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June 18, 2022


My Transformation

I can not tell you how many comments I’ve gotten lately saying “I’m glowing!” and while I do feel like I am 100% embodying my word of the year “vibrant” I also think those comments are just reflecting the fact that my skin has literally transformed. Being just seven months post-partum, I am so wildly delighted and surprised that my skin is at a place where I can confidently say it’s never been better. I feel like I am glowing and there’s a link in my book that says “The way we show up to our battles is directly linked with the type of warrior we are.” There is something to say that we just show up with a different “glow” when our skin is clear!

I can literally feel a change in my confidence thanks to my clear skin — something I’ve struggled with for decades. So I wanted to be super transparent that it hasn’t just been “one” magic cure or an overnight transformation and I wanted to peel back the curtain on what I am doing, how much it’s costing, and where I’ve invested when it comes to my skin. I completely recognize that some of these things are massive investments and likely not for or affordable for everyone! Regardless, this will give me a link to send someone when they ask how my skin has gotten to this point!

Quick note: Some of these links below are affiliate links, all of the opinions are my own! I’m referring you to my favorite things and by you shopping through these links, I may collect a small commission without you paying a penny more! It’s an awesome way to support me and this blog and it means the world to me! 

1.) Diet and Hydration: Priceless 

I’d be remiss to skip this part of the transformation! Over the last seven months, I have really focused on shifting my diet and I truly do believe that this change alone has helped impact my skin health. I am eating way less processed foods, way less sugar — all sort of things that can impact your gut and hormones. I do believe that our body is speaking to us and some of my skin issues were likely closely linked to my diet and hydration! Just wanted to share and start here since I do believe that this can be a “priceless” change in replacing some of the food that you’re eating with healthier and whole options and drinking more water. If you’re reading this, go fill up a cup of water and chug, you need it. Alright, onto the stuff you’re probs really curious about.

2.) Perfecting My Natural Skincare Routine: Price: $20-$52

This one shouldn’t be a surprise — these products have been the biggest part of my skin transformation over the years and through two pregnancies! I love this line because it’s both pregnancy and nursing friendly and safe for the whole fam! It’s wild, too, how different my skin was through Quinn’s pregnancy! I truly think it was because I had nailed down the right products and used the powerful serums I can’t live without!

If I had to build my favorite lineup, I’d start with the cleansing oil, add the “everything” spray, and finish with the clarifying serum! I’ve also been using just a few little touches of the clarifying mask whenever I have a hormonal breakout to calm it down and soak in the ingredients (ones that you can actually pronounce!) I’ve been super consistent with this regimen and my skin has truly transformed with these products.

3.) Switching to a New All-Natural Foundation: Price: $50

The tagline for this company is “It’s not just makeup, it’s skincare” and I receive that. I’ve tried (and recommended) different all-natural foundations on this blog before but THIS one is truly life-changing. My confidence literally shifts when I wear it. It has the best coverage of any natural makeup that I’ve used (I still have melasma from pregnancy!) and it lasts all day without feeling cake-y. In fact, I feel like my skin loves it and it’s something I’ve been wearing every day! I highly recommend the primer, too! It gives your skin moisture and an even layer before applying. I’ve been using one bottle of each for months, you just need a tiny bit!

4.) High-Frequency Wand Treatment: Price: $70

Hormones do wacky things to my skin and after having Quinn, I experienced really bad acne on my back for the first time in my life. I went to get a treatment on my back because my skin hurt so bad and the breakouts were painful. While getting my treatment, the technician told me about these high-frequency wands she was using and how you can purchase them on Amazon. They are safe and natural, and honestly, they are so satisfying. It feels like you are literally zapping your zits and you can use it daily! Just plug it in, turn it on, and zap away. The enriched oxygen molecules produced by high-frequency machines are safe and have been proven to be effective in helping to heal and restore the skin’s health. It can work on acne, scarring, and wrinkles and the price tag isn’t too shabby! If you’ve ever gotten a facial, they’ve likely used one of these, now they are more available for at-home treatment and I’ve been telling all my friends about it!

5.) Sleeping with a Humidifier: Price $150

This is something I started doing while in Arizona and I got so used to it, that I had to order one when we got back to Minnesota. This humidifier lives on my nightstand (it’s cute enough to do it with!) and it’s become a part of my evening routine to fill up the tank and put some essential oils on the stone! Not only does it make my room smell amazing, it helps my skin lock in moisture and stay hydrated! We recently had to use it for Quinn when she was congested and I missed having it next to me at night. It also adds the perfect amount of white noise, so it’s like triple purpose: moisture, smell, and a soft hum to lull you to sleep!

6.) Laser Hair Removal: Average $300 per visit

This has been life-changing. After having Quinn I made a ton of appointments at local and female-founded Twin Ports Dermatology! I’ve been a paying client there for years. I finally was ready to do something I had wished I’d done a long time ago. One of my greatest insecurities was that I had hair on my face. From having to pluck my chin hair on a daily basis to stray hairs on my neck… I’ve always had hair on my face — and not just peach fuzz. I wasn’t someone who could or wanted to dermaplane or shave my face consistently, and honestly, I was sick of standing in front of a mirror every day to pluck. Due to the coarse nature of my hair, I believed it was likely causing some of the breakouts I was experiencing. I have only had three treatments so far (they recommend around six) and I can’t even express how amazing it is.

Even after the first treatment, my facial hair was significantly less, my makeup sat on my skin better, I didn’t have to carry tweezers with me at all times. I’ve now had 3 treatments and every time, I notice a big difference! One the road to being silky smooth! It’s super-fast (like takes only a minute) and while it’s not pain-free, it’s really manageable and over before you no it. There’s no downtime with the treatment, either. It’s been amazing and now I want to do other parts of my body! Everyone I know who has gotten laser hair removal says their only complaint is that they wish they had done it sooner.

7.) Vampire Facial or PRP Microneedling Facial: Average $700

Okay, this one seemed a little crazy, but I’ve already done it twice and I’ve got my next one scheduled! This is another service I’ve gotten done at Twin Ports Dermatology (Can you see how often I’ve been there lately?) Coined the “vampire facial,” this is a treatment that you can get where they take some blood, spin it to get the platelets, and then you do deep micro-needling on your face with what’s known as a “skin pen” and as the micro-needling is happening, they rub the PRP (or platelet-rich plasma) all over your face for your face to absorb it and use it to heal.

They use numbing cream so it doesn’t hurt much at all, you just look crazy when you leave! Vampire facials use your body’s natural response to injury to restore your skin, with the growth factors in the plasma to speed the healing process along. I love this because there are no products or chemicals used, it’s your body doing its job. If you’re doing one of these, there will be some downtime (you’re red as a lobster for a few days!) but I felt like by day 3 my skin was glowing. They recommend getting these done three times, spaced out to truly transform your skin! So far I’ve done one and it was totally worth it.

8.) Red Light Therapy: Anywhere from $600 – $1,500+

This is something I fully did not understand and scoffed at for a long time. When we started getting into bio-hacking and just learning ways to support our bodies on a cellular level, we kept learning about the benefits of red light therapy, and on a whim, I ordered us one, then two, now three.

You sit in front of it for 10 minutes a day and they make handheld versions or full-body ones but the red light stimulates collagen production and helps strengthen your mitochondria, the part of your cell that creates energy. Drew made fun of me when the box arrived, but now he uses it daily and is even more obsessed than I am. I even bought a travel one for when I’m on the road — I’m that obsessed. We have both the “Go 2.0” and the “Mini” with the stand! I also got a red light mask that I use just for my face and I bring it with me when I travel!

So as you can see, I’ve upped my products, my routine, and my visits to the derm! All of these things are things that I’ve come to enjoy and have become a part of my current regimen as I continue to focus on getting my skin to it’s healthiest, most vibrant state. I am loving this glow-up and feeling like I’ve never looked or felt better (truly!) Enjoy and comment below with any questions!

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  1. Kerry says:

    Thanks for sharing all of these tips! Can you re-link your high-frequency wand? The link seems broken.

  2. Katelyn says:

    Hi thanks so much for your content! I wouldn’t normally ask, but since your post is specifically about what you’ve done with your skin and transparency I’d figure it’s a go: do you also get Botox? Just curious for the sake of knowing what I’m getting myself into! Haha


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