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Issac + Mollie – Wisconsin Maternity Session

Jenna Kutcher 

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I now laugh because in February when we were all in Hawaii, we thought Mollie looked pregnant, but looking back, it looked like she ate a burrito for lunch. Thankfully, her sweet baby is growing steadily and to be able to snuggle her belly (something only best friends can do) was the best thing ever. I’m not going to lie, it feels weird that she’s having a baby… mostly because I feel like we are still babies ourselves. Mollie and I have been friends since second grade. I would pick her up from her classroom and we would ride bus #2 home before changing into our leotards, eating mac and cheese (my love started years ago) and heading to the gym. I used to quiz her on her spelling words, I did her hair for prom every year, and we spent nights at each others houses more than we stayed at our own. Needless to say, the fact that we are now old enough (and responsible enough) to bring a life into this world is startling but so incredibly exciting.

I had posted a random plea for a make up artist (kicking myself that I didn’t set this up far in advance) when Mollie called me and said, “Isaac and I will drive and see you!” That’s right, they drove over four hours so Mollie could do my hair and make up for my video shoot and in turn we got to hang out with them for two days which pretty much meant mid-week heaven and ice cream treats at night. I can’t even begin to talk about how talented Mollie is when it comes to hair and make up. She is the absolute wizard of it and for someone like me who barely wears moisturizer on a daily basis, I always know I am safe when I am in her hands. I was so thankful that she made me feel beautiful for my shoot and in turn I got to turn the camera on them and photograph this last stage of pregnancy before their sweet baby enters the world in July (fingers are crossed I get to be there for the birth!) These two are incredible together, they are going to make wicked awesome parents, and we are just so grateful to call them best friends.  Now we’re just trying to convince them to move here so we can have babies together, do life together, and so I have the best hair stylist and make up artist one call away (lord knows I need her!)


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