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November 2, 2023


Think of your relationship with your audience and email list subscribers as a bank account. You want to make plenty of positive deposits (adding value to their lives for free) before you make a withdrawal (share a paid offer/ask for a sale).

We all know we need to make sales to keep our businesses thriving. But how do you do that without feeling like you’re constantly pushing your products or services?

Enter quizzes, an incredibly fun, engaging way to generate new leads and add that free value!

I’ve used several quizzes in so many different parts of my business (new courses, live trainings, my book, and my journal to name a few!) to grow my email list by 100,000 subscribers. But even better than that, it’s like I’ve had a mini-conversation with every single one of those humans to discover what it is they need from me.

Quizzes are effective and smart, but the most important part is what you can do with the results. That’s why Flodesk (the best email marketing and design platform out there!) is now integrated with quiz creation platform, Interact!

Boosting Your Sales with Interact Quizzes & Flodesk

Now that Flodesk and Interact are directly integrated, your quizzes lead to subscribers, and your subscribers are segmented into smartly targeted lists, which boosts your sales! The end result means a happier, more trusting customer and a way easier pathway for YOU to convert your leads (and your current list, too!)

Why it matters: Quizzes convert at 40%. That’s HUGE. And you want to send those leads beautifully designed emails in Flodesk. This new integration allows you to send your quiz leads directly to Flodesk, and you no longer need a third-party software to make this work!

Now that Interact and Flodesk have teamed up, you can set this up faster, all within your Interact account, so you don’t need to spend time learning any hacks or other platforms to make this happen. You can save money with less tools to sign up for and have way less tech headaches.

Because quizzes allow you to ask meaningful questions and get to know your audience better, you can now use that information to make segmented email list groups so you can send them targeted messaging or specific email campaigns that are tailored to their interests and needs!

This increases your overall email metrics, like open rates, click through rates, and lower unsubscribes, and the reader’s experience reflects where they’re truly at, making it feel like you know them. A study by Experian revealed that personalized emails generated six times higher transaction rates/revenue per email than their non-personalized counterparts. Because even just one email with resources they don’t need or copy that makes the wrong assumption about your reader could lead to an unsubscribe or loss of a customer for life.

Crafting Quiz Questions to Segment Your Audience

You’ve always been able to segment on quiz results using a third-party app to connect with Flodesk, but now you can also segment based on specific answers they choose within the quiz. While many of your quiz questions are related to results, you’re also able to sprinkle in questions that tell you what YOU want to know about your new leads.

For example, no matter what quiz I launch, I am always going to be curious about what stage of business that person is at (i.e. just getting started with no set ideas, in deep implementation stages, or wanting to level up their success!) Once they answer this question, they’re then added to a segmented email list so I can not only send them their quiz results now, but be able to serve them with useful resources that meet where they’re at down the line. I get info, and they still get the right quiz results!

Here’s how I ask this in one of my most popular quizzes, “What’s Your Secret Sauce?”

While this quiz question doesn’t impact their results or directly correlate with the quiz, I make sure the copy fits the flow and it’s the last question, so it makes it easy to answer!

From here, each of these ‘answers’ can become a segment in Flodesk, and from there, I can create a single email or a full, targeted email sequence. I’m going to send totally different resources and start different conversations with the people who are deep into their business journey than those who are just at the starting line.

Quizzes can help you learn how to send the right message to your ideal customer, turn your quiz leads effortlessly into email subscribers, and turn those subscribers into paying customers!

How to Maximize a Quiz in Your Business

When someone takes your quiz, they’re not just passively consuming content. They’re actively participating. It’s a simple, but powerful difference! They’re sharing information about themselves, like their preferences and their challenges. And then they get personalized, valuable insights from you, while in return you get to learn about their needs, their interests, their pain points.

This information is gold and is exactly the “voice of the customer” you should use in your business. Use your new quiz insights to create personalized, targeted emails that speak directly to your subscriber’s needs and interests, offering the value they’re looking for and building a relationship based on trust and understanding.

And when you’ve built that relationship, when you’ve shown up consistently and authentically, that’s when you can make the sale through your nurturing emails. They won’t have to feel solely sales-focused ever again, because at that point, it’s not just a transaction. It’s a natural next step in the relationship you’ve built, as you’re showing up in their inbox to share the resources and guidance that is tailored to what they’re looking for!

My friends Rebecca Shostak, Chief Brand Officer at Flodesk, and Josh Haynam, CEO of Interact Quiz Maker, teamed up for a super insightful podcast episode where they dive deeper into how to infuse your brand authenticity into both your quizzes and email campaigns plus how to get started with adding an Interact quiz to your Flodesk email funnel!

Asking for a Sale in Emails

When you do “ask for a sale” in your nurture emails, make it clear and compelling, because you know even better who you’re talking to now. Include a clear call to action, like “click here to buy now”. Being bold means you’ve already done the work and are confident in giving them the resources they need. Consider adding some urgency, like a limited-time discount or a special bonus for early buyers and quick-action takers.

You should never feel bad about selling your product or services. In fact, you should feel excited to share your expertise with your audience. Email marketing can feel a bit daunting, especially if you’re new to it. But it’s best to start now because… it converts! At least forty times better than social media.

Quizzes Fuel Your Long-Term Business Growth

Starting off on the right foot with your new leads and subscribers means you’re not having to make up for lost ground later on. When you begin with targeted messaging, your subscribers trust you right from day one.

When you’ve served them strategically with not only a fun quiz, but with beautifully designed, intelligently segmented emails, it’s easier for your audience to go from curious about your offers to being excited to purchase!

And now with this super fluid connection between your best quiz building platform, Interact, and the internet’s most gorgeous and genius email platform, Flodesk, your process between generating leads and then converting those leads is easy and stress-free. Plus, streamlining your marketing means you have more time and energy to think up creative ways to serve your new audience segments.

Now it’s your turn. Sign up for my FREE 5-day list-building challenge to start implementing these strategies today and see the difference they can make in your business! With a direct integration between Flodesk and Interact, I know you’ve got this!

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