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KAEngaged-91 I’m not going to lie, my eyeballs hurt from staring at a screen all week long but today it is all worth it! Since getting back from the beaches of St. Lucia, I’ve been plugging away at the Jenna Kutcher Course and today I am letting you guys in on something super special. One of the biggest questions I get is how I was able to leave behind my corporate salary after just one year of starting my business. My answer? Profitable pricing. I ran the numbers, I did the calculations, I knew exactly what I had to charge, how much I had to work, and what my expenses would need to be in order to say goodbye to my corporate office and work from the couch in my yoga pants. You guys, it was crazy but it was so worth it and now I am letting you in on how I did all of that and how I continue to grow my business and salary through my profitable pricing strategy.

I was working on my pricing guide for my course participants but it turned out so great that I knew I needed to put it out into the world for FREE for y’all! A lot of industry leaders are charging for this information, but I don’t believe in secrets and I want you to be the best version of yourself. I get it, pricing is tough, it’s confusing, and so often we got stuck comparing ourselves with other creatives in our area. Bloggers, photographers, designers, artists, authors, illustrators, and more: this is for you. You are you, there is no one else like you, you have something special, you deserve to be profitable in doing what you love. I want to help you get there, wherever “there” might be for you. I am a true believer that profitability trumps popularity. Stop trying to grow your numbers, stop worrying about how many followers someone has, stop comparing yourself to everyone on the internet and start thinking of how you can be profitable. At the end of the day, your Instagram followers aren’t going to pay your bills! I am letting you behind the scenes on the process I used to rapidly grow my business, work less, and live more all while being profitable!


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Read what others are saying about this FREE Profitable Pricing guide!

For the first time in my creative business career there is a real creative ready to remind you what you are worth. That person is Jenna Kutcher and she is giving you a gift. First the reminder, then the support (a lot of it and not the fake kind) and finally the tools so one day you can be everything, I mean everything, you have been dreaming of. It will be hard, very hard work but with Jenna by your side you aren’t alone.   -Mande, Graphic Designer for Zimmer and Jack

This simple exercise was so eye opening. I literally can’t wait to dig into the rest of this PDF because Jenna provides the math equations needed to bring your business to a profitable place! And who doesn’t want to be more profitable? I’ve read my fair share of pricing guides in the last 3 or so years, but I found this one from Jenna to be incredibly easy to understand and packed full of valuable information from one who knows it best! I highly, highly recommend #jennakutchercourse … you can’t go wrong learning from someone as successful and kind as Jenna!   – Nicole,   Owner of Nicole Dianne Photographer

Having this guide is SUCH a relief for me! I now feel like I’m in control of my budget and pricing! I was basically flying blind by the seat of my pants and had no clue what I should be charging! After running the numbers in the profitable pricing workbook, I realized I was being WAY underpaid and I needed to increase my prices drastically! I now know what I need to charge to get the results that I want! This has been a serious game changer for me! – Kelly,  Owner of Kelly Grace Photography

I have been in business for two years, aimlessly changing my pricing based on what I felt was right, what others were doing, what I thought people would pay. It’s always been hard for me to know my worth and be confident in my pricing. I had used business worksheets, finance work flows – but none that I felt really fit with my photography business and custom workflow. Jenna’s profitable pricing guide not only was custom to my own photography business, but also walked me through the exact steps in easy I-hate-math-why-cant-I-just-be-creative-all-the-time terms. She not only made it easy to understand, but created a major eye opener to what I should be charging to make a profit. This workshop is teaching me to be practical, be confident and charge ahead with the tools I have to start making a profit within my company. Amanda, Owner of Jane Cane Photography

“I got so excited when I read through Jenna’s profitability guide. Everything is easy to customize to your own business, even without experience in business or economics. I feel like I’m able to look into the future and have a strategic plan to be able to profit for years to come on my business.”   – Brooke,  Owner of Brooke Alexandra Photography

Get your FREE copy of my 10 page Profitable Pricing Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs Here! 


by Jenna Kutcher 

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  1. Amanda Jane Cane says:

    Jenna you are making big ol’ crashing Lake Superior waves and I am loving it! Cheers to encouraging, supporting and teaching so many amazing creatives ahead! (And if you haven’t already clicked on this course link to find out more – do it now, you will not regret it!)


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