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The Top 10 Goal Digger Episodes to Help You Make Money from Home

Many of us are finding ourselves at home now more than EVER before, and with that has come an itch to start some sort of project anew or pursue new revenue streams … from the coziness of our couches. I don’t know your story — if you’re a working mom who’s now homeschooling and hustling from your kitchen table but wants something more, if you’ve been laid off because of the current economical climate, or if you are feeling this inner tugging to dig into a new project because you finally have the margin to dream a bit. But I do know for me that this time has brought about feelings of gratitude for what I have and a refreshed sense of purpose for where I want to go. Maybe you can relate?

So if you’re in this dreaming and scheming chapter of life like me — or if you’re simply wanting to make money from home because that’s what life requires of you right now — I want to help. I love, love, love what my team and I do because it’s essentially our job to get resources into the hands of people like you who are pursuing more. But sometimes even I forget how much we’ve created until I start paging through the archives!

The Top 10 Goal Digger Episodes to Help You Make Money from Home

So today, we’re doing a gooood, old-fashioned round-up of past episodes of the Goal Digger Podcast that you can pick, choose, and use to start nailing down the direction you want to go in order to start to make money from home. Tune into the ones that sound fitting while you cook dinner, take a walk, or clean out your closet. Or even just bookmark and peruse the show notes for the biggest takeaways if you’re tight on time. Either way, use this post as your guiding source for starting that idea that’s been placed on your heart.

01. Episode 326: You Could Make $1000 in One Month By Doing This

This was one of my FAVORITE episodes I ever recorded because it gives you the exact blueprint for how to bundle up your unique knowledge into a mini-course that you can sell, and it is SIMPLE, ladies and gents. I’m talking a 4-week, deep-dive plan for packaging up what you know and delivering it to the folks who want what you can offer them. And anyone can do it — whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, an influencer or not, an educator or not. I give you the tools and steps, it’s just up to you to put ’em into action.

02. Episode 258: How to Start Your Influencer Business Without 10K

Did you know this was even possible?! You don’t need tens of thousands of followers — or even the almighty 10K threshold — to become an influencer and partner with brands you love. This episode tells you how to start today, what to do to pitch brands effectively, and how to position yourself as an influencer, regardless of your follower count.

03. Episode 091: Passive Income 101: How to Make Money While You Rest

Making money while you rest IS possible, and this show breaks down the basics of passive income, aka creating products or services that people can buy without a ton of time or effort on your end. Sound like the dream? It’s totally possible for you if you work smarter and not harder with your time and resources.

04. Bonus Episode 05: 5 Ways to Make More Money

An earlier episode, this bonus mini-sode may be a little older but the materials hold true! Inside the ep are 5 different ways you can begin earning more money, even without leaving your home. It includes how to make money while you shop online, ways to up-sell current offers, and how to create tools, templates, or patterns to sell to others. If you don’t have a lot of time, tune into this quickie episode — it’s only 8 minutes long!

05. Episode 346: Affiliate Marketing Strategies for the Decade

I’ve had great feedback from this episode, and it’s a fabulous one for learning how to make a buck sharing about the things you already love, use on the reg, and probably very well already talk about online! I dish up my best tips for getting started with affiliate marketing even if you don’t have a ton of followers, plus how to do it well so that your conversions are high.

06. Episode 282: Can You Be a Badass at Making Money? With Jen Sincero

Jen will get you in your “I CAN DO THIS” feels with making money and it’s the freakin’ best. Her charisma, money smarts, and go-getter ‘tude are all infectious as heck, and she delivers the perfect pep talk you need to start bringing home the bacon.

07. Episode 344: Stop Trading Time for Money Today

Episode 344 digs into how we can stop trading a nonrenewable resource (our time) to make more money. If you work in an hourly position or charge for a service, this may be right up your alley. I also give my best tips for creating your own product, scaleable service, or passive income opportunity so you can work less and earn more over time.

08. Episode 296: Could You Make Money Selling This?

Another affiliate marketing-filled show, episode 296 is a great one for those of you who have the desire to share products and brands that you’re passionate about with others. The episode breaks down how to create a system and strategy for sharing affiliate information so that your audience is more inclined to purchase what you recommend!

09. Episode 287: How to Change Your Sales Mindset to Make More Money

Making more money doesn’t automatically happen overnight, and often a mindset shift is required to jump in fully and utilize your full potential. Feeling wishy-washy about your earning potential or about turning others off when it’s time to sell? Tune into this episode for the encouragement you need to push past your selling block.

10. Episode 314: Is It Too Late to Start?

To double-down on the mindset talk, another thing I hear so often from my students and audience is their fear that it’s too late to start a passion project or side hustle. You might believe a market is too saturated, or you don’t have enough experience, or you’re “too old,” “too tech challenged,” or “too far along in another career.” I recorded this episode to show you exactly why it’s never too late to start, and how to kick that belief to the curb.

I am obsessed with helping others dig into their natural knacks and know-how in order to turn that into profitable businesses or side projects. I hope these episodes give you a loving kick in the pants to start utilizing what’s right in front of you to start making more money. Yes, even from the comfort of your couch. It’s possible, and I am excited as all get out for you to dig into that tenacity and take control of your earning power.

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by Jenna Kutcher 

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  1. I love this! I found Jenna’s podcast some time ago, just searching for a woman in the biz. I have literally been inspired to get my own business off the ground. When I lose sight, I go back to this blog or her podcasts to get me back on track. Now I’m more dedicated than ever blogging and loving life!


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