My Honest Review of Flodesk (The Pros & Cons)

May 4, 2023


I’ll be honest, when I heard a “design-first” email platform was coming to the market, I was a touch skeptical. Most email marketing platforms until then were clunky and hard to navigate, or totally ugly (or both). So when I heard about Flodesk and the way its founders prioritized design, I was excited and I had to see it to believe it.

And whew, when I did, I was BLOWN away—no joke. Flodesk is truly the only email platform I’ve seen with beautiful, easy-to-use (and customize) templates that makes starting and growing your email list beyond easy. Here are my personal thoughts & honest review of Flodesk, including all the juicy pros and cons you may want to know!

Flodesk pros:

They have stunning email templates:

The main draw to Flodesk is that they make it easy to send beautiful emails, unlike so many other email providers that charge for the “nice” templates (or that require a designer to beautify & customize your emails). With dozens of templates to choose from that, you can easily update & customize to your own branding, you’ll be able to prep an email that LOOKS as good as it reads in no time.

Their intuitive email builder allows you to quickly customize and make the templates your own. The drag-and-drop editing feature allows you to pull in additional media (graphics, images, GIFs, more text, etc.) without needing to know one thing about design or coding. You can also use their blank-slate editor to build your own template from scratch if you prefer.

You can quickly set up automatic workflows or email sequences:

Setting up email sequences has never been easier. You can design “workflows” to trigger specific emails to send to your audience at specific times. For example, when someone joins your email list, you can have a trigger in place to deliver a welcome email, with another trigger sending a secondary welcome email with more details a few days later, and so on and so forth. The process is just as simple as designing Flodesk emails—you just drag and drop your email workflow into the order and timeline you want! Communicating with your audience (without lifting a finger) has honestly never been easier.

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You don’t need a website to grow your email list:

This might be one of the coolest features of Flodesk—if you’re a newer business and don’t have a website set up yet, you can still grow your audience and build an email list when you create a Flodesk form (aka a landing page hosted by Flodesk to collect email addresses). So many people wait until they have a website to grow their list but with this feature, you can have a beautiful stand-alone landing page that allows you to grow your list before you even launch! You can share your form anywhere, from social media to emails to your community and beyond to start growing your list… and your reach.

Access to all the analytics you need:

One of the key benefits of email marketing is the wealth of data and analytics that it provides, which can help entrepreneurs understand the effectiveness of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions about their marketing strategy. Email marketing allows you to see what your audience responds to — and the best way to do that is keeping a tab on your analytics. Flodesk provides robust (yet easy to understand) analytics that allows you to see opens, clicks, bounce rate, and more. It allows you to quickly check in on what your audience likes/dislikes in your email content, so you can create more emails that resonate!

You can now sell your stuff with Flodesk Checkout:

Not only are they an incredible email marketing platform, but they’ve also extended their offer to allow you to directly sell your products easier! Flodesk’s newest feature, Checkout, allows you to monetize your content and accept payments with fully customizable templates to go along with your branding. Whether it’s a physical product, digital product, or service, you can create gorgeous sales pages, integrate a checkout form for payments, and set up immediate delivery for a seamless sales process for your clients!

Flodesk has the most helpful & responsive support team:

We all need support sometimes, right? Well, the Flodesk Help Center is like that teacher you could always go to any time of day to ask a question that you’d be embarrassed to ask anyone else. They’re incredibly responsive, have TONS of tutorials and educational content already available, and are there to help with whatever you need, from getting started to figuring out your own style and approach to email marketing. You’ll never feel lost with their support. 

It’s founded by two women, Martha Bitar and Rebecca Shostak:

Two women I know and love! It’s been incredible watching them navigate this world in a way that puts their values and priorities first. I have absolutely loved partnering with them on this journey and cheering them on evert step of the way! What they’ve been able to achieve is absolutely incredible. And you know I will FOREVER be in support of women-led businesses. Who run the world?

Flodesk cons:

Some may consider the investment steep:

Regardless of what platform you invest in, you’ll likely have to pay to grow and serve an email list. Flodesk is a flat rate of $59 per month, but that cost doesn’t change no matter how much your list or business grows. You get unlimited subscribers, sales pages, workflows, and more—plus you can head HERE for your first 30 days free, and then half off for your entire first year

Fewer advanced features:

While Flodesk covers all the basics you’ll truly need, some people with more advanced businesses may prefer more complex workflows, greater list segmentation capability, or more in-depth analytics. If you want to build out super complex funnels, use a ton of unique logic in your campaigns or need high capabilities to achieve the goal of your email marketing efforts, this might not be the best platform for you. 

Is Flodesk worth it?

I absolutely say YES! It’s my #1 recommendation for anyone who is starting and growing an email list! It’s a platform that I support and stand behind and one that has gotten thousands of my student’s massive results. All in all, the pros of Flodesk GREATLY outweigh the cons in my opinion. You’ll be able to communicate regularly and professionally with your audience easily from day one, grow without constraints, and manage your email marketing efforts with more ease and less confusion than any other platform I’ve seen or used. (… And I’ve seen/used a LOT of platforms.)

At the end of the day, you can try it totally free for 30 days, so what do you have to lose?


Grow your business alongside your email list.

Try Flodesk now for 30 days FREE—and half off for your entire first year!

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  1. Laura Crosby says:

    This is a question, not a comment. Is there a way to create digital resources on Flodesk too – not create on Canva and distribute through Flodesk?



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