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December 7, 2018


condo in hawaii

condo in hawaii

I am so excited to share with you our newest baby (not human baby… yet!) Here she is: The Kutcher Condo in Hawaii 2.0! We purchased our second Maui unit in the fall, sight unseen. We were nervous/excited/scared to step foot into this condo and see our investment and dream about how we could create another space that our friends, followers, and family could enjoy while visiting our favorite place. We spend a few months of each year on the island and while we aren’t there enjoying, we open up our spaces to be rented and enjoyed.

The last time we renovated a condo on the island, it was so stressful. We felt like we were leaking money, we were missing every deadline, and we were stressed. Knowing that I would be 34 weeks pregnant, I knew that we couldn’t put ourselves through another stressful renovation. Enter: our friend Monica of East Coast Creative.  She had heard we got another unit and was up for a challenge (and some time spent with palm trees and ocean breeze!) We were so excited to have her help as we dreamt up a relaxing space and studied the real estate photos trying to envision what it could become.

The process:

Monica had offered an amazing opportunity! She would come to the island, kick us out of the condo for a few days while she renovated and redecorated and then we would do a grand reveal on camera so people could see the process. I was all in! You mean I get to go enjoy an actual babymoon while our condo gets beautified? Yes, please. Since we had been so busy leading up to the trip, we gave Monica free reign on the design. We had followed her work and trusted that she understood our personalities and vibe and so we really were walking into the process blind but excited. We shot the before video, then they kicked us out, and we came back 3 days later for the reveal.

The design:

Since our units are just over 600 square feet, we want to choose functional furniture that can stand up to renters but provide a comfortable atmosphere for vacationers. The team brightened the space with fresh white paint, emptied out all of the bulky bamboo furniture and brought in beautiful, sleek, modern pieces from Article. The sofa pulls out to a comfortable queen sized bed which gives us the chance to host up to 4 people in our unit (and it’s wildly comfortable, we tested it out!) What was amazing about the design was really that the majority of it was just simplifying, minimalizing, and choosing pieces that were intentional.

The result:

It honestly felt like we were on an episode of Fixer Upper when we had to walk into the unit with our eyes closed and then record our reactions. We were so excited, we were nervous, and we were blown away. It was wild how in just a few short days, it suddenly felt like a space you could unwind in, relax in, take a deep breath in. From little touches like the super soft bedding to fun pops of color in the decor, it was OURS. It went from a space that felt foreign to us to a space that we could envision spending time in. We loved what Monica and the team did for us and we knew our followers were going to be so excited!

I share the entire story behind this condo on the podcast so tune in there to get all the juicy details and learn what it’s REALLY like to run an Airbnb. Huge thank you East Coast Creative for putting together such a special place for our guests to enjoy our favorite place in the world. Also, thank you Article for the awesome furniture that we are going to enjoy for years to come. Now we have not one, but two spaces for you to enjoy on the island of Maui! What do you think? Would love to have you come stay with us!

Check Out  and Stay at The Kutcher Condos

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