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April 25, 2024



I’m a “test it and learn” kind of entrepreneur. I love new platforms, innovations, and strategies, and the best way for me to find what drives results is to get right into that driver’s seat. And while I try fresh ideas, I find that year after year, the number one profit driver for my business is email marketing. It’s powerful and isn’t going away anytime soon, so if you don’t have your email marketing strategy set yet… hi, you’ve come to the right place. 

Flodesk, the strategic and easy-to-use email marketing and design platform, remains my TOP recommendation (by far!) for anyone starting their email list, no matter the age or stage of their business. With Flodesk, you have seamless integration of essential list-building tools right from the beginning. You can effortlessly send offers to new subscribers, seamlessly add customers to your email list, monitor revenue generation, construct workflows, and maintain a uniform brand experience across your forms, email marketing, and e-commerce endeavors.

I’m consistently impressed by how they stay ahead of the competition with their functionality, design, and fresh features all while remaining at a shockingly affordable price. Whether you’re an email marketing pro looking for a new platform or you’re just starting out on your own email-list-serving journey, let’s take a closer look at what Flodesk is, why it’s powerful, and the key features you need to know about!

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How is Flodesk Different from Other Email Platforms?

Think about what would make email marketing truly ‘worth it’ for you. And I’m saying dream big here. You want it to drive results and consistent profit. You want to grow your audience. You want to spend less time stressing about an algorithm. You want to launch new offers to people who are excited to hear from you.

Flodesk is a platform that truly understands your biggest growth goals. They want starting and serving an email list to actually be easy for you. Not only is every function extremely easy to use intuitively (making new things less scary to try!), but the creators of Flodesk also get that you need your subscribers to want to read your emails. They know your end goal and they’re ahead of the game at empowering you to make that happen.

So, is Flodesk a ‘good’ email marketing platform? Technically, no, because ‘good’ just falls short. They’re powerful, smart about design and marketing, and know how to help you get your emails to convert.

Already convinced and want to give Flodesk a test run? Start your FREE 30-day trial of Flodesk right here, plus save 50% off your first year!

What Are the Best Features of Flodesk?

As with most new endeavors, just starting is the hardest part. Flodesk’s features are built to make starting not only easy but fun and inspiring, too. You’re headed into a platform that doesn’t assume you already know everything. Beyond that, it has powerful, ready-to-use features that grow with you, your skills, your experience, and your business.

Landing Page Templates:

The most common obstacle for people not feeling ready to start an email list is not having a website. I get that – building a website from scratch can be a lot of work. But Flodesk has you covered with gorgeous, customizable landing page templates you can whip up into the perfect place to capture subscribers without stress. You can get started with building your email list even if you don’t have a website yet!

Free Link in Bio Page:

If you’ve ever wanted a pretty way to send people to all of the places you love on the web, this is for you! Flodesk released a free Instagram “link in bio” page option so you can turn your Instagram bio link into a powerful, purposeful email-capturing page. Link up all of the pages and resources you’d like to send your audience to with ease. Plus, the templates are utterly gorgeous! Here’s a little peek at mine!

Stunning and Strategic Email Templates:

Your words deserve to be read, and having access to a library of templates designed to catch eyes and get people to want to click on your offers is everything. Flodesk templates are beautiful AND strategic, which means you get to share your work with less stress. More on why I highly recommend Flodesk’s email templates below.


Powerful Analytics and Proven Metrics:

Because your emails are being opened, clicked on, and shared (and are leading to actual results) Flodesk makes it easy to scan your analytics and optimize your emails. This is one of the most powerful ways to ‘listen’ to your subscribers! You can see your open and click-through rates in a flash and more, which helps you quickly make changes based on performance.

Thoughtful Integrations:

Flodesk also integrates with a huge variety of other tools — probably some of your current favorites, like Kajabi, Typeform, Interact, WordPress, and Slack! It functions seamlessly in your ecosystem of digital tools, which makes continuous email list growth even easier. 

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Beautiful Sales Funnels:

Gone are the days of needing several platforms to piece together your own sales funnels. You can sell your offers and build brilliantly designed sales funnels right inside Flodesk. Take your idea and your offer and create a seamless step-by-step sales experience for your customer, from the sales page to checkout and delivery. Process payments, offer discounts and upsells, and give your customers a 5-star experience with no multi-platform juggling on your end!

Unlimited Subscribers, One Plan:

Because your growth is a priority for Flodesk, they don’t punish you for a blooming subscriber list by upping your membership fee. You get unlimited subscribers with your Flodesk membership. On top of that, you have unlimited check-out pages and workflow automations, too!

Why Should I Use Flodesk’s Email Templates?

After my decade of being in the digital marketing space, I can testify to how truly easy it is to let a complicated process waste your time. We’re not just optimizing our tools for the end results – we need to optimize and reserve our energy and time for what really matters. That’s why I love templates, and Flodesk’s stand out above the rest.


When you’re ready to send or schedule your email campaign, you don’t have to spend a second thinking about how your email’s going to look when it pops up in your subscriber’s inbox. You don’t have to be a pro designer, learn how to code, or overthink the process at all.

Each one of your templates has a unique URL you can use however you like! If you have a top-performing email template, you can easily share it with your team, turn it into an opt-in freebie, or link it up in a blog post to generate affiliate income.

Flodesk recently released 3 gorgeous Flodesk X TONIC email templates. TONIC is the internet’s best website design template company (and who I always trust for every single page of my website!) so this partnership is out of this world stunning and designed by marketing geniuses. An absolute win-win for you and your email subscriber’s eyeballs!

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Is My Business Ready for Email Marketing?

The only risk is what you could be missing out on by not having an email list. If you don’t have an email list (yet) then you don’t have a direct line of communication that can transform your business.

Email marketing is the #1 way we drive results in my business! Just imagine having a way to get in touch with the people who have already raised their hand saying they are interested in what you have and what you do! No matter what stage of entrepreneurship you’re in, an email list will be a true asset for you. 

It can be what sets you free to do the work you love, especially when you leverage the powerhouse of Flodesk. And the best part? You don’t have to be an email pro to begin.

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