The Power of Biohacking: How These Founders Changed My Life and Business

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November 13, 2023


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You know it, I know it… Being an entrepreneur can be both exhilarating and exhausting. Owning a business enables us to have financial and time freedom, but sometimes the trade-off can be our wellbeing if we aren’t careful! 

In this episode, Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps help us unlock the secrets to achieving peak performance as CEOs, all while embracing a natural and healthy approach. 

Since co-founding their wellness brand HigherDOSE, Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps have experienced INSANE entrepreneurial success.

As female biohackers, they bring a fresh perspective to a space that has been dominated by male voices from its inception, making it HigherDOSE’s core mission to educate women about their bio-individuality and give them the tools they need to reach their own best selves, with content designed to educate people on how to take control of their own wellness regimens.

Get 15% off HigherDOSE’s powerful biohacking tools here!

Let’s dive into my conversation with Lauren and Katie on how we can optimize our performance as business owners from the inside out! 

The Birth of HigherDOSE

During our conversation, Lauren and Katie shared their journey into the world of biohacking and how they got started with HigherDOSE.

It all started when Lauren, a holistic nutritionist and health coach, discovered the power of infrared saunas and wanted to bring this technology to the masses. She teamed up with Katie, who had a background in investment banking and a passion for wellness, and together they started HigherDOSE.

Their first product, infrared sauna blankets, are portable and easy-to-use blankets that provide all the benefits of an infrared sauna without the commitment of sweating. They help detoxify the body, reduce stress, improve sleep, and leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

I personally own one and can attest to the incredible difference it has made in my health and well-being! Get 15% off your infrared sauna blanket here!

The Power of Red Light Therapy

If you haven’t discovered the benefits of red light therapy yet, you’re in for a treat! 

Red light therapy has been around for a long time and is known for its skin-enhancing benefits. It feeds the mitochondria in our cells, improves blood flow and circulation, and reduces inflammation.

HigherDOSE offers a red light face mask and a red light neck enhancer, both of which I use daily and have seen amazing results. Lauren and Katie also hinted at new red light products on the horizon, which I can’t wait to try out!

Self-Care For Entrepreneurs

As a business owner, it’s crucial you prioritize self-care to stay on top of your game. And if you’re also a mom like me, it’s even MORE important!

In our conversation, Lauren and Katie candidly shared their own wellness rituals, such as prioritizing sleep, exercise, and hydration. They also recommended working with functional medicine practitioners to optimize health and performance.

We also discussed the power of nature and spending time outdoors to ground and recharge, and of course, shared about how their infared PEMF mat can help improve your quality of life, too. PEMF grounds you in earth’s magnetic field for a full-body reset, while Infrared’s deeply penetrating heat doubles your dose!

What I learned from chatting with Lauren and Katie is that they are true pioneers in the biohacking space, and their passion for helping others optimize their health and well-being is evident in everything they do.

If you’re looking to take your wellness journey to the next level, I highly recommend checking out HigherDOSE and their incredible range of biohacking tools!

Remember, biohacking is all about finding what works best for you and optimizing your health and performance. Whether it’s through infrared saunas, red light therapy, or other wellness practices, the key is to prioritize self-care and listen to your body. So go ahead: embrace the power of biohacking, and elevate your wellness journey with HigherDOSE!

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