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June 16, 2022


In an online world, I gotta tell ya – I’m still a girl who loves to hold an actual book in her hand. There’s something so satisfying about flipping through page after page, underlining and leaving notes in the margins, hitting it with a highlighter and carrying it with me wherever I go. But no matter what reading format you love most, I am so excited to get my new book, How Are You, Really?, into your hands. 

Some of you have already taken on the role of “ultimate hypewoman” in my comments and DMs, and I couldn’t love it (or YOU!) any more. Thank you for being excited with me about this project! I’m passionate about people everywhere learning to live their truth one answer at a time, and I think this book will do just that. So, if you’re wondering how to support it — or how to support ANY author, for that matter — I’m here to tell you exactly how you can help… and it’s easier than you think

The number one way to support any author you love? Pre-order their books. That’s right – buying a title before it’s released is the #1 way you can help an author and make a difference in the long-term success of their book! Pull up a chair and settle in, because I’m about to unpack the 5 reasons pre-orders really do matter. 

#1. Pre-orders help stores know how many copies they should stock. 

Let’s face it – local bookstores and even corporate warehouses only have so much storage space. They can’t stock tons and tons of copies of every single book that’s released into the world! Retailers make their stocking decisions based on the data they can find before a title comes out, and pre-orders are the biggest indicator of demand. If a good number of people want to buy the book before it’s even released, they can be pretty sure the book will sell well once it’s on shelves, too! 

Pre-orders also help to alleviate distribution issues. If every friend of mine reading this went to purchase a book from the shelves on release day, we would definitely empty the shelves – which would be fun, but then we’d have to wait for a second printing, not to mention potential shipping and distribution issues. By pre-ordering How Are You, Really?, bookstores (and my publisher!) will know how many copies to have on hand, which, in the end, helps all of us.

#2. Pre-orders give us authors a much-needed confidence boost! 

Not going to lie, launching a book is unlike anything I’ve ever done. I’ve launched a lot of things into the world throughout my years as an entrepreneur, but this is without a doubt the longest project I’ve ever worked on. (The publishing world isn’t quite as quick as the online world!) Knowing that people are excited to read, support, and get their hands on my book gives me a gentle reminder that this work matters and is so important. I know that in the core of my being, but it’s easy to forget in the daily grind of prepping to release! 

It’s taken a lot of work and a lot of vulnerability, and the result is something I am so proud of. All I want is for it to land in your hands – and in the hands of everyone who needs to hear this message. When you pre-order, you’re letting me know that you agree, which is the best gift you could ever give an author!

#3. Pre-orders stir up buzz that builds momentum for release day. 

Book pre-orders are like a snowball. When people start to click “add to cart” on a title that’s not out yet, online retailers, and even brick and mortar stores, take notice. Have you ever seen a book “debut at #1” on a bestseller list? Well, that’s the power of pre-orders at work. When you generate some buzz about the book, it gives people in the publishing industry – and other potential readers! – a hint that maybe they should take a look at this title, too. And release day buzz is a really big deal. I mean, being on “Most anticipated releases” lists are the coolest! Let’s get that snowball rolling with your pre-orders! 

#4. Pre-orders get your copy of the book into your hands faster. 

Best of all, pre-orders help you get your very own copy of a book you’ve been waiting for right when it comes out. Like, the DAY it comes out! You’ll be one of the first to have it land in your mailbox! No more FOMO or feeling left out when people start sharing their copy, you’ll have yours! More often than not, pre-order buyers get the book shipped right to their door the very day (or close to it) that it’s released! If you don’t want to worry about sell-outs or distribution issues, a pre-order is the best way to bet that you’ll be one of the first to hold How Are You, Really? in your hands. 

When you get your copy on time, you can share about it on launch day and leave an early review on your website of choice! Behind pre-orders, early reviews are a huge influence on other readers, so if you read the book and think other people should too, a kind rating and review is an awesome way to get it in front of more eyeballs who might love it. I mean, if you do both of these things, you deserve more than a gold star! 

#5. Pre-orders allow authors to be generous to their most loyal readers. 

For me, one of the very best parts about launching this book into the world is that I get to give you a bunch of fun gifts just for supporting it! If you’ve ever seen any author put together a launch team or pre-order bonuses, I hope you know that it’s really, really fun for us to do. Your support is the reason we get to do what we do, so it’s the least we can do to essentially throw a party in your honor in return. 

Bottom line? If you’re going to buy a book eventually, just go ahead and pre-order it. Trust me when I say, you’ll totally make the author’s day – and hopefully, there will be some sweet bonuses in there for you, too. Speaking of bonuses… I have another great one for you! Pre-order How Are You, Really?, and you’ll get a my brand-spankin’-new collection of TEN never-before-shared trainings with some of the brightest minds I know, woven together for you into a value-packed course at zero cost to you! Yup, FREE! These lessons cover topics like: how to ditch life’s “supposed tos,” the secret to creating an authentic community, how our body image impacts everything, and investing in yourself (and why it matters) – plus so much more. I can’t believe how amazing this collection is, and I can’t wait for you to see it!

I can’t wait for your life to change (for the better):

Pre-order How Are You, Really? to get my incredible bonuses (valued at over $997) free!


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