7 Reasons Flodesk is the BEST Email Marketing Platform in 2024

February 29, 2024



If you know me, you know there’s nothing I love more than incredible email marketing. Social media is a fantastic tool, but year after year, my email list is the #1 way I drive profits in my business! I’ve tried a number of different platforms over the years, but for those who are just starting out, there’s only ONE that I recommend: Flodesk.

It truly is the BEST solution around. Want to create gorgeous emails that actually convert — and to do it in a snap? Flodesk is the perfect partner for you. Here’s why I love to sing their praises and why they’re my go-to recommendation year after year.

01) Flodesk offers unlimited subscribers and email sends. 

Helloooo, this point alone should sell you on Flodesk! Many email marketing platforms charge you by the number of subscribers or lists you have, raising your overhead as you grow your audience. Even worse, some companies charge you by the number of sends in a given month! I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to communicate with my subscribers without shelling out dollars for an additional “Hey there!” With Flodesk, you can grow your business without growing your expenses. There are zero penalties for actually growing your list, it’s encouraged and supported with Flodesk! That’s a deal I’ll celebrate forever!

02) Access tons of gorgeous, easy-to-use design templates.

Flodesk takes templates to the next level with their easy drag-and-drop builder. They include just enough design so that you’re never starting from scratch (unless you want to!), and you can quickly customize your entire email with a few clicks. With Layout blocks, you can use specialty fonts and designs to match your emails to your brand or upload your exact branding kit! Once you send your email, a Layout block will render as an image element so your email looks great on any device.

03) Build a Landing Page in Flodesk (Even if You Don’t Have a Website!). 

If you don’t have a full website or sales page ready, but you need a spot to direct potential customers, you’re in luck. Flodesk has an entire library of form templates that can serve as a standalone landing page to boost your audience, capture emails, and stir up biz buzz before your next launch! This is the simplest, fastest solution to creating a beautiful home for your company on the internet. Plus, they’ve launched social forms which help you turn your social media followers into email subscribers and showcase WHO you are in a *snap*! Wanna see mine?

04) Easily automate and scale your email campaigns with Flodesk.

If you want an email marketing platform to work for you, you have to let it work for you. I’m totally convinced automation is the most powerful email marketing hack out there! With Flodesk, you can create automated sequences in just a few simple steps (I talk more about this and nurturing new subscribers here). Publish nurture sequences, post-purchase workflows, or any other campaign you need. I’ve seen lots of automation workflows, and trust me when I tell you Flodesk knows what they’re doing. It’s easier than ever to set time delays, conditions, and sequences that’ll make you money in your sleep.

Already convinced and want to give Flodesk a test run? Start your FREE 30-day trial of Flodesk right here, plus save 50% off your first year!

05) Elevate Your Ecommerce Experience with Flodesk Checkout.

If you haven’t checked out Flodesk Checkout, get ready to change your life for the better. Their new shop feature allows you to create a form, sell a product, automate an upsell, and schedule delivery – all on one platform. The perks to this are endless. First of all, it saves you the time and hassle of clicking back and forth between platforms to make sure everything’s locked and loaded. Secondly, you’re guaranteed to have consistent branding throughout the entire process, which makes you look like a professional marketing queen

Plus, Flodesk countdown timers are now included with your membership and pair beautifully with their new E-commerce blocks, so you can skip the sales page and give your audience the chance to buy directly from your emails!

06) Measure your email marketing effectiveness with Flodesk Analytics. 

Numbers don’t lie! You need know that what you’re doing is working and analytics are your best friend in ensuring that your strategy is delivering! No matter what email platform you use, you know that analyzing email performance and audience demographics is a major key in finding out what marketing and messaging is working best for your business. With Flodesk, your analytics dashboard is easy to find and easy to interpret. Easily check up on engagement by viewing openand click rates, deliverability stats, and even which inboxes sent you to spam or clicked unsubscribe.

07) Flodesk makes email service integrations seamless and easy. 

Hoping to connect your email marketing to another platform? You want it, you got it. Flodesk integrates with Shopify, Zapier, Facebook, Instagram, Google Sheets, Slack, and now Pabbly Connect — just to name a few. As a business owner, it’s so important to be able to connect the dots easily between apps and software you use on a regular basis. With Flodesk, you can connect super easily and serve your subscribers while you’re living your life.

And you now have full freedom and flexibility to connect Flodesk and your favorite apps (like our FAVE quiz building platform Interact!) thanks to their API! Your custom website, online store, and everything but the kitchen sink can now be integrated and connect right to Flodesk. If you’re ready to give it a test run, grab your 30 day FREE trial here, plus 50% off your monthly subscription after that.

Havn’t started building your email list yet?

Join my FREE email list building mini-course and I’ll walk you through step-by-step!

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