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September 15, 2022


When this post landed on my to-do list, meaning another month had passed, I honestly couldn’t even believe it. I consider myself a very present person and yet I closed my eyes and tried to remember what we did in the last month and it felt like a blur (like all of parenthood does, tbh.)

When I paused for a minute (and scrolled my camera roll on my phone), I was reminded that this last month was a really, really special one. We finished out my month off in August and spent two weeks up at the lake house. Our spot on the lake is literally our favorite place on planet earth. I had so many moments remembering Coco being Quinn’s size when we first bought it… like where have the last three years gone?

Time Up North 

Our time up north was filled with the things we love: time on the swing set, ranger rides down to the lake, strolls through Grand Marais, coffee dates, dips in Lake Superior, and time just really soaking in the view, the sunshine, and the great outdoors. There is something truly magical about being at our lake house and watching the girls grow and enjoy the space honestly feels like a dream come true. It’s hard to describe how that property feels, but it’s a legacy spot. It’s where memories feel more deeply engrained! While our spot is small (Quinnie sleeps in our closet in a pack-and-play, currently!) it’s so cozy! 

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Back to School 

Coming back home from up north, we’re getting back into routines! Coco started her second year at a local Montessori school and she attends part-time, so just half a day! It’s bittersweet because we loved being all together for the summer but it’s also refreshing to settle into a new routine. I didn’t bawl my eyes out this year when we dropped her off on the first day and she had a heck of a lot more confidence in walking into her classroom! So many heart tugs but I’m just so proud of our girl. 

Drew does school drop-off and pick-up each day and Quinnie goes along for the ride (she loves looking out the window!) and then we get some solo time with our tiny girl. We’re still finding our groove (I’m soaking up that early morning time during drop-off when there’s a quiet house) and have been doing a lot of monitor handoffs, but it feels like an exciting season! It feels like a whole new ballgame with Coco growing up! It’s been so fun hearing her describe school (so much more than she did last year) and get excited about being with her teachers and friends. We’re also excited to get more involved as parents, something that wasn’t totally possible during the pandemic! 

These are a few of our favorite things: 

This leather playmat: We are HUGE fans of this company. I think I got my first play mat from them six years ago! Our home has their items all over the place. This padded play mat has been so awesome (we have it in Coco’s room) but love using it for the girls! 

These pacifiers: Hilariously enough, Quinn had zero interest in pacifiers until this last month (like, what?) Now we can’t get these out of her mouth. These were the ones we used with Coco and so we’re a huge fan (and have them strategically located throughout the house!) 

This customized, personalized song: I need to share the full songs with you guys (holding them close to my heart right now!) but if you’ve ever needed a special gift, this is it. You share details about a kid, nicknames, phrases they use, traits, and then you get a custom song that is just about them! You can even get a stuffed animal with a voice box of their song in it! We got them made for the girls and it was seriously a highlight of this month and we sign them literally every day! Use Jenna10 to save 10% on your song! 

This baby balm: This repeat offender as a favorite item and I feel like every month I am discovering new ways to use it! Most recently, Coco got rug burn from sliding down the carpet stairs (so fun) at my parent’s house and so we used the balm to help it heal! I’ve also had drier skin and so I keep it close to help keep my skin moist! The uses for this balm are endless! Use JK10 to save 10%! 

Moving and Grooving 

Let me first just say something that I’ve learned as a parent: each kid in their own timing. I’m reminded of that often when I get sent forums from that pregnancy app I had signed up for and see all of the moms worried about different milestones. While the milestones can definitely be helpful in spotting or intervening if there are true concerns, I think they can also add a level of anxiety to motherhood when it comes to our kiddo’s development. Coco was delayed in a few things like walking and talking and now our girl runs around and speaks in paragraphs. This time around, I’m just supporting Quinn and letting her timing unfold as it well. (I feel like I had to preface all of this so people aren’t sending me concerned messages that she’s just starting to crawl now!) 

Quinn is definitely getting to be a wiggly little girl! She’s moving around and scooting and crawling and I forgot how exhausting (in the best way) this season is watching them like a hawk. It’s been so fun to watch her gain strength and pull herself up and while I think she may be slightly delayed (just like her big sis) she is so dang strong and her curiosity is growing. She cruises in her baby walker and loves standing assisted! Last night she wanted to crawl into the bathtub with Coco, standing on the edge on her tiptoes! Her mobility definitely makes eating out interesting and we’re about to pop on an airplane so we’ll see how that goes. (I’m reminding myself we took Coco to Fiji when she was this age, so we can def fly to Utah!) 

Solid Food and Cutting Teeth 

This feels like a big month in terms of prioritizing new foods for Quinnie who’s finally cutting her first tooth. According to my baby book, I was wildly late in getting teeth, so that little tiny nub we’re noticing makes me smile. I’m still exclusively breastfeeding and haven’t pumped in a few months since I’ve been more freed up schedule-wise to feed her on the spot.

We’ve been getting more creative in the kitchen and in getting her more solid food — something I was slightly hesitant or reluctant on, due to not having any teeth. We’ve been trying to get more calories in her and more nutrient-dense foods! Drew even made her homemade purees and her other daily fave is an egg and mashed banana to make a little pancake! We’ve also been sharing more of what we’re eating with her to work on her transition from purees to more solid food! I feel like it’s always a big step and a big milestone as your kiddos start to eat more (and also more of a relief as a nursing mama, knowing I’m not 100% responsible for all of her nourishment!) 

What is Sleep? 

We’ve kind of been in this weird limbo when it comes to sleep (which oddly enough, is something we have been massively prioritizing in our home!) Quinn still wakes up at least once per night (which Coco did too, up until a year and a half) but on top of that wake up, Coco has also been waking up a few times a night. It’s definitely been a season of interrupted sleep over here and most nights I find myself going to bed wondering if tonight will be the night that I get to sleep through the night or if I’ll be up 5+ times.

I know it’s a fleeting season, but lack of sleep is a doozy and so it’s been really important that I’m prioritizing my health and energy so that I can still show up powerfully in my life and business. It’s just hilarious that my pre-schooler (fun fact: I just googled if a 3.5 year old is considered a toddler, the answer is no!) is up more at night than my baby! Sleep transitions are happening left and right and I’m just along for the ride and trying to get in bed when the clock still says 9-something every night!

Watch her grow:

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