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April 22, 2024


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Between writing speeches, analyzing data, crafting social media copy, and countless others… What can’t AI do?! Find out in Ashlyn Carter’s free LIVE copywriting class at jennakutcher.com/copywriting

Ashlyn Carter is focused on helping you leave a legacy with your story, leaning into your calling to build a sustainable creative business, and standing out in a saturated market with your words.

She’s the premier expert for copywriting for creative entrepreneurs, and in this episode, she gives us the 4-1-1 on both the capabilities AND limitations of AI in crafting compelling and impactful messaging for your business!

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The Future of AI in Copywriting

“I think AI is going to eat mediocre copywriters for breakfast.”

If you weren’t listening yet… you are now!

I was shocked to hear Ashlyn’s take on how powerful ChatGPT and other AI tools can be for copywriters and content creators when used correctly. Ashlyn herself even uses it to help her generate ideas, refine copy, and streamline her writing process!

However, she also emphasized the need for human creativity and emotional connection in copywriting, which is where AI falls short. She believes that while AI will continue to play a significant role in copywriting, there will be a shift towards more authentic and human-centered content creation.

As AI becomes more prevalent, businesses will need to find ways to maintain their unique brand voice and stand out in a crowded digital landscape…

Which led us to talk about how to create a distinct brand identity.

Strategies for Creating Distinct Brand Voice

Ashlyn provided valuable strategies for creating a distinct brand voice in a competitive market, which includes these 6 main tips:

  • Maintain Your Onlyness Factor: Figure out why you do what you do differently or better than others in the same field. This is your positioning statement and sets the tone for your brand voice.
  • Focus on the Three T’s – Tone, Tempo, Terminology: Identify your unique tone, tempo, and terminology that make up your brand voice. These elements help differentiate your brand and make it recognizable.
  • Utilize AI to Analyze Your Voice: Use AI tools to dissect your brand voice and identify key phrases and terms that are unique to your brand. This can help guide you in maintaining a consistent brand voice.
  • Transcribe Your Natural Speech: If you’re struggling to identify your brand voice in writing, try transcribing your natural speech. The way you talk can often reflect how you write, helping you capture your authentic voice.
  • Create a Lexicon Library of Brand Terms: Develop a library of phrases and snippets that represent your brand voice. This can serve as a ready-to-go deck of words and phrases that align with your brand’s personality.
  • Teach AI Your Brand Voice: Train AI tools to better understand and replicate your brand voice by providing it with examples of your unique tone, tempo, and terminology. This can help AI generate content that aligns with your brand’s voice.

What CAN’T AI Do?!

In our conversation, we spoke a lot about what AI CAN do… but when it comes to what it CAN’T do, Ashlyn had a very powerful answer: 

“You’re a better storyteller–I promise you–than any of those tools. You’re able to read a room, and a robot cannot, so you have an emotional level that it will never have. You can apply wisdom to the situation so you can look at what it’s giving you and connect it to your greater marketing strategy…. And then you have the gift of creative problem solving and strategic thinking, and it cannot do that.”

Instead of focusing on selling, storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience and differentiate a brand’s voice. Great storytellers are good “noticers of life” and remember: stories don’t have to be grand narratives but can be simple anecdotes or asides.

She also highlights the significance of incorporating personal stories, such as transformation stories, origin stories, and aha moment stories, into copywriting to make a brand more relatable and engaging.

Ashlyn suggests that to become a better storyteller, we should focus on noticing life around us and writing down one thing that happened to us each day. She also recommends identifying different types of stories that resonate with the audience, such as stories that throw rocks at a common enemy, testimonials, origin stories, and aha moment stories.

By incorporating stories into our copywriting, we won’t sound like a ChatGPT word salad, and we will actually build genuine relationships with our future clients and customers!

Save Your Seat: The Copy Clinic

This episode was so juicy that it couldn’t have possibly all been summed up in a blog post, so be sure to click play on our interview using the players at the top of the post.

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Save your seat now for The Copy Kit Clinic and we’ll see you there!

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