Scarcity, Abundance and the Mindset Work I Avoided

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May 26, 2021


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We’re going to dig deep into the idea of living in a scarcity mindset versus an abundance one, and I’m going to challenge you to listen with an open mind, do a little self-discovery, and then turn this episode off with a more abundant mindset already peeking through.

I promise, this can absolutely impact and change how you think for the better. And if how we think affects everything else, then you know this is gonna be good.

Where to Begin

You ready? Take mental or real pen and paper notes as you think about these guys:

  • Do you ever feel like there’s not enough space for you and your competitors?
  • Do you put tons of pressure on yourself to be the first, or to be the best, or to be the most different?
  • Do you constantly find yourself worrying about money?
  • Do you avoid telling people your secrets to success, in fear that they’ll copy or be better than you?
  • Do you have big dreams, but you’re chasing the tiny successes instead?
  • Do you feel like you’re in constant competition?
  • Do you feel threatened by other people’s success, even though you want to be happy for them?
  • Do you feel like you don’t have the right connections or tricks or help to get where you want to go?
  • Do you feel like everyone else does, and you’re just the unlucky one?

Did you relate to one, or a couple, or even all of those? No shame, I’ve been there, we all have. So, first off, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not a bad person for thinking that way. You’re not a horrible friend. You’re not a mean girl for wishing your friend’s successes could magically be your own. You’re just human. 

The key, though? Finding out why you’re thinking that way, digging down to get to the roots of those thoughts because they are planted in beliefs you hold before you jump into doing the work to pause, redirect and switch to a healthier way to process thoughts and emotions. 

Now the thing about mindset is that you don’t just flip a switch and suddenly arrive, it’s a part of life that you need to continually check in on, something you need to actively work on, and a piece that might trip you up or propel you forward.

If you are rooted in a scarcity mindset, you’ll always believe that you will never have enough or be enough. Enough money. Enough opportunities. Enough love. Enough ambition…

It’s actually so easy to unintentionally slide into the constant mindset that nothing will ever be good enough, and it’s not always super recognizable when it happens, either. It’s not like a neon sign blinking above your head to remind you to check yourself before you wreck yourself, so it’s important we start to pay closer attention to our thought patterns and our beliefs. 

I don’t think that many of us wake up immediately wanting to think in negative, small-playing thoughts all day long. In fact, I think it’s more invasive and not exactly easy to see when it’s happening, because we exist in scarcity more in tiny little moments that over time stitch together… the moments that we barely even notice until one day when we break down or feel like there’s no way to overcome X, Y, and Z problems.

The thing is, thinking like that is isolating. It makes life scary. It makes business hard. It withdraws you from relationships. It’s tough on your heart. At the same time, it’s really easy to get sucked into that mindset. Life tells us constantly that we’re never enough or that we’ll never be the best at things. I mean, heck… one scroll through Instagram or Pinterest or Twitter can tell you that. People make money profiting off of that idea that there’s not enough to go around and that you are the problem with not being enough, that’s how we are sold to.

Reminder Believe in Yourself

A scarcity mindset not only cripples your ability to succeed, it also cripples your ability to put yourself out there, try new things, to be truly happy and believe in yourself, which can impact everything from your business to your self-worth to your relationships.

The thing is, trying to prove yourself to others by any means necessary JUST for the sake of proving yourself to others rarely gets you anywhere… and a scarcity mindset will tell you that it does. What does get you somewhere is believing that you’re enough, trusting that you can and will take the steps you’re supposed to take, and understanding deeply that you’re worthy to go after the things you want. What also gets you places is being confident enough in yourself… abundantly sure of yourself enough… that you’re able to trust that every single person deserves a spot in success, too. That shared success is even better than standing at the top of the mountain alone. 

Truthfully, the very best pieces of life often come from cheering on the people you love! It would be a sad, quiet life if you and all of your friends went about life without wishing for joy and success on behalf of each other… and that’s what a scarcity mindset tricks you into believing and doing.

In my life, a lot of my close friends are my quote “direct competition” in a lot of ways. It’s only because we know there’s enough to go around and that we each have unique abilities that make our friendships so beautiful. Each of us is confident in our abilities to create and produce something that’s different and that will appeal to a different audience, and those relationships simply wouldn’t have room to exist with a scarcity mindset.

Flip the Script

Maybe now you’ve started to acknowledge that your mindset has suffered or it could be a root issue that’s holding you back from boldly pursuing your dreams or having enriched relationships, but now what? When it comes to mindset, I like to lean on some of the meditation tricks I’ve learned in the past as the most sub-par non-expert in meditation.

I remember listening to a guided meditation once and they encouraged me to think of my thoughts like cars driving down the road and my only job was to sit and observe the cars driving by. Not to intersect or stop them, just observe them. This visualization has helped me when it comes to mindset because it gives me permission to simply observe my thoughts or beliefs without judgement.

So now that you have an awareness around what a scarcity mindset might look like for you, I want for you to invite yourself to be a non-judgemental observer of your thoughts. 

Now that you are invited to observe your thoughts, how can you start to course correct? Again, it’s not the initial thought that is innately bad but how can you guide that thought into a more positive, abundance driven notion? Embracing an abundance mindset does not mean you will be free of all scarcity thoughts, but it will allow you to learn how to recognize and understand the foundation of those thoughts, and then redirect when they come. 

What does it look like if we work towards asking ourselves questions that remind us of how abundant of a life we all lead? A lot of times it just looks like a subtle shift, a redirection in where we’re feeling stuck or insecure or not enough. 

  • What if every obstacle is an opportunity?
  • What if intuition or your gut feelings are usually right?
  • What if you do have enough resources for what you need in this moment?
  • What if you don’t need all of the resources, because you have the resourcefulness?
  • What if you’re willing to learn and mess up and be teachable?

Learning to live in a mindset of abundance is truly a process. A long one. So many of us have been carrying the torch of self-limiting beliefs since we were in braces and overalls, and it’s hard to break that chain. So, start paying closer attention to your head and to your heart. When are those scarcity mindset-geared thoughts popping up for you? What situations do you see them in? How can you stop them in their tracks? 

The Big Picture

You are more than enough, and you have the ability and the strength inside you to impact the world and make a difference. At the same time, so does every other person listening to this podcast.

As humans, we’re given this really unique ability to love really deeply, feel really strongly, and make a massive impact. As women and as business owners and as good people, that ability is a responsibility — and I believe that with everything in me.

In the world we live in, it’s incredibly easy to feel like there will never be enough to go around. I know that you’re not into taking the easy way out… we have that in common, don’t we? So why don’t we create huge impact by reminding each other that all of us have gifts that deserve to be seen by the whole world? 

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