MEET: Courtney a JK Associate Photographer - Jenna Kutcher

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MEET: Courtney a JK Associate Photographer

Jenna Kutcher 

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What is an Associate Photographer, you ask?

I’ve thought about having an associate every single year of business – I just never felt like I hadn’t stumbled upon the puzzle piece I was missing. It’s hard to think about finding someone I can trust to care for my clients in the way that I do: until I met Courtney. Courtney recently moved to Wisconsin from Pennsylvania where she was an associate photographer for years. She commented in a thread about her recent move and how she was looking for Wisconsin wedding work. On a whim, I told her I had a wedding she could assist me with (which is highly out of character for me) and suddenly we were going to work together.

I wish I could explain in words how amazing Court is. This girl just glows, she’s professional but fun, laid back but high end. She produces INCREDIBLE work and as I clicked through her images from the wedding we shot together, I knew I couldn’t let that be the end of us working as a team. So what the heck is an associate photographer? Let me explain.

The hard part about running a brand based around you is that you are only one human and you can only be in one place at a time. When you have an associate they shoot for your business, your brand. I was so sad that I was turning around countless inquiries daily because I was already booked or the request was for outside of my shooting season, I was also sad that I didn’t have a “Jenna Kutcher” option for couples who had a tighter budget. I truly believe every bride deserves an incredible experience and the only way I could manage to do just that was to hire an associate.

Courtney will be the photographer, she will work with the client from initial consult to delivery! I will help oversee everything from the booking to the scheduling to the final album! Courtney’s JK couples will be featured on the blog, on social media, and get the full JK experience (just at a more affordable rate!) There is no one else in the world I would trust with my beloved clients and I am so excited to share Courtney with the world and to fill her calendar with incredible, beautiful JK weddings!

To inquire about Courtney’s rates and availability, email:! 

Get to know Courtney:

Name: Courtney Elizabeth Dueppengiesser (Let’s just say, I did not marry my husband for his last name!)

Where did you grow up? Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
What brought you to Wisconsin? My husband and his love for dairy brought me to the Midwest. We were just recently married (June 5th, 2016) and he moved here from New York in January for his job and I followed him out here after our wedding. We have been friends since we were two years old, dated and did long distance for 4 years and now we finally get to be married and spend every day together!
What’s your favorite part of Wisconsin? The lakes! I love a good sunrise and sunset and nothing beats watching it over the lake.
How long have you been shooting? I have been shooting weddings ever since I graduated high school in 2011. I was offered an amazing internship right out of high school for a local photographer. The internship was an essential part of my start as a photographer and it has provided me with tremendous opportunities ever since.

What is your favorite part of a wedding day? That’s a tough question. I absolutely LOVE spending time with brides on the morning of their wedding, capturing their details and the moments that lead up to the bride seeing her groom. I equally love my one on one time capturing the bride and groom portraits and first look’s are ALWAYS a favorite.

Why are you excited to serve JK Brides and Grooms? I am so excited to serve JK bride’s and groom’s because I know that each couple who contacts Jenna is looking for much more than beautiful photos, but they are also looking for a wonderful wedding day experience. And that is exactly what I hope to give each and every one of my JK couples.
Tell us what you think about Jenna: I have always admired Jenna’s outgoing spirit, her passion for people and for her business and her desire to capture life in the photos that she takes.
If you could eat only one food forever, what would it be? Pizza. And green olives. Better yet, green olives on my pizza.
What are three words your friends would use to describe you? Adventurous, spirited, and focused.
Your go to outfit? Leggings, a cute shirt and my Nike shoes!
What are you most passionate about? Besides photography, I have a huge passion for traveling, staying healthy and fit, and fulfilling God’s calling for my life.
Your photography style is: My photography style is very similar to Jenna’s, clean, airy, authentic and timeless.

 To inquire about Courtney’s services, email:! 

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  1. Lindsay Anne says:

    Congrats to both of you! That is such exciting news!


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