How to Create a Flodesk Welcome Workflow to Nurture Your New Subscribers

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May 20, 2021


One of the biggest hangups I hear from people wanting to start an email list is what in the world to SAY once people join their list. Not too long ago, I shared how to create a Flodesk workflow to deliver your freebie so that you can easily get your freebie into the hands of your target audience, and fast. Read it here if you missed it, because today we’re taking the next step: how to create a Flodesk welcome workflow to nurture your new subscribers.

Y’all already know my pure obsession with email marketing platform Flodesk (the one and only platform that makes sending beautiful emails easy and affordable). It’s what I recommend to all new email listers because they truly have the simplest interface and the best team to support all your email marketing needs!

(Plus you can always get 50% off your subscription by signing up here!)

So once you’ve signed up and created your freebie, people will start trickling onto that list, and you’ll want to have a warm welcome that lands in their inbox prettttty much right away. Think about your welcome emails like you’re just sitting down with a potential client for coffee—what important tidbits would you want them to know about you? What resources would you point them to? That’s what you want to include in your welcome sequence!

Here are 3 steps to create a Flodesk welcome workflow

Because people are joining your list all the time, we’re going to show you how to automate this process so that you can warmly welcome people to your list, get them all the info they need, and make a lasting first impression with a snazzy welcome sequence workflow.

Step 01: Map out the emails you want to send and the order.

Welcome sequences can be as simple as one email introducing yourself and delivering your freebie or as complex as six to 10 emails that deliver value, share resources, and provide opportunities to connect, engage, and buy from you.

It all depends on the type of business you run and your preference for communicating with your audience. It helps to start by creating an outline with a brief description of the goal and topic each email your welcome sequence will cover.

Some ideas for a welcome sequence include individual emails sharing:

  • The delivery of your freebie
  • An introduction to you and/or your brand and what sets you apart
  • Two or three more pieces of content that will help your subscriber with their pain points (like a blog post, podcast interview, or YouTube video) 
  • Tangible advice or tips to help them achieve a quick win
  • Client success stories to help them see themselves in your past work
  • Testimonials so they can see what people say after working with you or using your product
  • A sales email with a limited time offer or a discount to buy your product or to book with you (this creates urgency!)

A sample outline of a welcome sequence might look like this:

  • Email #1: Deliver the freebie & explain how to best use it
  • Email #2: Give a more in-depth introduction to yourself 
  • Email #3: Give your top 3 tips or favorite resources
  • Email #4: Provide an opportunity to buy a product or service

Once you know how many emails you want to include and the theme of each one, it’s time to draft them! Don’t forget to include catchy, interesting, yet descriptive subject lines, since that will dictate whether or not your emails get opened.

If you’re still stumped on what to include in your welcome sequence emails, here’s a helpful video walkthrough from the Flodesk University course on How to Write a Workflow Email Funnel.

Step 02: Set your welcome workflow trigger.

In your dashboard under ‘Workflows’ at the top, click “New workflow.” Flodesk does provide some templates to use, or you’re welcome to click “or start from scratch.” Name your workflow something clear for you to remember what it is (your subscribers can’t see this).

Then, you’ll add a trigger! If you ended your freebie delivery workflow by adding all subscribers to a welcome segment, then your trigger for the welcome workflow is when people are added to that same welcome segment.

Step 03: Start building out your Flodesk welcome workflow.

Now you can create your first email that gives your subscribers more information or resources! After this initial email, I recommend setting a delay of a couple of days, a week, or even a month, before your second email goes out. (It just depends on how long you want the welcome sequence to stretch out for and what you think your target audience would prefer.)

Create your second email that links to another resource or valuable piece of information, and add another delay. Create your third email, and so on and so forth. You get the idea!

After all the emails are created and included in the Workflow, you can end it here, or you can add everyone who’s gone through your welcome sequence to your Newsletter segment.

The idea here is that not everyone who received your welcome workflow is ready to buy from you now. They may need more nurturing in the form of a weekly, biweekly, or monthly newsletter. When you send out consistent newsletters, you would just send it to the newsletter segment (i.e., everyone who’s completed the welcome workflow).

There you go—you’re all set to create your Flodesk welcome workflow!

In just three steps, you’ll have your Flodesk welcome workflow all set up and ready to warmly welcome new subscribers to your brand and provide opportunities to learn, interact, and buy from you. It’s easy enough to set up in less than a day, but will continue to greet and support your new subscribers for months and years to come!

Still working on setting up that email list?

Meet me at my FREE class with Flodesk’s founder to learn how to set up & serve your list!

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