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These 4 Questions Will Qualify Your Digital Product Idea

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The biggest leaps and bounds I made towards creating the business that allowed me to have the life I’ve always dreamed of for my family came when I launched my very first online course. This digital education space allowed me to step away from trading time for money, and if you’ve been here a while, you know *that* is one of the primary things I want to help *you* do, too. So does my guest!

Avary Bradford is the CEO and Founder of The Hive Consulting Co. Her mission is to empower women with actionable education to transform their lives through courses, community and programs. There’s a key word in there I like – actionable. Actionable education and knowledge is different from just knowledge, and it’s a key part of creating online programs from your students that truly make a difference in their lives and work. 

In this conversation, we’re talking about actionable knowledge, the importance of learning with a community around you, and how you can take that precious knowledge you have and turn it into a program, membership or course that creates impact and income.

Knowledge vs. Actionable Knowledge

Avary Bradford has a long track record of helping creators of all backgrounds develop programs and courses that help their students gain actionable knowledge and truly learn. The concept of actionable knowledge is hugely important to Avary, because it’s what makes a course, membership site, lead magnet, eBooks, digital products and really any offer worth someone spending their money on. 

Avary explained, “Knowledge is simply knowing. It’s a fact. You know the sky is blue… But oftentimes knowledge leaves you thinking ‘now what?’ and that’s where actionable knowledge comes in. Actionable knowledge is information that allows you to initiate an immediate response. So the way I think about it is knowledge is the ‘what’ and actionable knowledge is the how.”

In one example Avary gave, she talks about cleaning TikTok (who else has cleaning videos on their For You page?!) She said, “Someone on there can tell you that you need to clean your dishwasher every month to avoid bacteria buildup on your dishes. But knowing that you need to do that isn’t enough because that’s simply knowledge. I scrolled and I’m moving on with my life. But actionable knowledge is someone telling you that you need to clean your dishwasher every month to avoid bacteria build up by running a cycle with white vinegar or baking soda. Now you can actually take action and implement the knowledge that you just received.”

4 Questions Before Creating Your Digital Product

When Avary consults with creators interested in launching a digital product or course, she usually begins with a few questions like, “Do you solve a specific problem? So this means have you repeatedly provided a solution for your clients enough to know their pain points, goals, and fears.”

Avary also asks, “Does your current audience need this?” Explaining this question further, Avary said, “So the emphasis here is on current because I do not believe that when it comes to digital products and programs and memberships, that if you build it, they will come. It’s the reverse – you need an engaged audience before you build. You need to know them well enough before you build, unless this is something that you want to do in one day and just toss it out there and see what sticks. But that is not a long-term successful digital product.”

Next, Avary asks about the system they plan to teach. “Do you have a proven framework that you credit your current or past success to? A lot of people teach frameworks that they knew five years ago because they’re talking to people who are in that stage in business. Is that same framework what led to your current success or are you currently using that framework that’s leading you to your next stage in success?”

Finally, the big one: Do you have the time and dedication to put into this? She explained, “People truly underestimate the time and energy it takes to deliver something that is impactful, that is transformative.”

If you answer yes to all of those questions, you’re ready to bring your digital product idea to life.

Where to Start with Your Digital Product

I know so many people listening to this podcast or reading this post are interested in digital products, so where does Avary recommend starting the process?

“I recommend that you set 30 minutes on a timer and do a brain dump. Not the most beautiful phrase, but very effective. I recommend listening to meditation music, something that puts you in an intuitive mindset and just write down what you do every day or what you teach others to do every day. Write it down. You’ll realize how many different steps and frameworks you truly teach people how to do and the impact and transformation that you’re able to have based on those teachings.”

Avary also has an eBook called The 5-Figure Course Creator that will help you with an effective brain dump that you can turn into an outline, and then a script, and then into the right format for your topic along with a launch plan to get it out into the world. 

More from Avary Bradford

I could talk courses and digital products all day and it’s so fun to dig into this topic with someone else as excited about the space as I am! Press play for even more about actionable knowledge, starting your own digital product, and more. 

To learn from Avary Bradford, follow her on Instagram @avarybradford and check out Hive Consulting Co. for more on what she offers for aspiring and established creators like you.

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