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Which One Describes Your Photography Business?

Jenna Kutcher 

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If I were to ask you today, which response sounds most like your answer if you and I were sitting face to face, sipping coconut lattes (soy, please) and I asked you “How are you feeling about your photography business right now?” Because chances are, you’re falling into one of these four categories (and I hate to see you down, boo!)

(a)  You finally get that booking inquiry from a dreamboat client, swindle the most perfect response, attach your well-thought-out pricing guide, and … poof. Crickets. No response.

PLUS, as if pricing couldn’t be confusing enough, 2016 went and added crazy things like online marketing to our photography biz to-do list, putting the pressure on us to put a TON of thought into posting — and sometimes seeing nada come of it.

(b)  Some days, getting your game face on for another day of photo editing would be a breeze … if you just freaking had a better game plan, right!? Let’s talk systems.

You finally get that inquiry from a dreamboat client … and then the reality that you should enact some sort of workflow sets in: tracking, contracts, invoicing, time management, and hiring/training a second shooter … and then, there’s blogging, posting on social media, galleries, albums and scary words like SEO. Oh my goodness, I totally get it. And NOTHING burns me out more than feeling like my wheels are spinning (yet I am not even moving an inch.)

(c) Let’s talk about feeling like you’re not making any money, and you just have an “expensive hobby.” Isn’t that the worst?

You finally start chasing your dreams and you’re even beginning to scribble “photographer” in the vocation field when a form lands in front of you … until you realize you’re constantly scrambling to run the books and bring in the money as a professional.

You have no idea what to charge. Because everything always feels too expensive(Even though you actually feel undervalued.) You attach your prices, hit “send,” hold your breath, and say a prayer hoping you won’t get back the dreaded, “I decided to go with someone cheaper” email.

(d) Ever feeling like your photography biz to-do list is a million miles long? I like that feeling as much as I like wearing a skirt and heels instead of my beloved yoga-pants-sports-bra combo. When it comes to taking the leap and knowing WHERE to begin as a photographer, prioritizing the umpteen options you need to do “first” is so hard: updating your website, figuring out a client experience, designing a marketing plan that leads to booking, nailing down your own style …

It’s exhausting. I need a glass of wine just thinking about it.

And figuring out where to begin? That was one of the toughest codes to crack

So where do you fall with your photography business? These are the four biggest issues that I hear photographers use when describing why they aren’t running the business of their dreams. I’m sure you dreamed of beautiful shoots, destination weddings in the tropics, and beautiful yummy light to shoot into every night – but suddenly you found yourself behind a computer screen for ten hours a day. You’re drowning in emails, a push for Instagram followers, and you feel like you’re constantly working (yet your bank account doesn’t reflect that in the least…)

You’re exactly who I was thinking about when I created The Photo Lab.

Because I sincerely believe you can build habits to sky-rocket your business: all it takes is a little time up front putting the right systems in place. Less work, more life? That’s the name of MY game – a game you want to be playing. And since I’m of the mindset that sharing is caring, and community trumps competition, I want to tell you ALL about how to avoid that feeling of “I’m just spinning my wheels, I’m not booking my dream jobs, and I only hear crickets when I send out my prices” inside of The Photo Lab.

Inside the The Photo Lab, you’ll learn:

  • My tested marketing tips, so you can learn step-by-step systems to marketing, blogging, and increasing your search engine optimization.
  • I’ll walk you through the principles of pricing for profits, I’ll give you TWO professionally designed pricing guides that you can drag and drop your images into so you can “WOW” your clients the minute you hit send.
  • You’ll see my exact workflow from inquiry to delivery and create your own client workflow so you can prolong your photography work into more than just “wedding season” or the holidays.
  • I’ll give you calendars, templates, and all of the emails I send out to my clients (along with when I send them) so you can schedule them, set it, and forget it!
  • The exact system I’ve grown and created over the last five years … which helped me build a 6-figure photography business with an ad budget of zero dollars.

All of that and more — SO much more — right inside the course.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make your response be (e.) none of the above! 

Join me in The Photo Lab and we will banish the blues, I believe in you boo. 

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