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April 24, 2024


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It’s time for an “ask me anything” episode today and we’re going in a bunch of different directions… When I asked what you were curious about, the questions were amazing!

From how to schedule your day, to finding your ideal client, delegating the right tasks, getting into a health routine, uncovering the perfect homemade latte recipe and a few other unique questions. 

This episode is all about you, my amazing listeners, and honestly, these episodes are super fun for me. Today we are diving into the questions you’ve sent in about my life, business, and everything in between, so let’s get started!

How I Organize My Day

@kindorganizing on Instagram asked: How do you schedule your day as an ADHD biz owner and mom?

When it comes to scheduling my day, I am really into batch working and themed days. By dedicating specific time blocks to different tasks (such as mom duties, work, and personal time), I can stay focused and productive. This approach has been transformative for me, allowing me to honor my rhythms and energy levels throughout the day.

Check out Episode 766: 12 Ingenious Batchwork Strategies You Need to Try for more information on how I batchwork!

My Biggest Business Risk

Derika Buckner on Facebook asked: What was the biggest risk you took in your business that paid off? Other than starting your photography biz then pivoting to creating courses/educational content.

One of the biggest risks I took in my business was joining a high-ticket mastermind, which led to significant personal and professional growth. By investing in myself and surrounding myself with diverse perspectives, I was able to expand my horizons and make valuable connections that have shaped my journey as an entrepreneur.

College vs. Experience vs. Certifications

@julia_duka5 on Instagram asked: What’s your opinion on college vs experience vs certifications?

I really had to think about this one, but I’ll sum up my thoughts the best I can! College is seen as a valuable experience for personal growth and learning, not just for obtaining a degree. I truly believe that the formative years in college are important for developing independence, accountability, and social connections.

That being said, college is powerful for that stage of life, but for later stages, experience and certifications can be more beneficial. Learning through online courses, masterminds, mentorship, and investing in personal growth can be more engaging and impactful later in life. 

I truly believe that the best ways to learn and grow are through systems and knowledge gained from others that can save time, money, energy, and frustration.

What I Delegate

Trisha Lancaster on Facebook asked: As a momma, wife, and entrepreneur, what specific tasks/chores that you don’t do (EVER) or that you make sure you delegate?

One of the specific tasks or chores that I never do as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur is house cleaning, as I have amazing house cleaners who come every other week to freshen up the house. Additionally, I prefer to outsource tasks like snow removal and yard work, although my husband enjoys doing them.

Another significant help has been having a part-time nanny who assists with laundry while my youngest naps, which has been a game-changer in managing household tasks. Overall, I prioritize delegating tasks that can be outsourced to free up time for my work and family responsibilities!

The Ups and Downs of This Stage of Motherhood

Felicia G on Facebook asked: What is the best part and the hardest part about this stage of motherhood for you?

The best part of this stage of motherhood for me is witnessing our children grow and develop into unique individuals. I find so much joy when I witness moments of independence and confidence in my daughters, and I cherish the special moments of their growth and self-discovery!

On the other hand, the hardest part of this season is feeling the pressure of balancing work and motherhood, especially as my children become more aware of my work commitments. I, like many others, struggle with feelings of mom guilt and the constant battle of wanting to be present for my children while also pursuing my career. Despite these challenges, I do find solace in grounding myself in the present moment and focusing on the tasks at hand.

Building an Affiliate Marketing Business with Pinterest

Joanna Newkirk on Facebook asked: Is it possible to build an affiliate marketing business just using Pinterest? I am interested in a business that will generate an extra income.

Pinterest can be a valuable platform for building an affiliate marketing business, but it’s essential to approach it strategically. While it is possible to focus on affiliate marketing solely through Pinterest, it’s crucial to create meaningful content that provides value to users. Instead of just linking pins to affiliate products, it’s more effective to direct users to a blog or website where you can explain the products in detail and share personal experiences.

By creating engaging content and capturing user information, such as through email lists, you can establish a more long-term and profitable relationship with your audience. Remember, the goal is to drive traffic from social media platforms like Pinterest to your own channels where you have more control and can build a loyal following.

To learn more about how to build your business with Pinterest, head to teachmetopin.com!

Two Questions to Go Deeper

Megan Loehr on Facebook asked: Most thoughtful networking question(s) you’ve been asked? (What helps you go beyond surface level and have a deeper/more connected conversation?)

One of the most thoughtful questions I’ve been asked is, “How do you define success in your life right now?” This question allows for a deeper and more connected conversation by prompting individuals to reflect on what success means to them personally. By finishing the sentence “I know I’m being successful when…” it encourages introspection and sharing of personal values and goals.

Another impactful question is, “What would your eight-year-old self be sad to know that you no longer do, and what would they be happy to see you doing today?” This question taps into the inner child and helps individuals reconnect with their passions and interests from childhood, fostering a more authentic and meaningful conversation.

But Wait… There’s More!

These were just SOME of the questions I answered in today’s Ask Me Anything episode, so be sure to listen to the episode to hear the rest! Some of the other questions I answer are:

  • @woodsandivory on Instagram: favorite gluten free snack?
  • @amyebolling on Instagram: How do you evolve when there is literally NO time for anything else?
  • Shelli Nornes on Facebook: How do you always have an endless supply of beautiful, relevant, and natural photos of yourself? Are they all taken by a photographer? Do you set up your own selfies? If so, how? And how do you organize them for future use?
  • @aimeekellyphotography on Instagram: I’m a photographer of 10 years. I want to scale my business and start offering products/courses/1:1 mentoring… how do I overcome my self-limiting beliefs? I’m overthinking everything!
  • Zoe Willis on Facebook: Do you think the power of instagram is fading and what is its future? As there is more emphasis on slick reels to drive growth I have the sense “normal” people / consumers aren’t on there as much. They’ve no incentive to create casual content – static or otherwise – AND the main feed is just becoming a scroll of adverts. If instagram does become a paid-for service for businesses, do you think it will survive?
  • @Janet.egan1 on Instagram: How is your business not being on IG as much? I don’t want to be on social all of the time, how do I still grow my business?”
  • @chelsdameron on Instagram: Health update?

Click play NOW to hear my responses to the rest of the questions. And don’t forget to follow the Goal Digger pages on social media so that next time, I may be answering YOUR burning question!

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