewable resource (time!) well, so the advice in this book is solid gold.

3. Start with Why:  by Simon Sinek

You likely have already read Start with Why as it’s a leadership classic, basically a must-read! But recently I knew I wanted to come back to it with fresh eyes and a different vantage point as the kind of reader I am now. This book is truly not solely for business owners or entrepreneurs — its for people who are leaders of any kind, and people who wish to be leaders that inspire action, movement, and change. Simon’s message in here is still so powerful!

4. $100M Offers: by Alex Hormozi

I couldn’t even begin to count the amount of times in just the last few months that I’ve put a takeaway from this book to use! The value packed into this book is truly astounding. Think about the experience and creativity it takes to write a book about sales and have it be so easy to digest and reference, apply, and even bring up in conversation over and over again. If you want to make sure your offers truly work, and never in a scammy way, this is your book!

Favorite Fun & Fiction Books this Fall

1. The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren

I always reach for a book like The True Love Experiment thinking, “ah, time for something light!” and catch myself 100 pages later having just laughed and cried within the span of two chapters! But I love the mental adventure of a human story told through fiction so brilliantly. You’ll love the character, Fizzy, in this one! Plus, the ‘author’ of this book is actually two women who created a combined pen name — how cool is that?

2. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

The story in Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow spans thirty, heart-racing years and I found myself on the edge of my seat dozens of times wondering where the story would take me. One of those great pieces of fiction that truly feels like you stepped into a time machine. I’d absolutely recommend this book for a book club or a gift to any reader in your life – it’s a legendary, thrilling love story.

3. On a Quiet Street by Seraphina Nova Glass

When I see the genre ‘psychological thriller’ attached new a book, I’m already hooked. Put a recommendation from a reader friend on top of that, and it’s a done deal! As a playwright, the author, Seraphina Nova Glass, spins a genius web in this book. This was definitely a couldn’t-put-it-down story.

4. Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan

I love a “beach read” no matter what time of year it is — especially here in Minnesota, where I sometimes need a little glimpse of the warmer, longer days when the gloomy winter skies have hung around a bit too long. This is a funny, easy escape into a love story that holds a few surprises! One of those quick and light adventures when everything else feels a bit too heavy.

My Favorite Reading Tip

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself trying to reference a book I read a few years ago and realizing I’d forgotten some of my then-powerful takeaways. So to make it easier for myself to remember what I love about it a book, I either jot down notes in my journal or take a picture of the page with a quote I love to flag it for remembering later. Sometimes weeks later, sometimes many years later.

I don’t need a full book report to help me remember the good stuff. Just a simple entry in my journal, and I’ve got all I need. Plus, doing so helps me round up everything from the last month or two and share reviews like this here! So as you read, remember to flag the bits and pieces you love best so you can savor them later (even if it’s years from the last time you opened the book)!

I hope a bit of my own hungry reader spirit has encouraged a reawakening of yours. I think sometimes the hardest part of trying to ‘become a reader again’ can simply be the step between picking up the book and reading the first few pages. I know that when I’ve gone through a reading lull, the best way to kick me out of it was one, very good read … and an hour to get a little lost in it.

Love Books? Have you read mine?

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