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April 18, 2024



Like the seasons, our lives go through very real (although sometimes less visible) changes throughout each year. Whether or not you live somewhere with that vibrant fall foliage or bright spring booms, your body – yep, including your skin! – is transitioning to best support itself as you live, grow, and age. 

Spring is the perfect time to set your focus on how you’re caring for your biggest organ, your skin, and everything beneath it! What we put on our bodies goes into our bodies, especially the products we choose for our skincare routines. 

So, let’s take spring cleaning one step deeper – the easy way. As you organize that hall closet, overhaul your workstation, and declutter your priorities, I’ve got a few quick changes you can make as you approach your skincare product line-up. In a way, it’s like spring cleaning for your whole self! 

Evaluate Your Current Skincare Routine

When you pop open your bathroom cabinets and drawers, do you see clean products that not only support your wellness but also actually deliver the solutions you’re looking for? Do the products you reach for feel merely convenient? Are they just ‘what you’ve always used’? 

I absolutely used to be that person who liked the idea of a clean skincare routine, but I worried that without the harsh chemicals, I wouldn’t get the results I needed. I would scrub my face raw and hope for the best – and settle for way less than that. Turns out, when I found the RIGHT non-toxic products, they were the first ones to ever truly heal my skin.

It wasn’t easy to let go of my tried-and-true products to go clean, especially not at first. Our skincare routine can be a major comfort zone for us, even if it’s not good for us! What helped me was educating myself on what ‘clean beauty’ really means and starting to slowly make swaps.

It sounds like it should be an easy thing to try (and it can be – here are three simple steps to get started!) but my skepticism was off the charts! Until I watched my skin heal in real-time with Primally Pure. I had melasma from my infertility journey, and suddenly my face was clearing. My skin was transforming every single day, right before my eyes.


Comfort zones can be tough to break through, but I can say that once I finally tried this incredible non-toxic skincare, it was SO easy to say c’est la vie to my old products! So, here’s where you ask yourself: does my routine truly support my skincare needs? Does it support full-body wellness, or is it just a bandaid?

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Build a Skincare Routine That’s Easy and Quick

Life comes at you fast (i.e. my kids run at me full speed before I can fully wake up every morning) so I’ve got my few holy grail, non-toxic, and pure skincare products that allow me to have an effective, less-than-five minute routine every single day! 

Did you know that on average, we are making between 33,000 and 35,000 decisions daily? I don’t want to make my life, especially my mornings, more challenging by overcomplicating the choices I give myself or my routine. In my opinion, a routine should be easy! So, I stick to just a few products that pack a punch. Here’s my daily rundown (and you can save 10% off on all of these with code JK10 at checkout!):

01. I start with dry brushing to wake up the skin! I try to do this as often as I can, I swear I feel a burst of energy after doing it and it helps get the blood flowing (not to mention, it exfoliates my skin!) 

02. Then I cleanse with the Cleansing Oil from Primally Pure because I’m cleaning, removing makeup, and moisturizing my skin all at once. Hydration is key as we move into Spring.

03. Then I spritz on The Everything Spray (and everything is no exaggeration!) which tones skin, calms redness, can help prevent ingrown hairs, and can even be an under-arm refresher!

04. The Clarifying Serum is a big skin healer (as you can see in my transformation photos!) and moisturizes without any greasy feels. Just a few drops goes a long way for hydrating my skin and helping with any breakouts. 

05. I’ll finish with a swipe of the Charcoal Deodorant to kill the BO-causing bacteria without clogging up any of my body’s natural processes! This is the best even on hard workout days. 

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Spring is the Best Time to Change Your Skincare

My favorite part about the changing of the seasons – especially getting to feel quite the dramatic difference up here in MN as the thick winter ice melts away and I watch flowers burst out of their graves – is that I am reminded it’s happening to me, too!

When I finish using my favorite Primally Pure products every day, I can feel and see that I’m helping my skin thrive in its environment. I want everyone to feel that good and cared for. My advice? Start your own Primally Pure routine (and get 10% off with my code JK10 to save money on these high-quality goods!)

Take this process beyond the usual decluttering or tossing out expired products. Spring is a time for renewal, regrowth, and remembering just how much a part of nature we are as humans. Now is truly the perfect time to leverage the transition and implement a better, cleaner skincare routine for yourself – your full self, inside and out! (If you want a deeper look at what “clean” means to me, check out this post.)

This process doesn’t require perfection; I am so not about shaming you for the products you need to use every to make life a little easier. Instead, this is a process I’m inviting you to join me on – the little-by-little changes we can make to love ourselves and support that vibrant kind of life that makes us not just look better, but truly feel better.

Ready for real skin transformation?

Check out my FAVORITE Primally Pure products and use code JK10 for 10% off!

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