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January 4, 2024



I fully admit that I used to be that person who washed her face when the shampoo ran down it in the shower. Ah, a cucumber melon-scented face. Then, I morphed into a person who pried open her overfilled beauty and skincare drawer to see a pile of products that were 90% unused, outdated, or ineffective.

When my skin dramatically changed during my fertility journey dealing with pregnancy and loss and all the hormonal shifts that accompanied it, I knew I had to make some big, real changes for my health. I had to tackle that skincare and makeup drawer. I desperately wanted to heal my melasma and hormonal acne flare ups so I could truly feel confident again, but I wanted to do it with clean, safe, natural products with ingredients I could pronounce. 

Over the last 6 years, I’ve explored the all-natural skincare world and found products that delivered skin health I didn’t even know was possible. I have a streamlined, non-toxic beauty and skincare routine that doesn’t take me more than 10 minutes total (5 for skincare, 5 for makeup!) Turns out, clean ingredients really do work and they feel good.

So, it’s time to wipe the nervous sweat from your brow, because I’ve got a roster of clean, effective, holistic skincare and beauty brands that make my favorite products I love and use everyday. I swear by these brands, because they actually work (and honestly, they exceeded my expectations) which can help make your switch a whole lot easier.

I’ve whipped up a must-try list of the best of the best all-natural skincare and beauty products I use and love so you can kick those toxic, ineffective ingredients to the curb this year! Because you deserve to love and rely on effective, trustworthy products that support a vibrant, healthy, and glowing life. Let’s clean up that routine!

01) Primally Pure’s Clean Skincare

Open my skincare cabinet and one thing will be abundantly clear: I’m a huge fan of the woman-owned, clean skincare company, Primally Pure. They’re my daily go-to routine that transforms and cares for my skin in just about 5 minutes (often less) from start to finish! Their ingredients are clean and simple and every product smells divine.

I get asked often about what my starter set with Primally Pure would be, and if you’re switching over and want a full, easy, non-toxic routine for yourself, I’ve got the perfect line-up for you. Starting with a cleanser, I’d get the oil cleanser (and if you’re new to cleansing with oil, trust the process, it’s incredibly effective.) Step two would be the everything spray which helps tone your skin and clear up break outs. Then I’d grab a serum, and the one I use is their the clarifying serum. The way this serum has helped heal my skin after years of hormonal acne scarring is unreal.

Even after years of using this line-up from Primally Pure, I still feel like my quick skincare routine is as nourishing, refreshing, and powerful as a spa treatment.

Clean up your routine with Primally Pure and save 10% on your order with code JK10 at checkout!

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02) Crunchi’s All Natural Makeup Products

Trying out all-natural makeup brands really required a lot of endurance for me. I tested a ton of different products that I wanted to love, but from the way they looked or felt on my skin to their often exorbitant cost, I couldn’t make myself use them if I tried. I found myself wanting my old toxic stuff back in my life, but I kept hunting because I knew I’d eventually strike gold.

So you’ll understand why it felt like the heavens opened up when I discovered Crunchi. From the first day of smoothing their foundation over my skin, I knew I’d found what I was looking for. Everything I’ve tried in their lineup is light, each product lasts for months, and it’s buildable if you need it to be. Who knew clean, nontoxic makeup could actually be this good?

I highly recommend getting the primer + foundation duo, since in my experience, these are unrivaled (even in the toxic beauty world)! Then to build out your makeup bag, I’d grab the liquid blush, the brow pencil, and lip crayon!

03) Dime Beauty’s Non-Toxic Products

While I love Crunchi, there are also are a few powerhouse nontoxic beauty products that I genuinely get so excited to use every day from Dime Beauty. Sometimes it’s the little things that just add that extra feeling of confidence, shine, and doing something so good for yourself, and Dime’s products do exactly that for me.

I love utilizing their eyebrow enhancing gel, because not only can I give my brows a fuller look, but the amino acids, peptides, and heap of clean ingredients mean it’s like a full, clean haircare step for my eyebrows– and the skin under them!

And from there, the final step in my getting ready process every day is a spritz of perfume. From the moment I realized what’s actually in all the body sprays I had been coating myself in since I was a pre-teen, I was worried I’d either have to keep dousing myself in toxic chemicals or just resign to never getting to use perfume again. But with Dime’s incredibly beautiful, nontoxic perfumes, I get to enjoy scents I adore (and always get complimented on!) I feel good and smell good without sacrificing a single bit of health.

Save on Dime products by using code JENNAKUTCHER at checkout!

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