This ONE Email Marketing Strategy Got Me 100,000 Subscribers

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June 12, 2023


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This ONE email marketing strategy got me 100,000 subscribers… and it can help you be known to the masses too, with the help of my guest today: Chanti Zak!

Chanti is a quiz funnel strategist, growth consultant and coach that’s obsessed with psychology, interactive marketing, and getting brag worthy results for her students and clients.  She helps online business owners create quiz funnels for their offers (myself included)! 

In today’s episode, Chanti simplifies the entire process of creating a quiz that is “freakishly accurate,” which I know you’re going to LOVE. Goal Digger, it’s time to start showing up for your people in bigger, better ways with a quiz!

Quizzes Are Effective Lead Generators

Chanti and I can both speak from experience when we say: Quizzes are a crazy effective lead generator for any business that advertises online. Chanti’s first successful quiz was about chakras and it generated 10,000 new subscribers in a month, and then she was able to duplicate the same strategy with me and my team to add over 100,000 new email subscribers to my list while connecting them with what they are telling us they need! 

So, how do quizzes work? Quizzes are interactive and engaging, which makes them more effective than other marketing strategies. They provide a personalized experience for the user, which creates a connection between the user and the brand. Quizzes also provide valuable information for the business owner about their audience. By analyzing the quiz results, business owners can learn about their audience’s interests, preferences, and pain points. This information can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and improve the overall customer experience.

Quizzes are different from other marketing strategies because they provide a two-way conversation between the user and the brand. Other marketing strategies, such as email marketing or social media advertising, are one-way conversations. Quizzes allow the user to engage with the brand and provide feedback, which creates a sense of community and builds trust.

Quiz Funnel: 3-in-1 Strategy

In our conversation, Chanti discusses the concept of a quiz funnel, which is essentially a marketing strategy that “feeds three birds with one scone,” as she put it! The 3 aspects of a quiz funnel are:

  • Part 1: The irresistible psychology behind learning more about oneself. This is especially important for potential clients and customers who are looking for answers to their unique scenarios. By intertwining personality insights into the quiz, the special sauce is created, and people are more likely to take the quiz and engage with the brand.
  • Part 2: The interactive nature of the quiz. Quizzes capture people’s attention and keep them engaged for a statistically longer time than a static page or asset. This interactivity is the future of marketing, and the more interactive elements businesses can provide, the easier it will be for people to stick around and remain interested.
  • Part 3: Research and segmentation. Quizzes provide businesses with a permission slip to ask burning questions to potential clients and customers and get responses at scale. This information can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and improve the overall customer experience. By identifying different audiences and creating targeted messaging, businesses can avoid mad unsubscribes and missed opportunities.

Nooooow can you see why Chanti and I are obsessed with using quizzes to generate leads for our businesses?! No? Well, let me tell you exactly why they convert so well.

Segmentation Leads to Higher Conversions

One of the key benefits of quizzes is segmentation, which is the process of dividing an audience into smaller, more specific groups based on their interests, behaviors, and preferences.

This means that by segmenting your audience based on their answers to a quiz, business owners like us can tailor our marketing messages and offers to each group, which results in higher engagement and conversions!

In addition to higher conversions, segmentation also leads to higher retention and trust. When users feel that the business understands their needs and preferences, they are more likely to continue engaging with the brand and become loyal customers. Win-win-win!

If you’re just as excited about creating a quiz as I am, be sure to connect with Chanti on https://chantizak.com/ or Instagram @chantizak

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