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May 27, 2021


I’ve sort of experienced it all when it comes to skin. Hormonal acne. Pregnancy-related melasma. Dark spots and smile lines and combination skin, oh my! And there aren’t many natural remedies for acne that I’ve come across that work… until recent years.

It’s been a journey, to say the least. (And not exactly a fun one.) I’m guessing if you’re reading this right now, you can relate. Hey, soul sister/brother/non-gender-conforming friend. I feel for you if you’ve all but emptied the shelves at Target trying the newest and best “ACNE BUSTING” or “LINE ELIMINATING” products out there.

And there’s no shame if you’ve also ordered the very alluring infomercial skincare lines that had serious promises for your skin—only to leave it practically peeling off thanks to those harsh elixirs. Woof.

I know what it’s like to feel ashamed of your skin—this thing that you can’t hide no matter how much makeup or how smoothing of a filter. And you probably hate that you care so much, too. It’s something that feels so superficial. It’s just our looks, after all. It’s not our wit or our business savvy or our intellect. Yet still… when our skin doesn’t feel or look healthy, it can take a big hit on our confidence.

(I’m saying “our,” but just FYI that I am totes talking about my own experience here in the hopes that you can relate.)

After trial-and-erroring my way through caring for my skin in my teens and twenties, I’ve finally found skincare products and natural remedies for acne that WORK. Yes, seriously. One important thing to note: I no longer look for the cheapest or quickest fix. Some of these natural remedies for acne ARE cheap (a la simple diet upgrades), but some are more of an investment.

To me, finding products and remedies that last and work well, without harming my skin, is well worth it.

The natural remedies for acne I swear by

I’ve personally had to experiment with products and practices to heal my skin. From my diet to what I put on my skin daily, here are the things I’ve found to actually improve my skin and acne!

1. Natural skincare products

Truth: Some of the big-name drugstore products that “zap” acne only work because they’re stripping your skin of essential oils that sometimes get trapped and cause breakouts.

Aka, they’re drying the bejeezus out of your skin in order to “heal” your pimples.

Instead of working against nature, I’ve started working alongside it and using natural skincare products from the woman-owned-and-operated small business Primally Pure.

(I am truly obsessed with all of their products.)

Using food-grade ingredients, Primally Pure creates natural products that nourish the skin rather than depleting it.

Ever since switching over, I’ve watched my skin transform. My hormonal acne began to clear up completely. My melasma began receding until it totally went away. And my skin finally felt ~glowy~ for the first time… ever.

I couldn’t believe it (and probably wouldn’t if I hadn’t experienced it firsthand!).

Here are some of the skincare products I use daily:

Oil Cleanser: I tossed all my old makeup removers and face washes after using this for a week. It removes makeup and grime without stripping your skin of natural moisture. And it makes you feel like a goddess… so…

Clarifying Serum: OMG, y’all. Not only does this clear up any breakouts (naturally, of course), but it smells like a dang spa. Like, a fancy one. Not the $10 foot spa down the street.

Everything Spray: Named aptly, as you can truly use it on everything. A toner after cleansing, a zit that needs to chill out, razor burn, you name it. It’s the best.

Baby Balm: Okay, so this is a baby product that I totally steal from Coco all the time. It’s great when you need a bit extra moisturizer on dry spots and is PRIMO for dark under-eye circles. Trust me.

Get 10% off your Primally Pure order using the code ‘JK10’!

2. Simple lifestyle changes as natural remedies for acne

When I gave up gluten, I began seeing changes almost overnight. (Okay, maybe not that quickly, but it was preeeetty quick.)

My skin became clearer and brighter, I didn’t hang onto excess weight as easily, and I even felt my energy shift. I’d feel less sluggish in the middle of the day and even slept better!

I’m not saying everyone needs to give up gluten. (In fact, don’t unless you truly have an allergy or intolerance. Get. that. bread.)

But, I will say that paying attention to the foods I eat and how they make me FEEL has been an enormous boost for my skin and overall health.

Here are a few more things I’ve noticed make my skin (and full body + mind) feel better:

  • Getting enough sleep: Yup. Our parents were right. Eight full hours on a consistent basis and going to bed around the same time every night can be transformative for your health.
  • Eating less refined sugar and/or dairy: Saying peace out to gluten was a good step for me because my body doesn’t process it well. Reducing sugar and/or dairy intake is something anyone can do and see benefits from! Sugar and dairy notoriously wreak havoc on acne-prone skin. Don’t go cold turkey (let’s not get too wild), but just try cutting back a tad.
  • Drinking a LOT of water: Like, a lot. Aim for half your body weight in ounces—or more if you workout.
  • Incorporating more veggies: Specifically, leafy greens. Your skin LOVES green veggies. Try adding at least one veggie to every meal to begin consuming them more regularly.
  • Taking your vitamins + probiotics: The best way to get nutrients is through the food you eat. But… finding the RIGHT vitamins for you and the RIGHT probiotics for you can add a little more oomph to your dietary regimen.

3. Three random woo-woo skin tools I love

Beyond the lotions and potions and little lifestyle tweaks, I have three other semi-woo-woo tools that I adore. And I swear they’ve helped make my skin clearer and healthier over time.

First: the gua sha.

Have y’all tried this?! It’s simply a small stone with special curves and ridges that you use for facial massage. Now, don’t use it ON a breakout. (Trust me… Ow.) But, by using it around any active flare-ups, it drains your lymphatic system which leads to clearer, less puffy skin overall. Not sure how to get started with gua sha? Check out my beginner’s guide to gua sha facial massage that makes it TOTALLY simple!

Next: the jade roller.

I love this thing and use it to gently and quickly roll on my skin to reduce inflammation. It feels so good and is super fast for mornings when I don’t have time for a full gua sha routine. Pro tip: Throw it in the freezer to help with any puffiness or inflammation and for added enjoyment after a nights rest! 

Finally: the PMD.

This tool is the COOLEST. It gently exfoliates and massages the skin to remove impurities and dead skin. I know there are, like, 500 exfoliant brushes out there. And I’ve tried MANY of them. This one is the best, and it doesn’t break the bank, require any crazy maintenance, and it lasts forever.

K y’all, those are my secrets to clearer skin! If you’d have told me when I was 17 that I’d be singing the praises of natural remedies for acne, I would’ve thought you were nutso.

But alas, these are the natural skincare products, tricks, and tools that have actually worked and given me my best skin… ever. And I know the same is possible for you—without wrecking your skin, your wallet, or the environment!

Want to try my fav natural skincare goodies?

Get the best facial oils, serums, and sprays for 10% off with code ‘JK10’!

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