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August 10, 2023


The older I get, the more I become aware of just how fleeting time is– and just how important it is to incorporate wellness routines into my daily life as an entrepreneur, especially during the summer months. Summer used to feel like an age when I was a kid, but now I see how that couple handfuls of weeks can fly by, just like the rest of the year.

While I wish I could slow down time just a little bit, I am thankful that summer allows me to be pulled into being more intentional, more present — otherwise, I’d miss all the good stuff while my head is buried in a laptop. As someone who deeply loves the warm months, and even makes some time to keep the bigger projects at bay for the summer, this is a season that I think we have to be strategic about in order to truly enjoy it.

And as entrepreneurs who tend to churn out new ideas all the time, think of ways to streamline, and just tend to live curiously and achievement oriented, I don’t think summer is a time to shut it all down completely. (Is that even possible?) Instead, I think it’s about channeling that spirit of entrepreneurship into living the kind of summer that nourishes, makes time for community, and feeds our wellness (rather than ignoring it). 

Ready to soak up some ideas for how to prioritize your wellness so you can truly enjoy and stay present in these last few weeks of summer? Let’s dive in.

Make time for rest.

If you’re an achiever, rest takes work. Which feels silly, right? But for me, work is my go-to, rest takes intention. Whether you still have some vacation time on the books or not, summer isn’t just about one big trip, right? What if some good downtime can happen when you plan that backyard picnic? Or a walk in your favorite park? You can take yourself out for a solo dinner, or even set up a weekly time that you’re going to sit on the front porch and enjoy tea and a good book.

We have a lot of visions for summer but as it comes to a close, we might be finding that we didn’t actually do the things we thought we would. When you visualize that summer bucket list, you can really zoom in and think about how you want to spend your days. In the end, how you spend your days will end up being how you spent your summer! And the bonus is that giving yourself little things to look forward to that are integrated into your weeks will make the days feel fatter, and time won’t feel like it’s going by so quickly!

Embrace the outdoors.

While I love being in my house (big homebody over here!) I find myself at a pinnacle of peace and joy when I get myself outside. Even just 10 feet from my own front door and I’m smiling bigger and taking big, deep breaths. Watching my kids run around barefoot or finish the day with dirt under their tiny fingernails gives me so much joy! 

There is so much science that shares the positive impacts being outdoors have for us, so whether you’re doing it for your health or your mental state, get your feet on the earth and some sunshine in those bright eyes of yours. Maybe you have plans to go to your favorite waterfall, have a final pool day with friends, take a neighborhood walk to enjoy the flowers, or finally go back to that lake you love! But simply being outside is good for the soul, so prioritize that even if it’s something easy!

Refine your self-care routine. 

I will tell anyone and everyone that I love my daily ‘self-care’ routine (especially because it’s super simple), but it’s always evolving. In fact, I don’t totally subscribe to this idea of a routine because every day is different — especially with young kiddos. I actually have changed the ideas of “routines” into little micro resets. Here’s an entire podcast episode on the topic that might inspire you! 

Every aspect of my routine, which doesn’t take place solely in the morning, changes to suit what I’m needing. And in the summer, my daily needs look a little different!  Check in with what wakes you up in the morning, what helps you wind down for bed, and what you need each day in order to care for yourself so you can keep showing up for the people and the work you love!

Boundaries are a (very important) thing.

Sometimes we trick ourselves into believing that boundaries are bad — they are these barriers that keep things and people out of our lives but in reality, boundaries keep us in our lives. While it’s tempting to always be connected and responsive, especially when it seems like everyone’s out there having a blast, it’s crucial to establish clear boundaries for when you will be available and when you will be offline.

Unplug from anything and everything that would distract you during your leisure time so that you can truly relax. Remember that rest happens not just in your body, but in your mind, too! Your brain needs time to shut off. To daydream. To meditate. To just be, free flow, and everything else can wait. It really, really can.

Plan a staycation.

An easy way to give yourself a break without all the details of planning an entire vacation, like the bookings, the travel, the getting there, the packing, the ‘where is that restaurant?’ is to book a little staycation for yourself! Can you tell that vacations aren’t really my thing in this season of life? Either way, the idea of vacation is to escape the usual. Give yourself an escape from the norm while keeping it low-key!

Become a tourist in your own city or town. Stay at that little bed and breakfast you’ve driven by a million times. Or even just plan a weekend at home, go off the grid, put all your work stuff away, get out your coziest clothes, make a luxurious dinner, and pull up your favorite movie on the TV.

Learn something new.

As we get closer to the start of the school year and get those back-to-school energy bursts, start to consider what you want to do or learn. This is a great time of year to challenge yourself to try something new, learn something you’ve been meaning to, or dive deeper into a topic that has you curious! 

I love going into learning mode, and summer is a fabulous season to give yourself space for that! Consider enrolling in an online course, attending a workshop online or in person, or picking up a few new books on a topic you’ve been interested in! Oh, maybe this is the time to finally buy that electric guitar so you can learn to shred?

Invest in your community.

All of my favorite, unforgettable, tell-the-grandkids-someday kind of summer memories… have people I love in them. Family trips, backyard fireside talks, fireworks with the family, skipping rocks at the lake with Drew and the family, giggling with my siblings and cousins and stuffing our faces with s’mores. Take advantage of the longer days to really make extra time and space to be with the people you love. Soak up time with your friends. Take the last minute road-trip to see that family member you’ve been missing! You’ll have these memories for the rest of your life, and so will they.

We’re nearing the final days of summer, but it’s not too late to shift your energy into having a summer that supports you, because it’s season that can truly be so powerful at refueling your body and mind. Spending the rest of your summer intentionally, focused on your wellness and peace, means you’ll be even more prepped to dive into whatever September brings your way.


Craving a little extra inspiration for your summer wellness goals?

Check out EVERYTHING I use in my daily routines!

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