An Ambitious Entrepreneur’s Guide to Dating In Your League

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November 6, 2023


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Calling all single Goal Diggers! If you’re sick of scrolling through dating apps with people who aren’t nearly as ambitious as you are, you HAVE to keep listening to today’s conversation.

Amanda Bradford is the founder and CEO of an elite dating app called The League, which has an application process and waitlist in place to build a community of people with like-minded standards and ambition that are committed to finding a long-term relationship. 

Amanda is passionate about standing for people that are equal in the workplace and equal in relationships, and her and her team at The League are determined to help you find someone you don’t need to lower your standards for.

Today, Amanda’s sharing what makes the League different, plus she’s giving us her best dating advice for ambitious people (like you)! We know that if you listen to Goal Digger, you’re success-oriented, driven, and motivated to dig your biggest goals, and I can’t wait for you to hear Amanda’s advice for meeting your match! 

The Changing Landscape of Dating

In our conversation, Amanda highlighted how dating has evolved over the years, thanks to technology and the availability of various dating apps. While the traditional methods of meeting people within your community or through friends still exist, the dating pool has expanded significantly.

With the advent of dating apps, individuals now have access to a larger pool of potential matches. Amanda emphasized that this is an exciting time to be single, with technology and tools that can help individuals find their best match.

The Birth of The League

Amanda’s journey into the dating space was unexpected. As an engineer with a background in big tech, she never imagined herself founding a dating app. However, after experiencing the overwhelming and often frustrating world of online dating, she decided to create a solution.

The League was born out of Amanda’s desire to provide a more curated and efficient dating experience. By incorporating elements of an application process and requiring users to sync their LinkedIn profiles, The League aimed to create a high-quality dating community.

What’s Unique About The League?

One of the standout features of The League is its selection process and waitlist. Modeled after exclusive memberships like Soho House, The League requires users to apply and meet certain criteria to gain entry.

Amanda wanted to create a space where individuals could put their best foot forward and be proud of being accepted into the community. By syncing LinkedIn profiles, The League ensures authenticity and provides a more comprehensive picture of a person’s background and interests.

Balancing Ambition and Relationships

Amanda acknowledged the challenges of balancing ambition and relationships, as she experienced it firsthand while building her company. The League attracts ambitious individuals who are focused on their careers and have big goals. This shared ambition can create a unique understanding and compatibility among users.

However, it is crucial to set clear expectations and communicate openly about priorities and time commitments. By aligning expectations, individuals can find partners who support their goals and are willing to navigate the complexities of building a life together.

The Be a Goal Digger Campaign

Amanda and The League recently launched the Be a Goal Digger campaign, celebrating the ambitious and goal-oriented nature of their user base. (And obviously, I LOVE the name!)

The campaign aims to challenge outdated stereotypes and empower individuals to pursue their dreams while also seeking meaningful connections. By embracing the term “goal digger,” The League redefines it as a positive trait and encourages users to prioritize their goals and aspirations.

If you loved this conversation and want to meet your perfect match, download The League: the dating app designed for goal-oriented singles on the Apple or Google Play Store! 

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