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January 15, 2024


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Do YOU have ADHD?! When I discovered this missing piece of my identity with Tracy Otsuka’s help a couple of years ago, it completely changed my life.

Tracy is a certified ADHD coach, podcaster, and author of her brand new book: ADHD For Smart Ass Women: How To Fall In Love With Your Neurodivergent Brain.

In this episode, we are diving into the misunderstood world of ADHD in women, challenging stereotypes and reshaping perceptions.

We explore how Tracy’s strengths-based approach empowers women to harness their creativity, empathy, and entrepreneurial spirit. We also discuss the scientific aspects of ADHD, debunking myths and highlighting the importance of a neurodiversity perspective!

Let’s dive in!

How ADHD Presents In Women

It’s no secret that men and women are… different, to say the least. Something Tracy highlighted in our conversation is the importance of understanding the different ways ADHD presents in women compared to men.

While boys with ADHD are often hyperactive and disruptive, girls with ADHD tend to be more inattentive and internalize their symptoms. This can lead to a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of anxiety and depression instead of ADHD.

Tracy emphasized the need to recognize and celebrate the strengths of ADHD women, rather than focusing solely on their challenges. We ARE different… and that’s our superpower!

Sign #1: Unexplained Underachievement

If you’re not sure if you have ADHD, one of the biggest signs, especially in women, is that women with ADHD often excel in their careers and businesses but struggle with everyday tasks.

They may be powerhouses in their professional lives, but find it challenging to manage basic household responsibilities or stay organized. This can lead to feelings of guilt and inadequacy, as they compare themselves to others who seem to effortlessly balance it all.

This is why it’s so important to celebrate small victories and build self-trust. ADHD individuals (like me!) often struggle with consistency and may feel a sense of learned helplessness. By setting small goals and acknowledging our accomplishments, we can build confidence and prove to ourselves that we are capable of achieving our goals!

Sign #2: Consistent Inconsistency

Tracy mentioned that “consistent inconsistency” is one of the signs of having ADHD. She explained that individuals with ADHD can often achieve both high grades and low grades in the same subject or perform well in some areas while struggling in others.

This inconsistency can lead others to believe that the person is not trying hard enough or lacks motivation. However, Tracy emphasized that this inconsistency is not a character flaw but rather a result of low dopamine levels in the ADHD brain.

I can totally relate to this, as can many other individuals with ADHD. If this is you, don’t beat yourself up… It’s your superpower, remember?!

Sign #3: Productivity “Hacks” Don’t Typically Work!

Have you ever felt like someone else’s “productivity hack” doesn’t work for you? You might have ADHD, according to Tracy!

Tracy explained that ADHD brains are wired differently, and what works for neurotypical individuals may not work for us. I resonated deeply with this insight because I have always struggled with time management, time blindness, and the constant need for stimulation. 

She encourages us to find strategies that work for us, whether it’s using timers, working in different environments, or seeking support from partners or team members.

Check out my recent episode about productivity hacks that ACTUALLY work for me (and my ADHD brain) here!

Grab Tracy’s Book: ADHD for Smart Ass Women

As we wrap up, Tracy and I want to remind you: ADHD is NOT a limitation, but a unique way of thinking and processing information.

By understanding and embracing our ADHD brains, we can tap into our strengths, find strategies that work for us, and create a life and business that aligns with our passions and interests!

If this episode resonated with you, there’s more where that came from! Be sure to grab Tacy’s Book: ADHD for Smart Ass Women HERE.

You can also listen to her podcast and join her Facebook group to connect with other neurodivergent individuals!

I am BEYOND grateful to Tracy for sharing her wisdom and insights on ADHD, and I hope that this conversation has sparked a new understanding and appreciation for the unique strengths and challenges of ADHD women.

This year, let’s embrace our ADHD brains and create a world where we can thrive and succeed on our own terms!

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