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March 6, 2024


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My team and I are currently in the midst of my biggest launch of the entire year and I’m happy to report that I’m still sane and not all that stressed…. Which, if you’ve ever launched anything, you’ll know is a feat. 

As we speak, we’re launching my signature program, The Pinterest Lab, which is my 4-step fluff free process that takes under an hour a week and helps you 20x your traffic. Head to http://teachmepinterest.com to learn more!

This launch week feels like Christmas in so many ways but launching didn’t always feel like this. 

In this episode, I’ll share how we prepared for this launch and some tips so that whatever you launch next–whether it’s a new website, your podcast, an online course, or a brand new offer–you know what to do in advance so it doesn’t suck and you actually enjoy the process!

1. Start Early

We emphasized the importance of starting preparations for a launch way earlier than expected. By planning six months in advance, we were able to approach the launch with peace and ease, rather than urgency and stress.

2. Conscious Energy

Being conscious about the energy we bring to every part of the launch was crucial. Connecting to a deep “why” and focusing on serving rather than selling shifted the energy from scarcity to peace and ease.

3. Project Management

Utilizing project management software like monday.com helped us stay organized and track progress effectively. Having a clear system in place reduced stress and ensured all tasks were completed on time.

4. Anticipate Needs

Anticipating every possible need before the launch was key to our success. By preparing landing pages, emails, graphics, and social media plans in advance, we were able to focus on serving during the launch week.

When anticipating needs, think through things like: 

  • What webpages or lead pages do I need? 
  • What emails will I need copy for? 
  • What graphics will I need to create? 
  • What is my social media plan? 
  • Where will I be sharing the launch? 
  • What needs to be updated before we go live? 

5. Ask for Help

Asking for help and delegating tasks where needed allowed us to focus on the most important aspects of the launch. Investing in contractors or team members for support can streamline the process and lead to better results.

6. Learn from Past Launches

Reflecting on past launches and taking notes on what worked and what didn’t provided valuable insights for future launches. By learning from our experiences, we were able to improve our strategies and avoid repeating mistakes.

7. Trust Your Plans

Trusting the plans and processes built outside of launch mode helped us stay grounded and focused during the launch. Avoiding the urge to make last-minute changes or add complexity allowed us to stay on course.

8. Avoid the “Perfect” Trap

Understanding that perfection is unattainable during a launch was crucial. Embracing imperfections and being adaptable when things went wrong allowed us to maintain authenticity and connect with our audience.

9. Track Results

Tracking metrics and progress throughout the launch provided valuable data for future analysis and optimization. By monitoring numbers and performance, we could make informed decisions and adjust strategies as needed.

10. Celebrate Wins

Finally, celebrating the wins and achievements of the launch was essential. Taking time to acknowledge the hard work, success, and impact of the launch allowed us to appreciate the journey and the people involved.

As we come to the end of this episode, I want to remind you that launching doesn’t have to be stressful or daunting.

By implementing these strategies and approaching the process with intention, joy, and celebration, we can create successful and fulfilling launches that align with our goals and values!

And if you’re interested in joining The Pinterest Lab, head to http://teachmepinterest.com to learn more!

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