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June 20, 2022


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The very first thing that connects you to a creator, artist, author, or any kind of ‘leader’ you look up to is likely the work they’re doing. The music, the course, the book. But as you examine their work, you start to wonder what the person behind the work is like. You wonder who they are when the camera is off, or what inspires them to create their next masterpiece. 

While we can sneak a glimpse on Instagram, we know there’s more to them than anything a feed can show us. Wanna know one of my all-time-favorite ways to get to know someone another layer deeper? I ask them to TEACH me something. Whether we have a brief conversation or we get to talk for hours, I love listening to someone teach me how they learned a part of their expertise, a way they want to change the world, a perspective, a life lesson! I love it all. And I always learn something incredibly special about them, too. 

So, I got this wild idea to reach out to friends of mine that are leading entrepreneurs, creators, and educators, and facilitate conversations with each of them where they TEACH US something. I’m talkin’ Amy Porterfield, Glo Atanmo, Brendon Burchard, Russell Brunson, Suneera Madhani, Lori Harder – the list goes on, and it is glorious. 

I’ve pulled ALL of these trainings together into this remarkably unique, exclusive new course… called The Expert Series, In-Depth Life Lessons with your favorite leaders! Aaaaand here something even wilder — the entirety of this brand new course is actually is Totally. Completely. FREE. I’ll tell you how you can get it in a little bit, but first, I’m pulling some of my favorite parts of the trainings from inside The Expert Series and compiling them for you right here, right now… let’s learn from some of the greats! 

Expert Series Highlights

It’s always so special chatting with my friend Amy Porterfield, but she’s sharing a topic in the Expert Series that she doesn’t often get a chance to speak about – body image and how your body image can impact your ability to show up. 

Writer, speaker, and world-traveler Glo Atanmo is addressing something she knows well – boundaries. But boundaries aren’t about keeping people and things out of your life, they help keep you in it! 

Brendon Burchard is the maestro of momentum! For the Expert Series, he’s sharing a strategic framework for settling into a groove of small, consistent steps of progress, whether you’re just getting started or you’re in the middle of mastery.

Do you truly trust your intuition? Suneera Madhani shares how to slow down and notice the differences between fulfilling a lot of life’s “supposed-tos” and none of our wants, goals, and dreams.

What is the secret to staying accountable to your goals? Lori Harder believes it’s all about a connected, intentional community. 

Oh man, this is a topic that sits close to my heart – balancing motherhood with ambition. Alison Prince tackles the questions: How do you create a new vision of ‘ambition’ as a parent?

You’ve heard from him before on the podcast, and now Dean Graziosi is showing up for the Expert Series to talk about how what you believe about yourself should impact how you invest.

In Mel Robbins’ pursuit of genuine joy in her life and work, she found one thing to be vital… and also most people’s biggest obstacle: knowing when and how to ask for help. Need help asking for help? That’s what Mel is digging into.

Russell Brunson wants you to allow passion to be the driving force behind what you create. With his rich Expert Series session, you’ll learn how to experiment more in your work and not let the fear of risk hold you back from what you’re called to do. 

A fact of life: you’re going to change. Especially as you build a career that is true to YOU. As co-founder and president of BossBabe, Danielle Canty knows career transformation and is teaching you her process for navigating all of your small (or massive) changes. 

You Gotta Tune In

I tell you, asking someone to teach you from their zone of genius, no matter what that may be, calls out something COMPLETELY different from every single person. And when it comes to this roster of experts, we’re getting this beautiful mixture of brilliance and honesty. And isn’t that what we’re looking for in our teachers and guides in this life? 

That’s why I feel SO excited to bring you this new course, The Expert Series, and I get to drop it into your life FOR FREE. When you pre-order my new book, How Are You, Really? You get instant access to this ENTIRE course as a free bonus, along with the other amazing bonuses I’ve been dropping. It’s a run-dont-walk situation, since this suite of bonuses is going away once my book officially comes out on June 28th! 

Pre-order the book and get The Expert Series and the rest of your stack of free, incredible bonuses on howareyoureallybook.com. And while you’re at it, grab a copy for a friend so they can get access to these bonuses, too! And, hey, maybe when you give them their copy of the book, go ahead and ask someone to teach you something — and see what you learn about them.

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