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The Shelerud Girls Take Europe


11221649_10153312673278923_7293731339505775390_n The Shelerud Girls Take Europe

A few short months ago, my sister and I were on the phone. We try to talk every week, but some weeks are better than others. I called her on the way home from the gym and after a bit of chatter she asked if I wanted to go on a trip with her. (Um yes, always yes.) A few years back when she graduated high school, I told her I would take her anywhere in the USA and we went on a week long rendezvous in Colorado! This time, we wanted to go a bit bigger. We threw around New Zealand, Thailand, and Europe. I was just up for an adventure anywhere, so I didn’t really care but as the weeks went by, we added another wonderful passenger by the name of Mom and chose Europe! The thing I’ve learned about travel is that there are always a million reason why you can say no but it only takes one deep breath to say “yes” and then figure it out. The latter seems to be working out just fine for me!

These past two months have been busy. I feel like I’ve gotten excited but beyond the excitement, I’ve been hustling hard so that I can peel myself out of the country for ten days without too many people noticing! What a blessing this job is that I can do things like this. As we’ve planned with the help of our amazing travel agent Mary (if you need a travel agent, Mary is the best!) we’ve booked wonderful Airbnb stays, finalized itineraries, planned our travels by train, and have ten days of European adventures awaiting us! It will, most certainly, be the trip of a lifetime! For me, the workaholic, this is an awesome, awesome thing. At the beginning of this year I set some personal, professional, and lofty goals. One of the greatest personal goals I made to myself was setting aside more time for family, was saying “yes” to adventures and “no” to work more and this trip is telling  me that I’m doing pretty good on that goal of mine!

Don’t worry! Things won’t get quiet on here. Posts will be scheduled as normal and I’ll be updating my Instagram (@jennakutcher) with travel photos as we journey through the cities! Here is our itinerary, if you have any fun ideas, suggestions, or must see places to visit while we are adventuring, comment below!


May 20 – 23: Rome, Italy

May 23 – 25: Cinque Terre, Italy

May 25 – 27: Nice, France

May 27 – 31: Paris, France

I am also hoping to do a post or two about how and what I packed into my carry on to get my notoriously terrible packing skills down to one small bag for ten days (the struggle was real, friends!) and I am hoping to let y’all know that best parts of each city and any travel tips/hacks we pick up along the way. Now, I’m left wishing I would have spent a little time remembering all of the French I learned in high school, regardless, on Wednesday I will be flying to Europe and embarking on the best adventure with my mom and sister! Pray for safe travels and get ready for some really, really, pretty pictures! Side note: Thank you to my darling husband for holding down the fort, loving on our dog babies, and being the most supportive human being when I decide I want to travel across the world for ten days before my wedding season, you da best babe!

Check out the Airbnb’s we will be staying at // Follow Our Journey on Instagram 

Photo Courtesy of: Alice Lorenzini





by Jenna Kutcher 

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  1. Katie

    May 18th, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    I cannot wait to see all your photos! Have the best time ever 🙂

  2. Jami

    June 5th, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    Hi, so I have recently started following you on IG and absolutely adore your style. beyond your amazing photos, your captions, thought process, sense of humor .. I feel like we’re old time bosom buds. with all that being said, my husband and I are wanting to go to Italy. I want to go the airbnb route all the way and was interested to see which ones you chose and what made you choose them. the link above is no longer found :-/


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