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September 19, 2022


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Are you faking your life? Or are you really living it? I’m here to bring you into a conversation about this that I got to have with one of my most REAL, authentic friends of all time, Ed Mylett. As a major leader in the entrepreneurial and self-transformation space, he invited me to pull up a seat with him on his podcast, The Ed Mylett Show, to really unpack what we think goes into a life that doesn’t just LOOK good or check all the boxes —- but a life that FEELS good and true to who we are. 

Ed is such a powerful, yet tender-hearted friend and conversation facilitator — I cry basically every time I talk to him! And I always walk away from time with him as a better version of myself. That’s the effect Ed has on people! So guess what, I wanted the same thing for YOU, which is why I wanted to snag this conversation from his show and bring it here. The Ed Mylett Show is a must-listen podcast. Subscribe and tune in with me every week for insights that just stick with you, exactly like a chat with a wise friend would! 

In this conversation, Ed and I talk about how to shove off distractions, false expectations, and anything else that would hold us back from living in the most whole state of being. How do we reconnect to ourselves, mind body and soul, and learn how to weed out what doesn’t belong?

You Need to Rest

Ed always dives into the deep and meaningful in our conversations, and this time was no different. We talked about the different seasons of life people might find themselves in, whether it’s a time for hustle or a time to slow down and reflect. Ed himself said that he more often finds himself doing things he doesn’t really want to be doing and instead craves rest or at least a slow down. He asked me what I would say to anyone who finds themselves in the hustle stage right now. 

“Oh my gosh, rest,” I told him. 

I used to suck at resting, which is wild because I am a masterful rester now. I have a chapter in my book called The Soul Savasana. At the end of yoga where you are supposed to lay on the mat… I freaking couldn’t do it. I hated it. I felt like I had to earn it. I felt like if I’m not sweating enough, I don’t deserve to lie on that mat.

I feel like a lot of the world is trying to earn the right to rest when it’s actually our birthright, right? We should be embracing rest. Achievers take this idea of rest thinking they need to earn it, and they’re not willing to work for. Rest for me requires just as much work as going full steam ahead. Rest is not innate for a lot of us, especially the people that are just running, running, running.

Are You Asking Yourself the Right Questions?

Ed and I are both teachers and leaders and educators in our own way, and so many of the people we know in this space are magnificent teachers who speak into so many lives. If you’re on the receiving end of that, amazing, but I also want to ask you this: How often are you checking in with yourself and asking yourself questions, instead of just listening to those around you? 

Remember: Someone else’s directions might not take you to your destination. It requires a level of self awareness, but also a level of discernment to take what serves you and let the rest go without apologizing. 

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself to generate that self-awareness: Am I happy? Am I content? What does success look like for me? When was the last time I slowed down enough? Am I faking enjoying my life? Are my relationships deep? Am I invited to be my whole self when I show up in situations? How do I feel about my body? How do I feel about confidence? Where does my confidence come from?

Trust Yourself

There’s a fear among people who are achievement driven that if we slow down or start to enjoy what we’ve worked for instead of working harder, that we’ll lose what we have and the momentum will be gone. Both me and Ed have felt that during our careers. Have you?

Here’s my advice if you feel like your hard earned achievements could all disappear – You can hit the breaks and remember where the gas pedal is. Trust that what has carried you this far can carry you forward if you choose. 

We have told ourselves a lie that momentum is do or die. That if we lose momentum, we’re gonna realize our success was a fluke or people are going to think that we were a fraud. That’s our Cardinal sin: forgetting the gifts that we already have and the gifts that have carried us this far – They’re still there. They’re in us and they are us. That’s what we’ve gotta lean on.

More from This Episode

Sometimes all you need is a reset, and my conversations with Ed Mylett are exactly that! A space to walk through what it really looks like to realign with who we are, what we want, and what we’re going to do about it. I hope that’s the kind of reset you received with this episode, too — and as you absorb, process, and continue to unpack this episode, you might find that what you crave most is to keep learning and listening. I sometimes need the same thing, which is why you’ll catch me listening to a recent episode of The Ed Mylett Show on a solo walk along the lake. Subscribe and tune in to keep listening with me! 

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