12 Ingenious Batchwork Strategies You Need to Try

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April 17, 2024


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I did my first podcast episode on this topic back in 2018 so it’s safe to say it’s a technique I’ve leaned on over the years but this year, I’m taking batchworking to the next level.

If you’re wondering what batch working is, it’s a productivity technique where tasks are grouped together based on similarity or type and completed in dedicated, uninterrupted blocks of time. 

So basically instead of switching between different activities frequently, batch working encourages individuals to focus on one type of task at a time, allowing for increased efficiency and concentration. It involves structuring workflow to streamline processes and minimize context switching, ultimately enhancing productivity and output. 

If you’re someone who wants to get more done in less time so you can get back to your life or you’re tired of working so hard only to rest your head at the end of the day wondering, “What did I even accomplish today?” this episode is for you. We’re taking batchworking but showing you the 2.0 version that’s happening in my business this year. 

1. Themed Days

Designate specific days of the week for certain tasks or themes. For example, Mondays could be for administrative tasks like accounting and emails, Tuesdays for client meetings and brainstorming, Wednesdays for content creation, and so on. This allows the business owner to focus deeply on one type of task at a time, minimizing context switching.

2. Meeting Days

Rather than scattering meetings throughout the week, schedule them all on specific days. This allows the business owner to fully immerse themselves in these interactions without interruptions. It also frees up other days for focused work. 

3. Project Sprints

Implement short bursts of intense work focused on completing specific projects or goals. For instance, set aside a week or two to solely focus on launching a new product, revamping the website, or planning a marketing campaign. By dedicating uninterrupted time to these projects, progress can be made rapidly.

4. Monthly Planning Days

Reserve one day each month solely for planning and strategizing. This could involve reviewing the previous month’s performance, setting goals for the upcoming month, and outlining action steps to achieve those goals. By batching planning tasks together, the business owner can ensure they stay focused on the big picture.

5. Content Creation Days or Weeks

Instead of creating content on an ad-hoc basis, dedicate entire days or weeks to content creation. This could include writing blog posts, filming b-roll videos, recording podcasts, or designing graphics. By batching similar tasks together, the business owner can get into a creative flow and produce higher-quality content more efficiently.

6. Batch Emailing

Set aside specific times of the day, perhaps once in the morning and once in the afternoon, to process emails. Instead of constantly checking and responding to emails as they come in, batch them together to minimize distractions and maintain focus on other tasks.

7. Seasonal Batching

Identify tasks that are seasonal or cyclical in nature and batch them together accordingly. For example, a retail business might batch inventory management and restocking activities at the end of each quarter or before major holidays. This allows the business owner to streamline processes and anticipate workload fluctuations.

8. Collaborative Workshops or Masterminds

I’ve been a part of masterminds since I think 2016 or so and I’ve found so much power in setting aside focused time to be with peers and others who are on a similar path to mine. These sessions can be dedicated to generating ideas, solving problems, or planning future initiatives. By bringing everyone together for focused periods of time, innovative solutions can emerge more efficiently.

9. Focused Learning Days

I’ve been learning more than EVER in my business this year, and it’s because I’ve dedicated regular blocks of time to learning and skill development. This could involve taking online courses, attending webinars, or reading industry-related books and articles. By batching learning activities together, the business owner can continuously improve their knowledge and stay ahead of the curve.

10. Personal Growth Retreats

I know it’s not always feasible to book a little spa getaway and take time away from work, your family, or other things that you need to do, but I’ve really seen a huge shift in me when I’ve prioritized time to recharge. These retreats can provide valuable time for introspection and planning without the distractions of daily business operations.

11. Personal Incentives

When outlining this episode, I asked my team if they had any unique ways they batchwork and two of my team members said they create ‘rules’ for themselves to incentivize themselves to get things done in a timely manner. I thought this was a really unique way to give yourself the extra push you need to be productive!

Kristi, my Podcast Producer, said: “I’ll tell myself that until my inbox is at 0 I can’t have coffee, or that once I’ve posted and engaged on the Goal Digger Podcast social media accounts, then I get a ‘reward’ for some sunshine and take the dogs for a walk. I don’t know if that’s technically batch working but it DOES cause me to stop task-switching as much, because I want the ‘reward’!”

Brooklyn, our Copywriting queen, said: “I do the same thing with rules as Kristi! It helps me because thanks to ADD, I’m going to task switch anyway (even without my own permission lol) so it should be a positive, productive, and planned SHORT one. It helps to see workflows as easy sprints vs marathons.”

12. Selfish Batching

Speaking of my team, another gal who gave great insights into how she batchworks is my Vice President, Marisa. She said:

“I’ve been honed in on “selfish batching,” per se, where I make blocks for ME and that has shifted how I approach my days, productivity, creativity, and my mood at times. For instance, every morning when I log in, I block 30 minutes to read at least 3 Medium articles from the daily round-up they send. Some are about biz, some self development, some are fun plant medicine research but this kicks my brain off without the fall trap of “here are all the things I have to do…

I’ve done this for over a year now, but I don’t do calls on Mondays. I actually very much protect my Mondays and even avoid slacks right off the rip if I can help it as I know my energy + focus flow and I know that’s my “get it done day” so it’s MY day to get ahead of the week, gather what I need, and get to work and that sets me up for success as well.”

Ready to Give Batchworking A Try?

If you haven’t tried batchworking in your business, this is your sign to start! Batchworking is a great way to increase your productivity, minimize distractions, and achieve greater focus on their most important tasks and goals.

Our team has been working for years to find the best ways to do this, and I hope this list helps you decide what batchworking techniques work best for you!

Everyone’s workflow and brain works differently, but my goal with this episode was to jumpstart your brainstorm to make sure you’re maximizing each day to work as efficiently as possible.

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