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A Huge, GIGANTIC Announcement for the Kutchers!

Welp, here we go. I sincerely hope that you didn’t click here expecting to see pregnancy tests with a + sign because you might be disappointed (especially if you’re our moms, wanting another grandkid!) BUT we are super excited to share something we’ve been working on hard behind the scenes the past few months – and trust me, it’s going to change a LOT for us around here. So what’s going on? Let me tell you!

Drew is starting a business!

The Kutcher Method is officially launched TODAY and I want to explain the origins before I tell you what you can expect to see from the Kutchers in 2017! Back when we were in Hawaii and when had found out we were pregnant, we started having serious conversations about what our lives would look like if/when we become parents. We talked about our schedules, holidays, how our days and time would be spent both as individuals and as a family and then the seed was planted. I looked at Drew point blank and asked him, “If you could do anything with your life, what would it be?” Without hesitation he told me he wanted to help people feel better – to be healthy, eat well, workout, and invest in their life in a positive way.

For the last five years, I’ve chased my dreams…

Warning: this is a tad mushy, skip to the next paragraph if you want to skip the marriage mush. When Drew married me, I worked for Target and punched a time clock in red and khaki for 10, 12 hour days, mix that in with an hour commute and you’d find me falling asleep on my dinner plate (seriously, this happened more than once.) Drew saw that I wasn’t happy and has since let me chase every dream I’ve had for the last five years with reckless abandon. From becoming a photographer, to teaching courses, hitting stages all over the world speaking, to launching a podcast, Drew’s been my biggest fan and best cheerleader. It’s his time to shine and I am so excited to be able to support him while he goes after something that won’t really feel like work.

So, what is The Kutcher Method?

When we tried to figure out what Drew’s vision would look like, it quickly fell into place. We wanted flexibility to work from wherever in the world we were. We wanted to be able to travel together, work from home, and support other entrepreneurs. The Kutcher Method serves with online resources for a healthier life: at home workout programming, meal planning guides, clean eating recipes, and one-on-one health coaching. Drew will be helping others simply get started through simple at home workouts, grocery shopping guides, and for those that need more of a hands on, one-on-one approach, he will be doing coaching (that will take place over the phone, so location doesn’t matter!) It’s a non-intimidating look at living healthier from a guy who walks the walk. 

What’s next for us?

I’m so glad you asked! We are kicking off this new adventure with a big move (well, not an actual move, but a temporary one!) We will be calling Maui, Hawaii our home for the entire month of February and will be ringing in Drew’s 30th birthday on the beach! It’s something we’ve always talked about doing and we figured, why the heck are we waiting? Let’s go for it. We will be sharing a ton about what this looks like for us and how this beach “sabbatical” came to be a reality, but until then we are celebrating new steps and a big change for the new year!

Click Here to Check Out Drew’s NEW Website! 

There aren’t enough thanks in the world for our dear friend Jeff Shipley of Tonic Site Shop for making Drew’s vision come to life in the most incredible way! Once again, Tonic Site Shop makes the Kutcher’s visions come to life. 

by Jenna Kutcher 

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