Can You Be a Badass at Making Money? with Jen Sincero

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August 12, 2019


You are a badass. Say it, feel it, LIVE it, and if you haven’t already, go pick up the best-selling books by Jen Sincero and put them on your bookshelf for the days you need a reminder that you are, in fact, a bad ass.

Jen Sincero is a number one New York Times bestselling author, a success coach, and in her words, “a motivational cattle prod” who helps people transform their lives. Her books are recommended in the Goal Digger Podcast Insiders Facebook Group time and time again, so we finally went for it… We pitched Jen Sincero’s team with fingers crossed and to our absolute delight and honor she is here on the show for a butt-kicking, transformational conversation.

Jen speaks with directness and clarity on so many topics, and I’ve kept an eye on the discussions going down in the Facebook group about her work… You love Jen’s advice when it comes to money and retooling your money-making mindset.

How can we bust through the mental block and WANT to sell, rather than fear the process? Can positive affirmations really help when it comes to upping your cash flow? In what ways do we need to think DIFFERENTLY about the money we could potentially make?

Meet Jen Sincero

Jen’s world hasn’t always looked as badass as it does now. She was living in a garage, driving a car with no grill and feeling like a financial loser, as she put it. In her early 40s, she decided to put in the work and attend financial seminars, read self-help books, in hopes of turning her financial problems around.

It was a success. And not only that, Jen felt confident in her ability to help others, so she became a coach. That’s where the Badass brand began. She decided her next step would be writing her own self-help book in her own badass style.

She recalled those nights of reading those personal development books, many of them excellent and exceedingly helpful, but others she would wake up with the book resting on her face — She’d fallen asleep reading them! They weren’t funny or they were too long, some just didn’t engage her despite having useful information.

The catalyst for writing her first book was a collection of those moments when she realized, “If this guy can do it, and get on the Bestseller list, I sure as hell can, too.”

Decide to Get Rich

“I couldn’t wait to write the money book,” Jen explained. You Are a Badass at Making Money was Jen Sincero’s second book in the Badass realm, and it evolved out the money chapter in her first Badass book. She mentioned that if you go count the pages in each chapter in that first book, the money topic is twice as long as everything else, “I’m obsessed with that topic!”

“If my broke ass could get rich, you can too. Because I spent a lifetime, into my 40s, mastering the art of being broke and having a poverty consciousness, and truly believing that it wasn’t available for me. That I wasn’t a person who could ever get rich, or even just move out of the garage,” Jen shared.

Now listen to this, probably my favorite quote from the interview and one of the most mindset-shifting things Jen teaches: “Make the decision to get rich.” You can decide to lose weight and you do specific things that’ll help you lose weight. People cheer you on. When you tell people you’re going to get rich, people judge you and make you feel gross. Don’t let that stop you.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Once you decide to get rich, anything you face that doesn’t help you learn or get closer to being rich, don’t waste your time on it. That’s what Jen did. She became laser focused on getting rich. “It’s not like I never went out to lunch again,” Jen laughed, but she did make decisions and choose things that got her closer to making money.

Then, she started reading self-help books specific to money (she said they felt cheesy!) And then she went to money-making seminars (those felt cheesy too!) Followed by listening to financial meditations, she repeated a money mantra and, “I just did the work, man!”

A life-coach speaking at one of those cheesy money-making seminars struck Jen. She felt like maybe she was “too cool” for the life-coach, but was attracted to her manner of speaking and teaching. Jen made the decision to drop nearly a third of her annual income on the coaching fee… And it turned out to be a solid investment — Jen tripled her income within a few months of working with the coach.

Of course, it wasn’t instantaneous and it wasn’t without truly terrifying things that led her to the money. Jen credits that investment in the money coach as one of the most important investments she’s ever made in herself. For more about the money coach and what that experience was like, press play on the episode above.

“But that’s it,” Jen summed it up, “You have to do the scary thing, do the work that presents itself if you’re serious about changing your life.”

Hang Out with People You Want to Be Like

Our money mindset, or any mindset, is so heavily impacted by those we surround ourselves with. One of the most important things Jen mentioned in our interview was that she decided not to tell her family and friends she had invested in a life coach to help her get rich.

Jen already had her own doubts about the investment, but she knew if she told her friends and family they’d bring her down.

“You have people in your life who love you, and who you love, but if they are not at the level that you are striving to be at, and they do not have a big consciousness around money or whatever it is you are trying to achieve, you can’t tell them stuff,” Jen said, “They’ll bring you down so fast.”

If you want to break out and create a new reality for yourself, you need to surround yourself with people who are in the new reality that you want to be in. “Water seeks its own level, for real,” she noted.

More from This Episode

I’ll leave you with this quote from Jen (there are dozens of quoteables from this episode!) to really get you fired up about changing your money mindset: “Everything you need to get gloriously rich is available to you right now, but you can’t see it because you’re too busy focusing on the fear, and the penny pinching, and the worry.”

Jen is a captivating, electric, and hilarious speaker. The interview is packed with powerful nuggets, straight from the author of the Badass series, all centered on leveling-up your life and money mindset. Press play on the episode above and take notes.

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