How To Take Back Your Time and Get Back Your Life

January 8, 2024


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Have you ever wondered if it was actually possible for YOU to spend less time stressed out and overworked — while still being productive AND successful?? This is the year you finally master time and how you spend it. And you’re about to learn it from the productivity pro herself, Marie Forleo. 

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Once upon a time, Marie and I both were stuck in that place of feeling overworked, trading our TIME for money, and just hoping and crossing our fingers that someday, it would pay off.

Turns out, we needed a new TIME mindset, a new operating system as Marie shares, and an easy, flexible, adjustable, actionable practice to suit. And now it’s your turn! 

Today, Marie is going to teach you her life-changing mindset to how she grows her business (and herself!) while having time to actually LIVE.

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Reaching A Breaking Point

Marie and I both share a deep appreciation for efficiency and making the most of our time. We’ve always been driven and ambitious individuals, constantly seeking ways to optimize our productivity and achieve our goals.

But we also know the dangers of pushing ourselves too hard and neglecting our well-being.

In our conversation, Marie shared her personal journey with time management and how she reached a breaking point a few years ago. She realized that her relentless pursuit of success was taking a toll on her mental and physical health.

It was then that she decided to shift her relationship with time and prioritize her own well-being and freedom.

There IS A Better Way

Marie introduced the concept of two worlds: the world of time stress and the world of being a time genius. The world of time stress is where most people exist, constantly feeling overwhelmed, behind, and never having enough time.

On the other hand, the world of being a time genius is a place of focus, clarity, and efficiency. It’s a world where you know what’s most important to you and can prioritize your time accordingly.

Marie’s #1 Time Management Tip: Mise En Place

To become a time genius, Marie shared several strategies and habits that can transform our relationship with time. One of these strategies is mise en place, a concept borrowed from the service industry.

It involves setting up your environment and tasks in advance, so that when you start your day, everything is ready for you to dive in and be productive.

I can personally attest that this simple habit can reduce stress and help you stay focused on your most important tasks!

The Power of Prioritization

Another key aspect of becoming a time genius is knowing what’s important and learning to ignore what’s not. Marie emphasized the importance of having a clear vision and identifying your primary project or goal.

By focusing on what truly matters to you, you can avoid getting distracted by shiny objects and stay on track to achieve meaningful progress!

Throughout our conversation, Marie highlighted the transformative power of time management. By mastering our relationship with time, we can create more freedom, joy, and fulfillment in our lives. We can achieve our goals without sacrificing our well-being or neglecting our relationships.

Become A Time Genius

Marie’s teachings have had a HUGE impact on my time management skills. Since implementing her strategies, I’ve experienced a newfound sense of control and balance in my life.

Since becoming a Time Genius, I’ve been able to prioritize my time, focus on what matters most, and create space for rest and play. And the best part is, I’ve seen incredible growth in my business without sacrificing my personal life!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, behind, or stuck in a cycle of time stress, I highly recommend checking out Marie’s free training on time management. In this training, she shares three common mistakes people make with their time and how to turn them around.

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Remember, time is our most valuable resource. By investing in our relationship with time and learning to manage it effectively, we can unlock our full potential and create a life of freedom and fulfillment.

So let’s embrace the power of time and make the most of every precious moment, both in our business AND at home!

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