How to Create and Cultivate Your Best Idea with Jaclyn Johnson


How to Create and Cultivate Your Best Idea

Jenna Kutcher 

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Jaclyn Johnson, the blogger turned entrepreneur turned young CEO has built Create & Cultivate from a small side hustle all the way into one of the most impactful, inspiring events for women everywhere. Launched in 2012,  Create + Cultivate is a unique event that has taken place since in New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles and more.  

She has grown Create & Cultivate into a must-attend conference where hundreds of thousands of women gather to find themselves entertained, enlightened and inspired by the mix of speakers and workshop hosts ranging from VCs, content creators, CEOs, and celebrities. The conference has been called “the ultimate conference for women everywhere”  and she has been named Forbes 30 under 30 for marketing and advertising, and is the perfect person to talk about branding, innovation, and rolling with life’s transitions. 


Jaclyn was a magazine editor major who was left with student loans and a low-paying job position offered to her. Left with no choice, but to explore her options and forge her own way,  she embarked on a journey of the “highest of highs and lowest of lows”. From being a social media prodigy to laid off in a matter of months, Jaclyn had no choice but to land on her feet. And that’s exactly what she did. She is the epitome of adaptability and ultimately ended up creating “Create + Cultivate”, a mega-successful brand dedicated to the dreamers, do-ers, and creatives of the small business world.


This. This is the ultimate question– how exactly do you know when you’re ready to transition from side hustle to full-time gig? Our biggest advice was to evolve with it and ask questions every step of the way. If “you’re having fun and can’t believe it’s your job, that’s when you know it’s right.” But along with that, you have to “flip that switch in your brain and take your creativity seriously… it’s a business, after all.”

So let’s say you have a side hustle you’re serious about and you’re wanting to turn it into a full-time gig? Chances are you are wondering these questions: How exactly do you know if your business is sustainable? Where do you invest your money? How many hours do you work? What does that transition truly look like? When do you hire? How do you make sure your finances, branding, team, taxes, and, heck, YOURSELF, are ready to make the leap?

And you’re not alone in asking these questions… Let’s just say there are a lot of small business owners asking the same thing, with no one to ask them to.


Enter, the wonderful Jaclyn. When she ventured into building her own business, she had so many questions and ended up learning many things the hard way, and she just knew there had to be a better way. She wanted to find a way to give small business owners a place to ask their “dumb questions” and teaching entrepreneurs how to collaborate and share their trade secrets. And that’s exactly what she did with Create + Cultivate.

Jaclyn is the epitome of a team player and a brilliant businesswoman. This episode is so wildly inspiring (not to mention, relatable!) and if this episode isn’t enough to motivate you to Create + Cultivate your best life, I don’t know what is. This story will remind you that no one has it all figured out, and life is a whole lot easier, more fulfilling, and joyful when we Create and Cultivate. Together.

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