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June 27, 2022


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I think nearly every single author has this ONE thing on their mind as they write their book: “I wonder what my reader will think about this story?” You can’t help but visualize their point of view as they take in your words for the first time. Will they find surprises and meaning where even the author didn’t know they left it? What will be their biggest take away? What will they talk about over coffee with a friend, as they say, “Actually, I just read about something like this in a book I’m reading…” 

See, here’s how I look at it: Readers are the recipients of the love letter that is a book, and today, I finally get to hear some replies to that letter! And so do you! I’m stepping away from the mic today so that REAL Readers of my first book, How Are You, Really? can tell you why they picked up this book, share their own unique perspectives and reactions to its stories, and what lessons they want to integrate into their lives. 

These reviews come from parents, entrepreneurs, leaders, students, and individuals from the United States and beyond, all with different backgrounds and perspectives as they turned to page one of How Are You, Really? I hope their feedback on the book helps you gain a greater understanding of who the book is for and what you can expect from these so lovingly honed pages. Here are a few excerpts from their feedback. Be sure to press play to get the full reviews from real readers. 

And of course: YOU can read or listen to How Are You, Really? too! Order your copy now at howareyoureallybook.com or snag it online wherever you like to get books!

Reader Emilie Viens

As someone who has followed Jenna for years, Emilie was curious to learn more about Jenna’s personal life and her story and wanted to learn directly from Jenna about time management, balance, productivity, and entrepreneurship. 

Emilie said, “How Are You, Really? is the book I needed 5 years ago before I made a big change in my life. I know this book will be a major tool for women who don’t necessarily feel aligned with where they want to be in life.” 

Favorite Quote: “Tuning into our intuition requires that first we will be willing to get quiet, to be still, to ask ourselves for advice before we ask someone else.”

Reader Jennifer Hendrix

Jennifer’s biggest takeaway was all about trusting her intuition. She highlighted a favorite line in the book about this topic. It reads, “Somewhere along the way we begin questioning our own intuition. We became information gatherers instead of information seekers.” 

Favorite Quote: We can rest and work. We can dream and do dang things. We can set goals and boundaries. We can want more and define enough for ourselves. We can hold onto our value and change our minds. We can start, come back, and hit reset. We can power through, power down, and power off. We can breakdown and still breakthrough.

Reader Tianna Tye

Tianna Tye loves that Jenna doesn’t sugarcoat the hard parts of life. As she was reading the book, Tianna noted that there’s a surprising dose of nostalgia that makes you feel good and a level of realism that’s refreshing. 

Tianna said, “Jenna’s stories and spirit around planning, preparing, and building a parachute without jumping first really supported that spirit in me rather than making me feel less than for liking a bit of stability in my life.”

The Big Picture

Books are undeniably POWERFUL. So much magic can live in those pages, and to hear the impact of the stories I wrote is a priceless gift for me as a writer. To all of my readers so far, whether it be my manuscript editors, early releasers, launch team members, my audiobook listeners, and future readers —- THANK YOU. It was an honor to get to write for you and to be able to hear from you on this podcast and everywhere else! YOU can read or listen to How Are You, Really? Too! Order your copy now at howareyoureallybook.com or snag it online wherever you like to get books!

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