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April 29, 2024


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If you’ve been listening to The Goal Digger Podcast for any length of time, it probably won’t surprise you when I say I’m a problem solver. I absolutely love puzzles, brain teasers, and being faced with a challenge… and that’s why I love these Goal Digger coaching sessions!

Today, I’m chatting with Brandi, an artist, muralist, author, podcaster, and educator with a passion for making meaningful connections through art. Her artwork has been featured on national television and has graced the pages of international publications and prestigious galleries all over the world… and she’s ready to take her business to the next level.

In our coaching session, Brandi asks heavy-hitting questions like how to overcome stereotypical roles in the household and deal with the judgment of others, how to maintain diverse income streams on different platforms and tips for delegating tasks to a team and managing burnout. It’s a great conversation no matter what stage of business you’re in!

Finding Strength in Creativity

We kicked off our session by Brandi opening up about her personal experiences with grief, losing her mother during pregnancy and her father-in-law shortly after the birth of her second son.

Through these challenging times, creativity became her solace and a source of empowerment. She emphasized the importance of using creativity to navigate through difficult moments and shared how it had helped her become stronger and more resilient. This, of course, led to a bigger conversation…

Balancing Creativity and Burnout

Next, we delved into the topic of burnout and the importance of building diverse income streams to avoid overworking and exhaustion.

Brandi shared her journey of transitioning from focusing solely on custom artwork to expanding into mural projects and teaching others. I advised her that it’s important to recognize when a particular aspect of her business is no longer sustainable. It’s also important to pivot whenever you feel yourself burning out, which will help you to maintain your creativity!

Setting Up Automated Systems for Sustainability

Brandi expressed her concerns about setting up automated systems and workflows to sustain her business growth. I shared with her how importance it has been for me to build systems that can run efficiently without requiring constant effort, especially during times of rest or when life throws unexpected challenges.

I then coached her on the significance of starting with what ALREADY works in her business and transitioning those into evergreen products. This approach allows for a smoother transition from live launches to automated funnels, reducing the need to start from scratch and optimizing existing resources!

By focusing on one offer at a time and gathering feedback, Brandi can streamline her processes and ensure sustainable growth without overwhelming herself or her team. 

Defining Success and Finding Balance

A pivotal moment in our conversation was when we explored the concept of consistently outdoing oneself and the pressure to achieve financial goals. Brandi shared her experience of hitting a significant financial milestone with a community project and the subsequent challenge of replicating that success.

We discussed the importance of defining an “enough point” and finding balance between financial success and personal fulfillment… Because it’s not always feasible to continue to “one up” ourselves after each and every milestone!

Embracing Slow Living and Personal Growth

I loved when Brandi and I bonded over both of our current focuses of embracing slow living, exploring new hobbies like gardening, beekeeping, and baking gluten-free sourdough bread.

Brandi said it’s important for her to connect with the “why” behind her projects and work on finding joy in the everyday moments. By prioritizing personal growth and self-care, Brandi and I are both creating a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle that aligns with our values!

Connect with Brandi

To learn more about Brandi and her work, visit her website at Brandihofer.ca and connect with her on Instagram @brandihoferstudios. You can also tune in to her podcast, “Colour Me Happy,” where she shares insights on seeing the extraordinary in everyday life.

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