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June 20, 2019


I have a little challenge for you. Think of three of your favorite brands… Got them? Okay, now think of the top three reasons you absolutely love those brands. Number one is probably something like: You enjoy the product or service they provide. Now what about numbers two and three?

I’d venture to guess you love those brands because you connect with their story or mission, and you resonate with them on some deeper level than simply purchasing whatever they’ve got to sell. You buy from them because you click with them.

You get them. They get you. It’s a whole big love fest, and you’ll keep coming back for more because you are committed to their intricate story. Now, what about your own brand or business? How are you showing up and bridging the gap with your followers or customers?

You might not know this, but it all starts with your bio and about page. For real. People always go straight to the “about me” section when they’re exploring a new business because they want to see, well, what it’s all about! They want to see how you stand out and offer something special and valuable.

Your about page is full to the brim of opportunity for you to showcase your uniqueness and make a difference — if you do it right. Keep reading for some killer ways to show up, share who you are, and display what makes your brand absolutely exceptional. (Pst! And here’s another resource with 5 tangible tips for constructing your about page.)

Go beyond the obvious.

A lot of people take the expected route here, and their about sections are exactly what people would assume: “I love capturing memories and the sounds of a shutter clicking.” Cute, but DUH. You’re a photographer. I would hope you’d love what you do!

What people want to know is who you are. Get specific, get real, and be unapologetically authentic. Our society really isn’t into cookie-cutter, picture-perfect Stepford Wives so much anymore. We’re moving away from the curated, perfectly filtered digital presences, and that is some good freakin’ news for all of us imperfect souls (which, ahem, is everyone).

That’s why Instagram Stories have completely changed the game for social media. People are so interested in seeing real life, raw moments, and unedited (or, at least, less edited) everyday living.

Get really, really specific.

But back to the about section… Your “about me” should answer a few things in a way that is highly tailored to you and your ideal customer. Who do you serve, what problem do you fix, and what is the outcome? For me, it’s this:

“Hi! I’m Jenna Kutcher, and I inspire and educate digital entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses with unique marketing tools and proven strategies. I understand the struggle of trying to build a business from the ground up and balance life’s demands, so I deliver podcasts, courses, and resources that empower the dreamers and doers to build lives and brands they love.”

Beyond that, share something different about your approach, personality, or business plan. Do you donate a portion of proceeds to charity? Does your morning need to start with an almond milk latte? Do you have a running joke with your husband that your dog is your business’s HR manager? (No? Just me?)

Be real and funny and open here! This is the place where you don’t hold back. And whatever you say, make sure your other digital content backs it up, too. You can’t just say you’re obsessed with skinny margaritas and then have ZERO marg photos or references anywhere else.

You are the face and brain behind your brand, so share the truth and then continue on sharing things that reflect all those interesting, captivating details that you described.

Let’s talk outline.

So, you’ve got the basics: don’t be obvious, do be specific. Now, let’s chat about how to frame everything on your about page. First of all, you absolutely need to include a photo of you, preferably making eye contact and smiling.

Yeah, yeah, the words are great and everything. But your audience wants to know a friendly face behind the biz. You need to show up on your about page and communicate that your brand is approachable and welcoming.

It sounds cheesy, but smiling and making eye contact are two immediate ways to build trust and curate connection. (Like, there are studies to back this up.) So, cheese it up, friend.

As far as the rest of the page’s layout, place the most important information up top. What value do you bring, and how is it unique? Don’t even think about getting to your background and experience and funky quirks until paragraph two. And finally, give readers the opportunity and invitation to connect after that.

This is your opportunity to tell your story. Don’t shy away from using your voice and individual gifts to showcase how you can bless and bring value to others. Be confident, and as every mom on earth tells her kids, be YOU! I can promise you’ll see the difference.

Learn how to create a compelling About Page

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