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March 9, 2018


about me page

Did you know that your about me page is one of the most clicked on pages on your website? Yup, people want to know about you and it makes total sense, in order to understand and appreciate what you do, people need to connect to you! Today I want to walk you through 5 ways you can write a compelling bio section so that the next time someone asks you what you do, you have a succinct, awesome answer on the tip of your tongue. Because nothing is worse than someone asking, “Well, what do you do?” and you sitting there looking like a deer in headlights and say, “Umm, it’s kind of confusing.” So from answering that question to rocking your bio page, here are 5 things you should include.

Create your headline

The biggest way you can communicate who you are and what you do is to be able to answer this question: who do you serve, what is their problem, how YOU solve it and then what is the outcome. Nearly every job on planet earth allows you the ability to answer these questions and so if you’ve always struggled at the elevator pitch style description, then this will give you a great start. For example: My name is Jenna Kutcher, I serve the dreamers, doers, and entrepreneurs by delivering them marketing education. I’ve found that most entrepreneurs are passionate about their craft but struggle in knowing how to share it with the world and so I create podcasts, courses, and resources to help them market themselves well and get back to the work they love.

Include something unique about you

I once taught at a workshop and I challenged myself to learn about each attendee before showing up. I gave myself ONE minute on each persons site and then an hour later, I needed to write down what I remembered about each person. You want to know what I remembered? That Sarah liked sloths, that Dannie liked whiskey, that Jessica named her business after her grandmother Rose… you see, I didn’t remember exactly what they did but I still remember these facts about these women over a year later. You want to make sure that on your bio section you’re creating connection beyond what you do and share something memorable that will make you stand out.

Have a photo of you front and center

I know, I know you don’t like having photos of yourself and you don’t like making it seem like it’s all about you but one of the most important things you MUST have on your bio page is a photo of you. Now hear me out here, while I love those emo photos of you looking off into the distance or down at the ground, I want to challenge you to have a photo of you making eye contact with the camera and smiling. It makes for an approachable experience that welcomes people into your online space and makes you feel more like a trusted friend. I don’t want to have to hunt for a photo of you or wonder if that’s you or a client or model, so make sure you’re right there when I click to find out more about you!

Share a story

There is so much connection in stories and your bio page is a place where a great story should live. Maybe you don’t have a cute story about how you picked up a camera for the first time when you turned 3 and a dream began but you definitely have a story about you working or why you love what you love or how it all came to be and I’d encourage you to share that. People connect through stories and providing some context for your work can go a long way. I share on my page: “I should have known that the little girl who walked a half a mile to sell watery lemonade on a dirt, untrafficked road would become an entrepreneur someday.” Just to let people into my past a little bit more.

Set the stage

You are an expert at what you do. I know it doesn’t feel like it but you have something to offer and it’s important to set yourself up as an expert and take this opportunity to humblebrag and share a few accolades or awards with new visitors. Maybe you’ve been featured somewhere or won a local award or served a certain number of customers, whatever that is, you want to set the stage and show that you’re a credible resource and an expert at what you do! If people are checking you out, they definitely need to know if they’ve landed in the right space with someone they can trust!

Your about me page can serve your business so well and it’s important to be intentional, to set the stage well, to show off who you are beyond what you do! We’ve created a free resource to help you write the best bio section and to create a compelling paragraph that tells people about who you are, who you serve, and what you do.


Grab Your Free About Me Guide

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  1. Cindy says:

    Such helphful information here! I am missing a couple of key points in my bio page so thanks for ahowing me how to polish it!

  2. I thought this was so helpful, Jenna! Thank you for the tools and inspiration. Could you also do a post about writing your Insta Bio?

  3. LOVE THIS! You’re just a magical unicorn of goodness.

  4. Jackie says:

    Yes, I would like your free guide to writing my bio.

  5. Sam says:

    I was hitting a bit of a wall when it came to writing my bio page, but this has helped me loads – thank you!

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