Exclusive Sneak Peek: Chapter One of My First Book

June 22, 2022


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I don’t know about you, but I always watch the preview before I start a new Netflix show. And I actually begged my publishers to allow me to give you a little sneak peek, a little preview of my book, How Are You, Really? which is out super soon. Thankfully, they were gracious and agreed to my begging, so if you press play on this episode of the Goal Digger Podcast you’ll get to hear the prologue and first chapter of my book before anyone else. That sentence right there just gave me goosebumps!

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, I sincerely hope that you will go and grab it because it is coming out into the world June 28th. You can also order it today so that it lands on your doorstep or in your earbuds the very day that launches. 

Get my first book at or wherever books are sold. There’s still an opportunity to pre-order the book and receive a collection of bonuses to bring the teachings of my first book to an even greater scale in your life.

A Little Backstory

As you’re getting comfy and cozy and settling in to listen to chapter 1, I want to share a little backstory to how this audiobook came to be. 

I knew that I had to record an audiobook for my book and I was so excited to do it. You can imagine as a podcaster or as someone whose voice is in your ears, the thought of recording my book was so exciting to me. In fact, most of my writing process I thought about how this was going to sound when I say it, because this is the medium that I’ve lived in for so many years.

Part of the process of recording your audio book means usually flying out to a studio where your publisher meets you and you’re recording for days on end. While I’m used to recording podcasts, the audiobook process was quite different. When I learned that I was expected to be gone for multiple days on end, I really had to come back to earth and really remember the messages in the pages about being awake to your life and really making sure that the life you’re living shows what you say matters to you.

So I went back to my publisher and I said that I was so excited to do this audiobook, but I don’t know if I’m able or willing to be on the road for that many days and to be away from my family in the process. Is there a way that we can get creative? They were amazing, they were gracious, and they said yes. 

Living in Alignment

I called my neighbor, Mary, who runs the local radio station here in Duluth, Minnesota and I asked if she had a soundproof room that I could use for my audio book recording. She said, sure, we’ll figure it out. When I recorded this audiobook, I was actually sitting in Duluth, Minnesota across the street from my brother’s office and down the road from the pizza place that catered our wedding. I sat and read this book to my cousin, who is a radio DJ in town. 

Each morning when I would record, I would wake up with my daughters, get Coco off to school, feed Quinn, head down to the studio and record. What they said would take multiple days took me two days flat. and it was beautiful because I hope you can hear it in my voice, but I am fully aligned, not just with the words that were in my book, but with the mission that I’m speaking about, with the method that I’m teaching with, the way that I want for you to be invited to wake up to the type of life that you enjoy living.

As I sat in Duluth, Minnesota, as I hung out with my neighbor during the lunch breaks, as I read my book to my cousin, as I ran across the street to give my brother a hug, I recognized this total and utter alignment that I really truly believe you can hear.

Thank You

I genuinely get goosebumps at the fact that I’m now an author and at the fact that you get to listen to the first part of the book. I hope that you feel inspired and excited. I hope that you run out and grab it wherever you can so that it can be welcomed into your life just as you’ve welcomed me and this show into your world.

The Goal Digger Podcast is a place where I learned how to use my voice in a way, and the book is a place where these stories live, these stories that I kept so close to my heart for years and years, decades, even. And while you may have listened to every episode of this podcast, I want to assure you that the book is filled with things you’ve never heard – a side of me you’ve never known. Lessons that I’ve never shared. It is a piece of my life. It is a piece of my life’s work that is so important to me, but it was written for you.

I hope that this preview of the book gets you excited. I hope it is this invitation to invite this book into your life, whether it is a physical copy, an e-copy or the audiobook version. Keep on digging your biggest goals and thank you so much for being a part of me accomplishing mine.


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