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The Best Way to Market Yourself


2015-05-05_0015 The Best Way to Market Yourself Before I started my own business, I worked in a windowless office as an HR Executive. Lordy, I wish I could tell you all of the crazy things I encountered as I completed job interview after job interview. I’d love to tell you the crazy stories I heard, the wild sentiments people openly shared while sitting across from me being asked about themselves, but that would take all day. I used to want to write a book about the do’s and don’ts of interviewing but obviously I got a little busy doing other things I love! Regardless of if you own a business, work a 9-5, or are getting ready to interview for your dream job, chances are, you might need to know how to market yourself.

Over the last few years, I have realized that in order to grow your business or career, you have to be your own number one fan (even when you are your worst critic.) I have helped other business owners fill gaps in their business, have helped brand establish their presence, and have launched multiple endeavors under one brand. The biggest problem I keep seeing is that people forget how to market themselves, market who they are and what makes them different. In an age where there are a million articles on what to say in an interview or how to pitch your work for a dream job, we often lose who we are and instead focus on the job at hand. The truth is? I know you can offer a service, heck, you have a website devoted to your service. Chances are a million other people can do the same things you can do, but you have something unique to offer that only you can offer, so why are we always hiding that?

Awhile ago I had a major heart-check and I really took a step back. Instead of constantly marketing my photography, I wanted to share a bit of who I am. I wanted potential clients to see my heart, to see what makes my heart beat, to share a piece of my life, inviting them to let me into theirs. The funny thing? I started to attract authentically excited people, at the same time I also started to repel the people who weren’t the right fit for me.  I grew comfortable with the notion that I didn’t need to be the right fit for every couple, in fact, I only needed to be the right fit for 20 couples. The moment I stopped marketing to every engaged couple in the world and started focusing on those couples who were just like me, who appreciated who I was beyond holding a camera, who wanted to be invited into my life, and wanted me to be a part of theirs, that was when I actually made it.

I want you to be you, I want you to share what makes you different, remember the things that make you stand out, celebrate the unique traits you’ve been given. Don’t focus on the job/service/promotion, focus on being the best asset you can be. When we celebrate our differences, we become the best version of ourselves. We glorify the human beings we are and we lose the generic things we’ve been told we had to be. Look at what others are doing and run the opposite way. We weren’t all born to be the same, we don’t need to run the same path, we shouldn’t all produce the same material. When I think back to the million interviews I sat in on, I remember very few of them. The ones I remember were the people who stood out to me, the true, authentic answers, the ones who celebrated what they could bring to the table. I want you to think about the things you can offer, the person you are, the strengths you have, and the asset you can be for others. Focus on being the best you, not a second rate version of anyone else and don’t ever dull your shine! The best way to market yourself is to be yourself. I believe in you!

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by Jenna Kutcher 

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