How to Refresh Your Summer Routines

July 26, 2023


As each season comes to a close and we step spritely into the next, I always get this itch to refresh my daily and weekly routines and adjust them to fit the season ahead– especially when summer comes around. From the sun setting at a different time (hello, late evening sunshine up here in Minnesota!) to changing up what my skin needs and how I nourish myself, it feels good to know I’m allowing myself to change with the seasons. Heck, it turns out even eating seasonally just tastes dang good.

So, let’s walk through a couple easy ways that changing up my summer routines has helped me not only enjoy the changing of the seasons more, but also how it’s allows me to feel more grounded as time passes. Because as that song goes, I don’t want to miss a thing!

Be intentional with new routines.

If you’re like me, you’ll only stick to new patterns and daily adjustments if they align with a very honest purpose. I need a why. I crave a reason. I don’t just want to do things because someone told me to or they looked cool in a TikTok (the exception being that fruit roll-up x mango ice cream snack hack, wow.)

So, I start by pulling out my daily 5 minute journal, which is coming with me into my summer routine and I spend time writing out my summer intentions.

I’ll think about questions like:

  • What kind of summer do I want to have?
  • What adventures do I want to go on with Drew, Coco, and Quinn?
  • How do I want to feel this summer?
  • At the end of summer, what kind of experience do I want to look back on?
  • What has this season meant to me in the past? Is that different for this year?
  • What are 3 words that I want to focus on for this season?
  • 10 years from now, what I do want to remember about this summer?

I might write down a few of my responses, especially the BIG ideas that come from these kinds of questions, but overall, I want to primarily meditate and get super quiet with myself. Even if it’s just 5 minutes and a little bit of sitting still (a rare moment if you’re a parent of two small kids like myself), I start to feel some honest answers come up. And with those few words, I jot down my summer intentions.

Make the BEST of Your Days this Summer

I’m truly the queen of ‘making the most of it’ and having a good time whether I’m doing something seemingly mundane or living out one of my wildest dreams. I’m that ‘all in or all out’ kind of girl. And when it comes to the warm months after what can feel like a forever winter, I start to get excited about the longer days that summer brings in this part of the world.

So, think about how the days might be changing where you live. If the sun is up earlier or setting later, consider what new experiences that might bring to your routines. Does that make the sunset more accessible because it’s setting at a time where you might be able to step outside and enjoy it? Think about what you can do this time of year that you can’t do in other seasons, and make the best of it!

Take a Quarterly Life Inventory

A new season means a new quarter, and for me, that means it’s time for a fresh life inventory. This is when I crack open a brand new How Are You, Really? daily gratitude journal, since they’re specifically designed to start at the beginning of every quarter. It’s time to name and claim what’s taking up my time now and decide how that will be changing as I step into summer!

Think about your projects, your commitments, your goals, and your overall schedule. Are there any responsibilities that need to shift? Any projects that you need help with or timelines that need to adjust? What about your goals — are you aiming to see a measurable result by the end of summer? Is this the season where your business kicks into high gear or are you needing a slower season to recoup and rest?

I brain dump everything from family goals to work goals to self goals. And then I pick what I can realistically focus on, and there I have my summer life inventory. It’s all stocked and ready for action!

And if you’re seeing this before July 28th at midnight, then you’re in luck! The Daily Gratitude Journal is 15% off until then, no code needed! So, now’s *truly* the best time to grab all the quarterly journals you need to go through the next year and set yourself up for easy, but powerful 5-minute daily check-ins that, I believe, every human needs. 

Make Space for the Little Things

One thing I’ve learned about enjoying and feeling connected to the changing of the seasons is to not overlook the little things. From changing up my skincare routine a little bit to make way for that summer skin, to looking at what foods are in season so I can be more intentional with our weekly food choices.

Here are a few ways you can make small changes to your daily routines to invite more of those good summer vibes into all the little moments:

  • Make sure your favorite summer clothes are accessible and not hidden away at the bottom of the drawer
  • Make sure you LOVE your reusable water bottle — tis the season to be extra hydrated!
  • If your skin changes in the summer like mine, make sure your skincare routine is supportive of that.(Here are some of my summer faves!)
  • Look up what’s in season where you live. Are there any foods you want to bring into your weekly meals? Plan a visit to a farmer’s market you want to visit and grab something grown nearby!
  • Have you searched for local events in your area that you can make plans to attend? Don’t forget to look for some free summer events and put those in your calendar so you always have options for a fun (and affordable) night out with the family or your best pals.
  • Don’t forget about your plant babies! Does the sunlight in your home shift in the summer? Make sure your plants are getting enough (and not too much!) sunlight to keep them happy. Oh, and it’s the season for repotting. 😉

Remember: You’re a Summer Priority

As you slip into the hot and glorious adventure that summer can be, make sure that YOU stay on that priority list, too. It’s easy to get caught up in the vacations or time off or chasing kiddos around the community pool and extroverting… and forget that you’re a whole person with your own needs. Sometimes I don’t leave the house for a few days, and even then I will inadvertently put myself on the back burner.

And most of all, relish in the beauty of summer. Soak in the dappled sunlight, enjoy the fresh cool grass between your toes, let your biggest belly laughs out around the fire, and hold hands with your favorite people — even if your hands get sweaty.

Have a beautiful summer. Let’s circle back when we’re stepping into fall, shall we?


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