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June 9, 2022


We all love when warmer weather rolls in for the summer, but if you’re anything like me, sometimes your skin just doesn’t jump on board with the excitement. When the days are long, the sun is hot, and the humidity turns every single thing sticky, I find myself reaching for a simple, light, easy to implement skincare routine. No need for heavy layers and complicated steps – I love to keep things natural and easy, especially right about now. 

My Summer Skincare Routine & Tips for Healthy Skin

Want to take great care of your summer skin? Here are my go-tos for a fresh-faced glow. 

01. Find a summer skincare routine that works for your skin.

I’m going to share what I personally do to care for my skin in the summer, but bear in mind that skincare routines look different for everyone! If your skin is more oily, you may need less moisturizer. If your skin is drier, you might need an oil serum before your moisturizer + SPF. I recommend starting with simple, all-natural products and finding what works for you and your personal skin type.

Because my skin is on the sensitive/combination side, I opt to use natural products that are light but potent to tackle issues that run the gamut of acne, melasma or discoloration, AND combination skin. (Fun times, over here!)

Here’s what I use each morning for my summer skincare routine!

  • Step 1: Cleanse with water. (At night, I use this oil cleanser to remove makeup from the day! Pro tip: Use code JK10 for 10% off any products from this brand!)
  • Step 2: Spray with a light toner (this one’s my top top TOP favorite because it calms redness and is so refreshing).
  • Step 3: Add a serum – I love this one because it moisturizes while keeping breakouts away.
  • Step 4: If needed for extra moisture, apply a pea-size amount of moisturizer
  • Step 5: SPF! If NOTHING else, I always make sure to apply sunscreen, especially in the summer. Make sure this is your final step (before makeup) so it can work its magic. 😉

02. Drink your H2O.

I used to barely drink any water — like, I often question how I survived with my low levels of hydration but now, I don’t go anywhere with a Yeti tumble next to me. The first step to healthy skin isn’t necessarily a product at all – it’s a liquid we should be drinking plenty of all year long. Staying hydrated is especially important in the summer sun, so grab your favorite water bottle (the bigger, the better!) and sip on it wherever you go. When I’m hydrated, my skin looks plump, glowy, and truly so much healthier, so I’m committed to drinking my water for a boost from the inside out. 

03. Find your fave SPF. 

I touched on this earlier in my summer skincare routine… but nothing – and I do mean nothing – is more worth it than sunscreen. When we’re all 80 years old, let’s go ahead and plan to high-five each other for using sunscreen at our ages right now. To protect yourself and your skin, reach for this every single day (not just in the summertime)!

There are truly so many incredible options out there, unlike the olden days of thick, greasy white creams that irritate the skin. My personal favorite? This lightweight, invisible sunscreen – they even make a jumbo size for summer. I tell everyone about it (was literally at an airport and raving about it to a stranger!) Plus, my kids don’t run when I put it on their faces, it feels so good! 

04. Stock up on natural skincare. 

For years, I’ve had hormonal melasma and acne that gets worse in the sun or when I use harsh products. I’ve retired all those harsh products now, though, because I found a much better alternative. Thankfully, this non-toxic brand has helped me lessen those effects with their clean, natural products that actually work

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know how much I adore ALL of their clean, all-natural products – from their gentle oil cleanser that leaves no trace of sunscreen or makeup, to their clarifying serum that moisturizes while keeping my breakouts at bay. Their soothing cream is perfect for those days you’re fighting pesky inflammation (or a mild sunburn!), and they even have an everything spray that calms everything down (ahem, even razor burn) and has a ton of great uses.

If you’ve never tried this skincare brand, here’s your sign to click “add to cart.” (And apply the code JK10 before checking out for 10% off your haul!)

05. Grab your favorite hat.

I love to soak up the sun whenever I can, but I also know that sunburn on my face is a problem – both now and in the long term. If I know I’ll be outside a lot, I grab my sunglasses and a fun hat with a wide brim, even after applying SPF. I want to protect my skin however I can – and bonus, it earns me some style points and keeps me cool, too. Right?

I’m also all about a covered porch or an umbrella when I can find one! No shade to the sun, but shade is where it’s at. My friends at my fav skincare brand have the perfect tip for preventing sun damage: it’s the “slip, slop, slap” method. I know – you’ll never forget it, right? So catchy! Here’s how they explain it on their blog

“If you know you’ll be spending more time outdoors (especially during the hours of 10-2 when the sun’s rays are the strongest), here are 3 simple tips to keep in mind.

SLIP on a shirt: Or a sundress! These sustainable small businesses create conscious caftans to keep your skin covered all summer long. Tribe Alive, LemLem, and Pondicherie.

SLOP on (non-toxic) sunscreen: For long days in the sun, apply sunscreen about half an hour before putting on your suit or sundress to make sure every part of your skin is protected. 

SLAP on a hat: A wide-brimmed beach hat (we love this ethical hat brand for hot summer days!) and oversized sunnies are the perfect accessories to keep you shaded and stylish.”

06. Keep your makeup light and fresh.

I don’t know about you, but sweating with a full face of makeup doesn’t sound like a great time to me. When I’m looking for a little summer glam without heavier, full coverage products, I always find myself reaching for this clean beauty brand in my makeup bag. Their Super Serum Skin Tint comes in a TON of shades and offers smooth light coverage. Even better, it’s makeup that functions like skincare, with 40 SPF and skin superstars like hyaluronic acid, squalane, and niacinamide built right in. If I want to add a subtle pop of color, the Multistick works for cheeks and lips alike, and they have a great selection of shades, from rosy pink to orange-y terracotta. 

That’s what I’m reaching for this summer – drop your warm-weather skincare must-haves in the comments, too, because I’m always looking to add to my lineup. Here’s to the best summer yet – and to taking care of our skin while we live our best lives!

Want 10% off my go-to summer skincare?

Use code JK10 to save on the best natural skincare products around!

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