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December 25, 2023


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Tired of hearing everyone talk about how much they’re making in passive income? Then join them!  Chelsey and Stephen Diaz are founders of The Rainmaker Method, a path to not just financial freedom, but time freedom for your family.

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In 2017, Chelsey and Stephen took a risk to pivot their 1-to-1 service-based wedding photography business and go all in on creating an online 1-to-many passive income community. Since then, they have helped thousands of moms become RAINMAKERS for their family!

Focused on e-commerce and digital products, they encourage “buying back time” so you can run 6 and 7 figure businesses while protecting time with those you love.

Tune in to learn more about how you can make passive income in the e-commerce space, by learning how to create their own brands, manage to manufacture, and then leverage one of the #1 largest opportunities to sell products online, Amazon FBA!

And if you’re ready to get started with Chelsey and Stephen’s help, book a FREE one-on-one family freedom design session NOW!

“The Spaghetti Years” and the Search for Passive Income

Chelsey and Steven started their entrepreneurial journey in the wedding industry, just like me.

However, after experiencing burnout and realizing that their current lifestyle was not sustainable for starting a family, they embarked on what they called the “spaghetti years.” They tried various income streams to find something that would provide the leverage and passive income they desired.

Discovering the Power of Amazon

During a wedding, Steven checked their Amazon app and was shocked to see that they had made more money from their Amazon business that day than from shooting the wedding.

This was a pivotal moment for them, as they realized the potential of leveraging Amazon’s platform and the massive traffic it attracts!

The 3T Framework

Chelsey and Steven developed a framework called the 3T Framework to help entrepreneurs navigate the world of passive income on Amazon. 

The 3T’s stand for:

  • Tech Leverage: partnering with existing technology, such as Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program, to handle the logistics of shipping and customer service. 
  • Time Leverage: allows entrepreneurs to put in a few hours of work that have the impact of hundreds of hours. 
  • Traffic: refers to the massive number of potential customers on Amazon, making it a prime platform for selling products.

This method only scratches the surface of the strategies Chelsey and Stephen share in their programs and one-on-one family freedom design sessions!

Success Stories and Product Ideas

Chelsey and Steven shared inspiring success stories from their community, highlighting how people from various backgrounds and skill levels have found success on Amazon. 

From moms launching wood products and home decor to unique niche products like belly button shapers and inflatable bounce houses, the possibilities are endless. The key is to find a product that aligns with your interests and passions, as well as meets the demand of a specific niche market.

The Rainmaker Mastermind

Chelsey and Steven offer a 12-month mastermind program called Rainmakers, which takes entrepreneurs on a journey to build and scale their Amazon businesses. The program focuses on creating enterprise value and eventually selling the business. 

Whether you’re looking for a side income or a full-scale business, Rainmakers provides the guidance and support needed to succeed.

Book a call with Chelsey and Stephen TODAY and find out if the Mastermind is for you!

Passive income on Amazon is not just a dream; it can become a reality with the right mindset and strategies. Chelsey and Steven’s story is a testament to the power of leveraging Amazon’s platform and the potential for financial freedom and time flexibility. 

By following the 3T Framework and finding the right product niche, you can create a successful business that aligns with your passions and allows you to be present in your personal life.

We can’t wait for you to become a Rainmaker family, too!

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