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5 Ways to Market Yourself for FREE


3 5 Ways to Market Yourself for FREE


Marketing is something we know we need to do but we often wonder if we’re doing it well. We spend so much of our days creating content but how much time are we devoting to marketing it? Studies show that we spend 4x as much time creating than we do in promoting and I’m here to tell ya that if we can reverse that, our results will be INSANE! What are my 5 favorite ways to market for free? I’m glad you asked. Let’s dive on in because we all love FREE but we’ve got to value the power of it and use it in the right way to see the impact.

1. Social Media:

Duh, it’s free but are you using it in a way that actually makes an impact? Engage the jab, jab, jab right hook ala Gary V so that you are showing up, creating a connection, and showing more than just what you’re selling BUT make sure that you’re putting your work out there, talking about your big God dreams, and fostering relationships online. (And don’t assume every single follower is seeing every single post, they aren’t, so being redundant should be the least of your worries!)

2. Create Resources:

Create things that people need and share! One of the BEST ways to market yourself isn’t in selling: it’s in serving. So when you can create resources that can make people’s lives easier, simpler, or more enjoyable, then you will be seen as an expert and heck, talk about brownie points for putting out solid content. Ask yourself what you get asked most often, what most of your clients struggle with, or education you can share that will help people on their journey to purchasing!

3. Foster Community:

You know all that time you spend mindlessly scrolling (like when double tapping takes too much effort…) what would it look like if you spent an intentional 20 minutes encouraging, commenting, and engaging with others? The truth is: we’re all complaining about a lack of engagement but ARE WE ENGAGING? Not only will you start to build relationships that you can take offline, you’ll also be more likely to be found online when people click through to your account after seeing your comments! Hello, win, win. Spend a little time engaging and it can go a LONG way in your efforts to be seen and heard.

4. Rock Pinterest:

Notice that I didn’t lump Pinterest in with social media, Pinterest is it’s own opportunity and it’s most definitely NOT social media, it’s a search engine and until you treat it like one, you’re missing out. We drive thousands of visitors to my site using free strategies on Pinterest and the best part? You can spend 20 minutes a week setting up your pins and then letting automation do the rest of the work. Yup, 20 minutes a week and thousands of visitors? I’m in…  

5. Get people talking:

One of the most underutilized ways to market yourself is to get people talking about ya! I LOVE asking my clients for testimonials so that I can share them, they can share them, and we make sure they show up everywhere – not just on that one buried page on your website! Don’t be afraid to ask people to talk about your business and let them know where their testimonials can make the biggest impact (oh, and this goes without saying, but make them say the BEST things about you because of the experience you’re offering them!)

There you have it, my 5 favorite ways to leverage free marketing that can impact the bottom line of our businesses. Chances are you’re using these tools, but are you using them to their full potential, in a way that makes the biggest impact on your business? With so many tools at your fingertips (and free ones at that) it’s time to ensure that you’re rocking these strategies to promote your best work!

If you need extra help with Pinterest, click here. 

by Jenna Kutcher 

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  1. Arun

    December 28th, 2017 at 3:08 pm

    Amazing strategies… this ones i have never ever taught to me… because of lewis homes i hot to know… i am really grateful for this opportunity


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