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August 9, 2023


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Can you believe it? We just hit 100 MILLION downloads of the Goal Digger Podcast!!

Over the years, you’ve learned my BEST business and marketing tips.. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some of the smartest, inspiring, and insightful people I’ve ever met.. You’ve heard the evolution of my business, you’ve been with me while I’ve navigated personal wins and losses, and you’ve gotten to witness the growth of my family.

This show would simply not be where it is today without you. From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU.

Because I know I have a tendency to look back and think of what I’d do differently if I were to start it all again, I want to focus on something else in today’s episode: What got us to this point today, the things worth celebrating, the skills I’ve honed, and what I truly think helped us reach this point. 

Whether you have a podcast yourself or you are a creator in other ways, I know this episode will help you start, grow, and sustain your success in whatever you do.

If you want more people to enjoy the work you’re doing, here are the 10 ways I hit 100,000,000 downloads on the Goal Digger Podcast!

1. We started imperfectly.

Spoiler alert: you’ll NEVER feel ready! In the podcasting world, starting imperfectly means putting your podcast out there before feeling fully prepared. It means making quick decisions, trusting your instincts, and not getting caught up in minute details. I started my show without overanalyzing microphones or recording software, I just picked something and started, knowing I could make adjustments along the way! If I had waited for perfection, I may never have started in the first place.

2. I experiment and am open to change.

I literally treat EVERYTHING in my business as an experiment – it gives me the fluidity I crave as a creator. From my intro to the cover photo to the publishing schedule, I have always had a “let’s try and see” type attitude. This mindset of experimentation allows for learning, adaptation, and improvement. It’s okay to change your mind, adjust your methods, and refine your approach based on the results of your experiments!

3. We’re consistent.

I’ve never missed publishing! This is SO important because my listeners can rely on me showing up every single week. According to Improve Podcast, publishing one episode per week is a sweet spot formula for the vast majority of podcasters, and 63% of successful podcasters choose this consistent publishing schedule. Creators who publish more than 2 episodes per week tend to be 3.2 more likely to be successful! The moral of the story is that the more you show up, the more successful you’ll be… especially if showing up on a consistent basis is predictable for your listeners.

4. I focus on community.

I truly believe I’ve built a space where people can come together and learn from each other. I started this show because I wanted more community in my life and I wanted to create a way for other listeners to connect. With 62,000 members in our Facebook community,  there are so many stories of friendships started, work relationships formed, lessons learned among our listeners!

5. We collaborate with and learn from other podcasters.

It’s such a blessing to talk to people who GET it and talk about their process, how they approach their show, what’s working, and what’s not. By collaborating with other podcasters and building a community, I truly believe podcasters can create a movement rather than just an offer. We can bring together individuals who share a common interest or goal and create a supportive and empowering environment of listeners who can grow and learn together.

6. I share my life beyond just my business.

Is Goal Digger a marketing podcast? Yes! But does that marketing support my life? YES. I’ve vulnerably shared everything from our pregnancy losses to moving states, I’ve opened up about things like building a home, motherhood, health… I’ve pulled back the curtain to share the pivots and changes in our lives. I love entrepreneurship because it gives me this LIFE, it doesn’t take over my life and so it only makes sense to let you in on the full story. 

7. I focus on diversity in my guests.

I want this show to represent my audience as a whole.  According to Insider Intelligence, 41% of total podcast listeners are non-white. As a creator, I want to ensure that those listening to my podcast feel represented, which is why it’s so important to me to feature diverse guests. Since 2018, I’ve made it my mission to ensure that at least 40% of the guests on my show are women of color, and we’ve been hovering right around that percentage for years! This has been a focus of ours for the last five years and remains at the forefront of our planning, I am really proud of that number and I challenge other hosts to take a look at how they are helping amplify different creators, voices and experiences through their own business. 

8. I’ve made my podcast a critical part of my business through monetizing it.

From affiliates to joining a network, paid sponsors, to sharing about my own offers… this podcast isn’t just a hobby, it’s a BIG part of our business and revenue.  According to Lower Street, podcasts generate around four times better brand recall than scroll, pop-up, and static ads. This is helpful not only for the ads I’m running for other brands, but also for my own online courses and programs that I speak about on the podcast frequently. We’ve also used this show to grow my email list, which has long term impacts on my business!

9. I continue to improve (even today)!

Lorddddy, I was a terrible interviewer at the beginning! I’d like to think I’ve gotten better as the years have passed because of listening to other podcasts and studying talented interviewers to try and pick up tips and tricks to hone in on my ability to lead a great and engaging interview.

10. I’ve gotten support.

From hiring someone to help me set up the show from the jump to having an editor, a producer on our team who owns all things Goal Digger to support in writing outlines… This show isn’t just ME, it’s many people who go into it to make it a success – including YOU!

There you have it: the 10 ways I hit 100,000,000 downloads. I hope this episode gave you ideas to brainstorm new ways you can get more eyes on your content or to find more consistency in your work, no matter what it is!

When I started all of this, I wasn’t sure what it would become, but sitting at the mic today, I am so proud of what Goal Digger is, what it’s been, and I can’t wait to see where it will go. 

Before we go, if the Goal Digger Podcast has benefited your business in the last several years and you haven’t already, please leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts! Reviews help us get more incredible guests on the show and allow me to hear what YOU like learning about.

To really sweeten the deal, I’m celebrating hitting this huge milestone by giving a $500 gift card to THREE people who leave a 5-star iTunes review!

Get all the details by DMing me “REVIEW” on Instagram. 

And if you’re interested in starting a podcast of your own, get my free training on how to launch your own here!

I feel so grateful to be celebrating with you, and I cannot thank you enough for your support of this show over the years. I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and I can’t wait to give back to this community that has given me so much.

Thank you to our Goal Digger Sponsors

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  1. Shanda says:

    Thank you for your inspiring work! I love how honest and real you are! It’s helped me so much to get unstuck. You make me not feel alone. Thank you for telling us your story and helping us see it’s ok to have ours.


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