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Our Social Media Free Weekend and Why You Should Do It



2015-05-14_00172015-05-14_00142015-05-14_00152015-05-14_0016Us having a weekend off together with zero plans is about as rare as a unicorn. When we realized last minute that our calendars were clear and open for whatever we wanted to fill them with, I hopped onto google and started looking for a mini vacation for us! We both work a lot, not because we necessarily have to, but because we love what we do. I know it’s crazy but I told Drew the other night that I wish there were more weekdays each week so I could have more time to work. I just love what I do so much and if I weren’t married I would probably be a crazy dog lady who worked most minutes in the day. We packed our bags, dropped the pups off at the doggy hotel, and headed to the Wisconsin Dells. When Drew and I first started dating over six years ago, we spent Valentines Day weekend in the Dells (cute, huh?) We haven’t been back together since, so this was going to be a fun little getaway down memory lane. One of the reasons I was so excited (okay, there was more than one reason) was that I wanted us to actually unplug, disconnect. Drew was shocked when I left my computer at home and put my phone in the glovebox on the drive. I was serious this time, my mind was calling for a detox from pretty square photos and long winded blog posts (guilty.)

I don’t even have the right words to describe this past weekend logged entirely off of social media since Friday. Not one notification, no ten minutes wasted staring down, no pings of a new follower (hey!) or disruption of the noise that is social media. You want to know what’s crazy? People used to post about social media free weekends and I thought that I could never do it, I doubted that I could spend an entire weekend off (pathetic, but honest!) I can tell you that I struggle immensely with disconnecting, but I realized how much more we can experience, that presence is a gift, how much more we can see when we aren’t staring at our phone and all the distractions that are yelling to get our attention! We had so much more time to talk, to hold hands, to make out… you know, the stuff you don’t do when you’re too busy staring at the screen permanently attached to your phone. We went out for dinners, for date nights without our phones, it was freeing.  This past weekend was truly one of the best of my life spent with my hunky husband and while our phones lived in a drawer, turned off, I can’t say I missed them! I feel so relaxed, so rested, so excited for a new week. If you struggle with disconnecting, if you need a little break from the screaming match that is social media, I challenge you to log off, to shut the computer, to shut off all notifications, to delete the apps, whatever you need to do to rest that pretty mind of your. You’ll be surprised at how much more life you live when you set the phone down and bring your eyes up.

by Jenna Kutcher 

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  1. beth says:

    love this! can you tell me where you stayed in the dells? it looks wonderful!!!


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