Goal Digger Episode 010: Goal Setting with Lara Casey

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January 2, 2017


Today I am hanging out with one incredibly inspiring lady, Lara Casey! Lara will be leading us through goal setting for people who hate goal setting and she will share her best tips in how to set goals that you’ll tackle in the new year. Get ready for an encouraging conversation to start the year off right.

Don’t forget to grab your free download of her ebook all about grace giving goal setting – trust me, you need this for your new year strategy.


Lara was a wedding planner who started a blog for couples who were about to get married. She realized that there wasn’t very much support out there for couples to express their authentic love stories (2:00).

She was going through a hard time when her husband was deployed to Afghanistan, and she wanted to help others while she was going through this scary time.

“I did have a desire to instill hope in people in a time that felt hopeless” (2:23)

Lara’s blog really took off and she also started a magazine that took to the shelves. She then developed a workshop made to help other business owners utilize their talents and go after their big dreams (3:00).

“I think the biggest pivot in my story is crashing and burning because I was doing more and trying to be more, and running myself into the ground just trying to make it” (3:18)

Lara says in order to avoid hitting the burnout stage you need to learn how to shift your priorities to what situation is at hand (6:10).

She feels there is no way of functioning as moms and creatives, as wives, daughters and friends if we spread ourselves too thin (10:00).

Through her ‘Making things Happen‘ conference, Lara has encountered a lot of woman that say one of their biggest challenges is feeling isolated because they work from home (11:47).

When it comes to goal setting; most people that say they are not good at it and are really just afraid of the commitment and fear that they will fail at reaching that goal (17:20).

“Good goals are not about doing more or being more, it’s about cultivating what matters right where you are.” (18:52)

Lara believes that you are always growing, even though you can’t see it; sometimes the “awkward middles” add up to really meaningful things in our lives (31:16).

She shares how she replenishes herself in order to give more to others (38:00).



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  1. Jennifer says:

    I just found your podcast a few weeks ago and am hooked! I love what Lara Casey is doing and how she is doing life. The two of you together was PURE gold! Both of you are so inspiring beyond measure. Thanks Jenna!

  2. Ricardo says:


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  4. […] Favorite episode: Lara Casey: Goal setting for people who hate goal setting […]

  5. […] Favourite episode: Lara Casey: Goal setting for people who hate goal setting […]

  6. […] Favourite episode: Lara Casey: Goal setting for people who hate goal setting […]

  7. […] Favourite episode: Lara Casey: Goal setting for people who hate goal setting […]


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