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The BEST Non-Toxic Summer Products I’m Loving This Year

Jenna Kutcher 

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Summer is officially upon us, and if you’re anything like me and my family, you are enjoying every moment possible of sunshine and warm, breezy weather outside! But that also means a few potential risks for our hair and skin, between sunburn, heat damage to our hair from the sun, discoloration, sunspots, dry skin, breakouts from sweaty days outside, and beyond. 

As I get older, I pay more and more attention to what I use daily on my hair, face, and body. I feel better using more natural products created with non-toxic, salt-of-the-earth ingredients that I can trust aren’t harmful to me (or my family, for that matter)! If I wouldn’t use it on my daughters, I won’t use it on my own skin… which doesn’t seem like so much to ask, but SO many mainstream brands and products out there have potentially harmful ingredients that I try to steer clear from!

Today I want to share my full list of the tried-and-true, BEST non-toxic summer products for hair, skin, and face that I can’t live without. From calming razor burn to giving your hair new life with a shake of dry shampoo, finding the best summer-proof makeup, and protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays — we’re covering allll the things today in my favorite non-toxic summer product round-up.

11 Non-toxic summer skincare products to try

Whether you’re newer to natural products or just want to try out a new product or two, I know you’ll love these because they truly work well and do their job effectively. And remember, as you’re making the switch to natural products, you don’t have to go cold turkey and throw away all your old, half-full products.

We aren’t fans of wastefulness (or of the wallet-shock of buying dozens of new products all at once!), so take it easy by just trying a new, natural product once you run out of something. This is the most seamless way to transition to healthier home and personal care products without overwhelming yourself… or your bank account.

01. This “Everything” Spray

This is forever my real MVP, especially in the summer. It’s a soothing spray that you can use on your face as a toner, underarms after a workout (or being outside all day) for a quick refresh, or post-shaving to prevent razor bumps/burn. It has organic lavender, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and magnesium oil to soothe, calm, and heal the skin. I love spritzing it on after I cleanse my skin, before adding any serums or moisturizers! It’s also refreshing as an afternoon face spray in the heat of summer. 

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02. The Very Best Oil Cleanser

Oil? To cleanse? Yup! Just like the old chemistry classes that taught us that like dissolves like, oil dissolves oil (and makeup and sunscreen!) I STAAAY obsessed with this cleansing oil. I use it at night to remove all the sunscreen and makeup and sweat from the day, but since it’s an oil, it protects from over-drying the skin while maintaining your skin’s natural moisture barrier. My skin and complexion always feels clean, soft, and smooth after washing my face with this.

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03. This Powder Dry Shampoo

Calling it now, this is the most underrated product from my favorite non-toxic skincare brand. It’s a powder which makes it easy to apply and it lasts FORever, plus it’s super easy to travel with. Some of the spray dry shampoos are filled with harmful chemicals that you inevitably breathe in when using them, but this is a simple powder made with arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, cocoa powder, and a few more natural ingredients to refresh your hair and even give it a little lift!

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04. This Natural Primer and 05. Foundation

I truly am so obsessed with these. I’ve tried just about every natural foundation on the market and this one is by far the best! The primer smooths lines and pores before applying the foundation — which is the best coverage that can build if you need more,  without feeling or looking cakey. The ingredients in both are clean, vegan, and long-lasting… the best! I couldn’t love this duo more! It feels more like skincare than makeup! 

06. A Clean Spray-on Sunscreen

Holy grail product, got to have it. This is a staple in our summer lives. If you’ve ever tried to get sunscreen on littles only to find them (and your hands) looking like Elmer Glue, this is for you. I love that this is a natural spray sunscreen, which makes it safe to use on kiddos and easy to apply on them as well as myself! It’s SPF 30 and water-resistant for days on the water.

07. Easy Sunless Tanning Drops

Yes, you want that summer glow but maybe you’re like me and you’re lathering up (or spraying on sunscreen) to protect your skin. Since I wear such high SPF every day, I need my fake glow and these natural tanning drops do not disappoint. You simply mix a few drops with your body lotion in your hands before applying all over your body to get a pretty, natural glow! Drew even steals it. 

09. Eyebrow Enhancing Gel

Love that laminated brow look but can’t commit to monthly appointments? Welll, I’ve got what you need. This stuff is AMAZING for your brows — it keeps them in place, doesn’t flake, and stimulates growth! I use this daily (even on those bare-faced days!) If your brows need a little more oomph, this stuff is theeee best.

10. The Prettiest Summer Perfume

Every time I spray this, Drew walks into the room and asks “what is that smell?” I am someone who loves perfume but hates the harmful chemicals found in many of them. This is a gorgeous floral perfume with *verrrrry* subtle hints of warm vanilla, perfect for warm summer days! It smells so amazing and I’ve converted SO many friends to it! Love that it’s a natural perfume!

11. The Very Best Natural Laundry Detergent & Stain Remover

I mean, if you don’t have a ketchup stain on your shirt, are you really alive? It’s barbecue season which means there can be a delicious mess that accidentally ends up on your clothes! I love this brand for getting stains out of clothes, and their all-purpose cleaning mix actually can be used as a laundry detergent for all your fabrics, too! Truly ALL purpose. It’s the best for swapping in a cleaner cleaning solution in your home this summer.

Tell me, do you have any holy grail summer products you can’t stop preaching about? I wanna hear them! Leave yours in a comment below!

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  1. MW Farmstead goat milk bar soap packaged in the natural fiber loofah! Made with real goat milk, non toxic,, synthetic free ingredients, plant based colors and essentials oils.


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